American Apathy

I’ve had to make a trip for a family emergency. The blog was disabled during this time, mostly to see if it would help ranking. It didn’t.

The problem is, the more disasters, the more suffering people are experiencing from climate change — something I’ve mentioned once or twice on this blog — the less people are preparing. It’s really, really weird.

In any case, it’s absolutely true. You cannot talk about anything that resembles reality and expect to keep your audience. Nor will pointing out facts and evidence help you either. But if you promote fear, fantasy, paranoia and other ridiculous sorts of claims (such as the Rapture on September 23) you’ll get tons of viewers and support.

America has swung so far over to a imaginary fantasy-based worldview that it is truly shocking.

I saw thousands and thousands of homeless people on the streets. I could not believe it. We don’t have that kind of homeless problem here. It’s too cold. But down in the cities where they can survive on handouts, programs and garbage cans, there are an enormous amount of homeless people. Most were pretty skinny and allegedly, strung out on drugs. I did not speak to any, but their plight was truly pathetic. Gaunt, empty, dirty and wearing rags, they looked like third-world survivors. Or hurricane survivors.

But this hurricane has a different name. It’s apathy. Much of America does not see the homeless and starving within our borders. They’re still pretending their not really there while staring up at the sky waiting for their Rapture. It’s perfectly clear that they’ve never read their Bibles, nor understood anything written within even if they did crack open a page. In my mind, they are no different at all then from the shuffling zombies I saw on the streets. They may have money in their wallets but hatred in their hearts. If you are not “one of them”, then you are simply not worth paying attention to.

Now expand this thought. Driving through city after city, we experienced massive traffic congestion. All those millions of cars burning up fossil fuels, just sitting for hours and hours in traffic. Road construction was underway everywhere, trying to expand the highways even larger. Concrete and steels structures, new high rises and buildings being built, humans busy at work expanding virtually everything as fast as they can. Nary a thought in anyone’s head that there might be something seriously, fundamentally wrong with this picture.

It’s more apathy. More indifference. More disconnect from reality. Endless growth fueled by fossil fuels. Expand. Build. Grow more and more. Repeat, again and again and again. The death and destruction and slavery we are creating for us all is a gigantic, voracious devouring treadmill, our endless ‘civilization’ that must constantly grow. What was once a tiny log cabin sitting on the bank of a river a 100 years ago is now a city of millions. Even the rivers have been redirected, damned up and channeled wheresoever we want. Gigantic buildings now populate the landscape where forests once stood. It’s all good, it’s progress. It’s what we do.

But it’s also apathy, writ larger then life itself. It’s clear evidence that we will simply, never, ever stop. Growth is what we pursue, growth is what we’ve become. It’s at the very core our civilization. Society would not exist without it. So we build, expand and rise high into the sky. Got to make room for more. And more and more and more, in an endless pattern of human expansion.

Nobody in these cities gives two-shits about climate change. Or being prepared for the next disaster. And they never will. This is why Houston and Florida and Barbados and everywhere a hurricane hit will simply rebuild in exactly the same spot where it was destroyed. Their eyes on not upon the weather or the climate, their eyes, hearts, minds and souls are on how can we do this better this time? We’ll build again, but we’ll take this opportunity to stay on the same path and do the same things we’ve always done.

Do you see? We are never going to learn anything here. Never, ever. Not in a million years. We’re too addicted to this thing we call civilization and what it has become. This is why alternative energy is such a joke. It will only help perpetuate the same paradigm as before. It won’t slow anything down. It won’t reduce our use of resources one bit, it will only help us consume more. It won’t finally make us ‘sustainable’. Apparently, nobody but me even understands what that term actually is supposed to mean.

I’ve spent years on this blog attempting to raise awareness, but it’s perfectly clear that this is a fools game. It will never, ever happen. Not even if the idiot in the White House was to do an about face and declare climate change was real. Nobody cares. Nobody is going to listen. There are now endless studies available that prove this fact, but you can figure this all out for yourself.

So I have absolutely no idea what to do with this blog now. Telling people to prepare is a gigantic waste of time, effort and money. They’re never, ever going to do so. Unless this is fantasy based fear-mongering propaganda, the preparedness meme has utterly collapsed. That crowd has resorted to wilder and wilder claims, none which have ever come true. But they’re pretty desperate themselves, having also experienced what I’ve seen, a total collapse of the preparedness crowd.

