America Is About To Explode

I’ve been keeping quiet on here for some time because I’m absolutely disgusted with the escalating levels of unbelievable stupidity being exhibited by Americans. There is no end to it this (s)Election season and if the continuing trend is any indication of the future (and it probably is), we’ve not seen anything yet.

No matter which candidate is (s)Elected in November, it’s going to be a terrible time for America. Even worse however, will be what this will mean for the planet. I’m referring to how America and Americans themselves are going to respond to the new commander in chief and the dictates that will follow. It’s going to be very, very ugly. This will not be a place to be. Leave if you can.

I’m staying, having no place else to go, which is what most will wind up doing too. America will either embrace more war, death and destruction, or a rising tide of incredible stupidity and denial, arrogance, hatred and bigotry. It’s not a “choice” that we are facing that any thinking, intelligent or reasonable person would want to endure. But endure we must, somehow.

Somehow, science has managed to fail in their leadership and conveyance to facts and truth to the American people. This has contributed to the rising tides of stupidity and stupidstitions that have escalating dramatically this year. While I’m not blaming any particular group or party, I’m none too happy about the lost opportunity to knock some sense into the army of absolute idiots that have managed to change the public discourse in this country. Instead of dealing with facts, options and rational discussion, we’re still muck-raking among fools and idiots.

I’ve got better things to do. As do you.

November is fast approaching. Horrible and horrible is somehow the only two options on the menu. I listened to the debate, or at least parts of it, and it’s astounding how easily fooled people were (and all the connedspiracies this generated immediately thereafter). I’m surrounded by utter idiots it seems. Truly STUPID people who haven’t got the intelligence or sense of an ant. Both Hillary and Trump will DEVASTATE what’s left of America but that seems to be inevitable now. So rather just rant and complain, I’ll tell you what I think you should do: Get Ready.

Get ready to defend yourselves from the growing horde of idiots that plague this country. The race-bating, hate-filled, bigots, idiots and morons. If the (s)Election goes the other way, then get yourselves ready to go to war (here). Hillary seems hell-bent on ensuring we engage in another decade of senseless slaughter which is going to backfire this time (I suspect). I honestly cannot believe the (s)Election has come down to these two truly horrible “candidates” except for the fact that it really, really has. What a goddamned fucking mess this is for every decent human being on the entire planet.

And we let this happen. Seriously now, how did America and Americans let this happen? How could they be so fucking stupid? Well, I know that we’re not all that dumb, I’m sure not and so are many of my past readers. But I also know that we had really no say in the matter, so this is just a rhetorical rant. The entire candidate (s)Election process has been highly orchestrated and manipulated from the beginning. So now, just one month out, it’s come down to these two choices – bad and worse. I’ll let you decide which one you think is worse. I’m not sure it even matters now. Trump is far too stupid and arrogant to NOT do something fatal for the country. And Hillary fully INTENDS to do so. So take your pick. If it were me, I’d head to parts far, far away if I could. But I can’t. So get ready to endure eight years or more of pure hell and escalating misery.

It’s not just the candidate (s)Election that disgusts me, it’s the sheer stupidity of my “fellow Americans” that have fallen, hook, line and sinker for the propaganda that is being vomited forth now. I doubt we’ve seen the end of this yet, but what I’ve seen and read so far is unbelievable. It’s like a bad script where Dumb and Dumber vie for the prize of Dumbest Of All. The movie credits are rolling and everyone is hoping for a glimpse of their name. They want to be a part of it. Not me. I’m staying far away from this insanity. It’s a dangerous time to be online. An even more dangerous time to express your opinions. It can now get you killed, something that I warned about long ago.

Check out this “poll” for an example of stupid (read the comments for truly asinine idiocy). There seems to be competition for “who can be the stupidest of all”. Facts and reality are ignored, while conjecture, straw arguments and imaginary beings replace reality. The news on the climate front is still getting worse (hotter and hotter) while wildlife is dying off and going extinct faster and faster. But no, we are not responsible for any of this according to the morons that infect this country.

Seriously, I often find myself wishing that there was some other place to go where stupidity and stupidstitions didn’t ruin it for everyone else. Or better yet, let the Rapture happen and take all these idiots away. I’ve had to fight another battle here locally that runs along the same lines, it’s taken up a fair share of my time. Intelligence seems to be going backwards now, reverting to the reactionary response of 12-year old bullies. It belies the notion or claims that humans are “advancing” at all. I doubt it – we’ve yet to grow up and accept our responsibilities. We can’t even grasp reality.

So either believe me or not, but this is your warning. Get ready. You are going to have to endure a rising tide of reactionary stupidity and belligerence that will get very ugly. Find a quiet place to be and lock the gate. Stay home and stay away from crowds, malls, shopping centers and any place where groups will gather.  Don’t even go any place alone where you do not feel 100% safe. I would caution you also on your online activity. Be smart and play it cool.

If you haven’t made home preparations, you’re seriously, seriously overdue. Food, water, weapons, medical supplies, fuel and the ability to endure long power-outages. You will need some cash on hand (but not gold or silver, this is a false meme as I’ve shared often before). Stay close to home (no long trips) if you can. America is about to explode.



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2 thoughts on “America Is About To Explode

  • October 6, 2016 at 9:16 am
    YEP – I can no longer bear to watch (bear witness) to Americunts immolating themselves – and perverse puerile primates defiling every life form on this planet. Let it implode – that’s fkn inevitable anyway. Seems to be what the moronastocracy fully intends, nay demands. I gave up ‘hope’ for humanity and rationality long ago but I continued to track the downward spiral for any glimpse of a possible reversal. Now it’s all too obvious that a future ‘worth having’ is NGFH. so continuing to watch this slow motion suicide (and planetcide) from my sanctuary has now become self-harm and I’m not going to permit myself that fate. All the malevolent misery monkeys out there can and will go fuck themselves, since they already have and obviously intend to continue to do so. DO have yourselves a protracted, horrific die-off, all ye fkn anus apes. Ya’ll are fully deserving of the worst fate possible and that’s exactly what your gonna fkn get. Ye haw!
  • October 8, 2016 at 3:09 pm
    I still can’t figure out whether warmongers such as Clinton, Powers, Nuland etc. are sufficiently deranged to actually start WW3, or whether it is all a game of bluff to keep Americans believing in the omnipotence of America and to stop the US-dollar-based global financial system from collapsing.

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