American Anger

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It’s plainly obvious that American anger is on the rise (exponentially it seems). And with good cause. This country is in severe disarray, a situation that is only getting worse.

I’ve not covered the rising tide of anger much, not wanting to contribute to any of the reactionary reponses taking place. But what’s occuring here is impossible for anyone to ignore.

This is from the pipeline protests in North Dakota:

Dakota Access pipeline: Native Americans allege cruel treatment

People at the front lines of the battle over the Dakota Access Pipeline are calling it a ‘death sentence’

It’s not just the pipeline protests where mistreatment and ridiculous tactical response actions are taking place, its been happening elsewhere too and the public backlash is definitely escalating.

Ambush-style killings of police up 300% in first half of year

And the anger is already all over Europe over the immigration (and rape gang) crisis.

WAR ON THE STREETS OF PARIS: Armed migrants fight running battles in the French capital

GERMANY AT BOILING POINT: Furious mob takes to streets hunting and attacking migrants

Frankly, if this shit happened here in America, I’ve absolutely no doubt there would be lynchings in the streets. Which I would support, as I have absolutely zero tolerance for rape gangs or their fucked up Sharia law shit. This is not us and it will never be us.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, or a rapists, but so far, the escalating levels of Muslim violence on citizens is making every non-Muslim extremely angry and with good cause. Clerics have been found teaching jihad against Western civilization and non-believers, with some of these clerics living in western countries. This has to stop. If they want to live within western civilization, they will need to adopt our laws and values, they don’t get to claim their own, especially those that cause harm to others.

Agree or disagree, but you can find some very disturbing statistics here. There are all kinds of stories circulating now, and it’s hard to tell which are really accurate and which are purely (or mostly) hyperbole, such as the “1 million woman raped” in England claims. What is pretty certain is several THOUSANDS of rapes have now occurred in Europe with a lot of coverup and denial by the media in cahoots with the national governments policy of non-exposure. It’s simply far too big to ignore now.

Obviously, Western civilization and the cultural values we hold are very different then what some immigrants / migrants / refugees are practicing. It’s also obvious that religious differences (intolerance / hatred / bigotry / etc.) are also severely clashing. Asking Americans or any western country to ‘accept’ these differences and look the other way is asking the unacceptable with serious consequences.

If you don’t think the world is getting ready to explode, then you’re not really paying attention. And these are just a tiny few of the escalating domestic issues facing western countries, there are many, many more that will affect us all (such as the war in Syria and the ongoing support for terrorism by state governments including the United States).

Although, I’ve been pretty quiet here lately, I still believe that no amount of warnings (at this time) will awaken the sleeping masses of humanity to the stupendous dangers unfolding now. Therefore, I’ve not issued any new warnings here, no news articles, no breaking scientific discoveries, no updated reports or analysis, no breathless narrations of impending doom – until today.

I don’t want to be a part of the propaganda marketing that has taken hold here. The scare tactics, the fear mongering, the paranoid reactionary profiteering that always appears by the reactionary right wing morons that infect this country. American media being what it is, everyone knows this is “how it’s done here” but that doesn’t make any of this right, ethical or even helpful. We need facts and honest reporting, a now impossible selection of news that simply cannot be found. You have to wade through all the hyperbole and misreporting to get to the truth yourself.

The threat level against our future survival is continuing to escalate as I’ve expected. I’ve seen absolutely nothing to indicate otherwise. Yet the unprepared status of Americans continues to blow my mind.

There are still hundreds of millions of Americans, and even more readers around that world that will not make any preparations for themselves no matter what. These people can be considered unreachable victims. They will not survive the first wave of the coming disruptions.

Many that have claimed to be “prepared” are reaching for their guns. This is a huge mistake. There is a pervasive attitude here that guns will “get you anything you want” which is blatantly false. Those that believe this are overlooking time, distance, opportunity, circumstance, reaction, resistance and even their own reluctance. Are you really stupid enough to use a gun to get your food, water, fuel, transportation, shelter and other essentials, EVERY DAY? This is perhaps the dumbest “plan” I can think of. Is that your “plan” if there’s been a hurricane? A flood? Tornado? A riot?