I also saw lots of crowds in the places we visited. We headed up the coast on the way home. The massive fires had blanketed the skies in Washington, Oregon and parts of California. Many of the roads were closed, including the interstate, so we wound up backtracking and heading across the desert. The return trip home was just as bad. We tried to go back up interstate but discovered our route was blocked in several areas once we tried to leave the interstate. We headed over to coast and up Highway 101. There were tons of people vacationing (or trying to find clean air). Most of the campgrounds were full. We didn’t have reservations because of our emergency trip and stayed on the side of the road or snuck off into the forest a couple of times.

The beaches weren’t crowded, but the parking lots were. R.V.’s mostly. The worst drivers we saw were right here in Spokane, but city drivers think tailgating is a national sport. The return trip home was uneventful, but I did a lot of thinking about who I “am” and what I have stood for and how this is in total contradiction to what people seem to always want — and everything that they intend to do (or don’t do). It’s completely pointless for me to continue this blog and bring constant reminders to the world that we are all on the wrong path. Simply put, nobody cares. Nobody ever will.

We are kidding ourselves if we think we are “making a difference”. No, you’re not. There is far, far too much momentum now. Your electric car, your Thursday night meetings, your Tofu lunch, your “lightened footprint” lifestyle isn’t going to change anything. Do these things for yourselves, but don’t think for a moment that Leviathan even notices. It doesn’t.

I am unable to overcome the apathy that is now America. Many, many other organizations and institutions with far more people have also figured out the same thing. It’s easier and safer to get on board with the crowd then to try to turn the boat around. This is what the Sierra club did. What Greenpeace did. What did. Nobody is going to turn this boat around. Not even if there was a national or worldwide agenda being promoted at the highest levels and supported by the world’s governments. The Juggernaut of civilization will continue just like it always has.

I don’t think we have a healthy, honest perspective of just how enormous civilization has become. Driving through a portion of it demonstrates it’s momentum like nothing else can. Zipping by at 60 miles an hour, hour after hour after hour show you just how stupendous in size we humans have grown. Our footprints are EVERYWHERE. We’re piling ourselves up higher and higher upon each other, everybody demanding their tiny little strips of space and ‘privacy’. We use our cars like weapons, but it’s also one of the only places we can be momentarily alone now while traversing civilization.

Oh, about the blog. Disabling this site didn’t help anything. Google continues to punish. I don’t know why we’ve gotten lumped in with all the other fear-mongering idiots, but it seems like we have. Apparently, the googlemeisters have never bothered to actually read this blog or the Food Assets site. Delinking the two was supposed to help, but it didn’t. Nothing I’ve tried in the past several months has made any difference at all. It’s partly why the site has come and gone – I’ve been changing settings and waiting for Google’s index to respond (which can take weeks). When that doesn’t work, I try something else. But I admit it has all been a miserable failure.

It seems that if you’re not a favored pet with Google (paid advertiser), you’re “lucky” they don’t just delist you altogether. Thank you Google Gods! I am so absolutely grateful to have wasted a thousand hours trying to satisfy your every need and demand!

If you think I’m kidding here, I am not. I have spent at least that amount of time trying to “satisfy” the asinine and ridiculous SEO (search engine optimization) techniques and practices “demanded” by Google. NONE of this has worked and has not resulted in a single sale for Food Assets. Google is literally “forcing” webmasters to rebuild their sites, employing all kinds of techniques and coding practices to “better serve Google customers”, but it’s all a stupid ploy by Google in my opinion. They’re demanding billions of websites be re-engineered and tweaked to help Google do what it does best – serve up paid advertising, which is their ultimate goal (which you will figure out once you have wasted an enormous amount of time).

I’ve come to truly, truly hate Google as the monster that it is. And Facebook – which is another overdue article altogether. The whole Internet has become the domain of monsters, hucksters, profiteers, liars, frauds, charlatans and thieves. I’m certain that very, very few people truly realize just how manipulated they are by using the Internet at all.

Or perhaps Google hates me because I’m a non-conformist, a independent thinker. I honestly don’t know. Google has done horrific damage to my ability to function online and like everything else, it now looks as if I have to finally give up. I don’t know what else to say.


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