America Reacts (badly)

Parts of America are having an aneurism over “gun control”.  I completely agree.

A firm grip will do wonders for your aim.

I find the whole  issue irrelevant. Gun owners are convinced that the 2nd Amendment keeps them free from a tyrannical government, while they stood by and watched the wives and girlfriends get groped at the airports around the nation for years.  Lest we forget — they flew too.

I didn’t.

I wonder who’s wife and girlfriend these two are?

Firm GripThey did nothing when the Patriot Act got passed.  They even voted that rotten bastard back into office.

I didn’t.

Now anybody can be called a terrorist, instantly stripped of their rights, interrogated, tortured, “Gitmoed” (renditioned) and literally disappeared of the face of the Earth — and STILL they did nothing.

They stand silently by why America drops bomb after bomb upon children in foreign countries with nary a peep.  Not their kids, who cares?

Then the new 9/11 happens.  Now we react.

So what’s a few more guns laws going to do?


Incrementalism works, and works very well.  The Dems will scream for the Moon, and settle for a renewed and strengthened “assault weapons” ban.  America will go back to sleep.

If it can.

Unless another fucking idiot decides to wipe out more innocents, killing just to kill and against those who cannot fight back.  What the hell is wrong with people?

I’m truly sorry to hear about another absolutely senseless tragedy. I really am.  I’m just as sorry to see the ridiculous knee-jerk reaction reach the screaming chorus that it has.

The endless reams of propaganda and misinformation. Repeated media sound bytes, video feeds, over and over and over. My television stays off during reactions like this. I don’t do much surfing either.

Nothing can replace those lost kids or those teachers.  No gun laws will ever make this “right”.  Ever.  And nobody can ever stop this from happening again.

America is splitting at the seams. We have our new 9/11.  This was / is as unpreventable as the rising sun.

This country moves from one crisis to another.  Real or manufactured. It’s what sells. It’s what polarizes the people. It’s what the news media constantly shovels our way.

It’s disgusting.

I refuse to be a part of this fabrication.  The nation needs to mourn, not senselessly react.  The leaders of this country need to shut up.  The news media needs to treat this with dignity and respect, instead of the constant gore-fest they engage in.

One thing or another seems to get our failed national leadership off the hook. They call this “wag the dog”, a distraction from the issues which should be being addressed.

Americans fall for this deception, every time.  They too, will avoid responsibility.

For all of it.

It’s no wonder we’re auguring in as a country. It’s a drone strike, right at the heartland of America by American leaders. Our cherished beliefs in our so-called “freedoms” are “under attack” by the “enemy within”.

We need to whip out the mirror and look that bastard we see straight in the eye and declare, “Not another goddamned inch anywhere in the world”.  Get a firm grip on reality, what is being done in your name by your country and who is in fact, responsible.

If it’s truly freedom you want, start there, with that dude in the mirror.


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