Moreover, try this and you will be hunted down and murdered like the dog you will have become (even in society’s collapse). It’s a stupid claim coming from stupid people who remain truly clueless about reality. The use of a weapon to commit a crime negates your rights to everything – even your life. And if society has collapsed, even on a local level, this would include everything that you own. You will forfeit it all if you are “in the wrong” and preying upon other people. So guns are definitely NOT all you need.

Guns don’t even rate high on my list for “what is needed”. Guns are not even essentials at this stage. They make make you feel better, but they absolutely will not provide for you at this juncture (we’re still a ways away from that). There are better things to spend your money on that you actually do need.

Clean water. The ability to make clean water. Store clean water. Food. A stockpile of food and the ability to raise / grow more. Food security doesn’t mean just a pile of food either, it means keeping it safe. You’ll have to deal with predators, bugs and bad weather. You will need to be able to cook, can, clean and preserve. You will need to protect your food supply from mold, mildew, moisture and bugs. You’ll need to water this efficiently if you’re growing your own. A source of power if you’re not prepared to go 100% non-electric will also be required. This can pump your water and help you with other electric things around the house. This also means essential spare parts and replacements. You’ll also need transportation, be it bicycle, automobile or otherwise. More spare parts. Medical supplies for self-treatment and essential medications. Duplicates, triplicates and quadruplicates of everything that will come into short supply if there is any kind of disruptions.

Not on this list (so far) are guns. Nor will I list gold or silver, which I do not agree will be useful at all. Guns come AFTER the above are taken care of in my opinion, and you don’t need an armory. Just one per capable person is enough, with training and practice. That means one for you, one for your wife and one for your able children. That’s enough. But as I’ve shared, they are not replacements for other essentials and never, ever will be. Just like they aren’t right now.

I’ve written (but not published) another entire essay on the fallacy of guns title “How America’s Gun Culture is Leading To Internal Failure”. The fascination with guns has become a practice of idol worship in this country.  My experience with this culture is actually quite extensive with decades of experience, knowledge, shooting and training. Over the course of this time, I realized that the American gun culture was permeated with many myths and falsehoods that are being extensively leveraged with propaganda and misinformation in order to perpetuate and then elevate monthly sales volume and advertising revenue. The gun industry, manufacturers, promoters, distributors, dealers, advertisers and many talking heads in the media are behind these deceptions.

It may not all be intentionally malicious. Making money (capitalism) by promoting ‘essential truths’ wrapped up in sales volume is how many companies remain in business and rake in their profits. The gun industry in America very much fits this description (and especially so with American “defense” contractors and manufacturers who also have a death-grip on the short-hairs of Congress). But to be fair, this practice is the same in every industry. There is always a lot of hype and propaganda to sell product. It doesn’t matter if the products is guns or solar panels, electric cars or motorcycles. I just happen to know a lot more about the gun culture than those other industries.

I’ve had to contrast this experience with my other qualifications in the food industry. They are related in both customers and the levels of propaganda used to make sales. Both industries have their snake-oil salesmen and deceptions, both use the same deceptive techniques and false advertising. Over several decades, I’ve come to reject the lies and deceptions found within these industries. This doesn’t make me popular, but frankly, I could care less. I don’t like lies or liars or profiteers who are seeking to take advantage of other people. Which is what they’re all doing.

You do need to be prepared. The escalating rise of American anger is being mirrored in Europe and elsewhere. It is not without cause or reason. The clash of cultures is going to be very disruptive and dangerous for everyone. A key component of real preparations are recognizing what is really going on so you are not a victim of propaganda and deception. The need to STAY HOME will be paramount to avoid unnecessary conflict and suffering – UNLESS your participation is required and essential. So far, there are only a few ‘events’ occuring now that may require this. Pick your battle(s) carefully if you must, otherwise stay home and stay safe.


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