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The Occupy Wall Street protests say that they’re getting ready for a long protest and winter, but it’s got some of the “not-billionaires” upset:

€œThe protests are becoming intolerable to the people who live and work in the Wall Street area. We are not billionaires, we did not sign the bailouts, or commit any of the wrongs the various protestors want to right, said a lawyer and mother of a 2-year-old who lives and works in Lower Manhattan. I may have had some sympathy for the protestors, but that is completely gone as a result of the constant marches, late-night noise and interruptions to my family’s daily life.  Still Protesting

Oooohhh, they’re daily life is getting “disrupted”. Unbelievable. They’d apparently rather not worry about where all those trillions of dollars went that got handed out to the bankers.

What’s it cost to “live and work in the Wall Street area” anyway?  Do you have to be a poor, impoverished millionaire?

The protestors are largely made up of poor people who don’t have a pot to piss in, but have taken it upon themselves to be a part of this hoped-for revolution.  What bugs me about the comment above is the notion that her comfort is more important then the social and economic conditions that have been rammed down ALL our throats and where this country is STILL going, and the entire reason for the protest.

Hey lady, don’t come knockin’ here for your crash preps, you don’t deserve any help.

Several people have told me “not to sell to the rich”. Wish I could. The problem is how?  A questionnaire? Let me see your 1040 first? I don’t think it can be done.  I did turn down some mega-orders this past spring, knowing that this would have had a gigantic impact on the food availability for everyone else, but that’s all I can do.

North Korea is reporting mass levels of starvation now.  Apparently, they’re not getting much help or sympathy either.

I find it “odd” (disturbing) that we humans cannot seem to come together on even basic issues. Human rights are trashed in the face of profits or ideologies (isn’t that the same thing in America?). We remain divided even when we are trying to focus on things that will help us all.

I’ve been thinking about WCM closing their doors and what they had written in their “Goodbye” final post. Humans concern themselves with some really stupid shit, elevating this utter nonsense to the level of sacred ritual. In the meanwhile, right outside some of our doors, people are living in the streets, hungry, cold, protesting, fighting for survival and some of our rights and the injustices that are still taking place.  But oh no, we can’t be bothered by all of that….

It’s enough to make you puke.  I can fully understand the utter disgust and loathing that develops after years and years of effort and making absolutely zero progress.  Social change is never easy, it is never comfortable, it is not even “polite”. It is ugly, sometimes brutal and oftentimes violence against us and it will disrupt lives.

It is also a very, very lonely road.  Anyone that has walked this road and made any effort at all will realize this. The world around you is deaf, dumb, blind and ignorant to the issues you believe to be more important then Dancing with the Stars and Monday Night Football.  These sad and pathetic icons of American idiocy are absolutely sacred, but human rights or the human condition on this screwed up planet are not.

The mainstream media is belittling the efforts of many who are (finally and belatedly) getting on the bandwagon to protest. The media stupidly thinks that a unified or single message is essential to justify the reasons why there are now protest springing up in other parts of the country.

This is just plain dumb, and shows you just how manipulative and evil the American media really is.  Their reporting this as “news” too, including the comment shared above. What a waste of space.  Part of the subtle mind-fluff they’re so famous for. There are a TON of very valid and justifiable reasons to be angry, whether you’re attending one of these protests or not.

What the media is doing is manipulating the debate, and the entire reason for the protests (defusing it) on purpose.  Not all of the protesters or spokespersons are smart enough to realize this. But I think the media knows exactly what it’s doing in this matter, they’ve done it before.

Basically, if you’re not pissed off — you’re not paying attention.  Our social / economic conditions and the outright rape of our future should have everyone pissed off, including that lawyer ditz on Wall Street quoted above. But active efforts are afoot to defuse this popular show of displeasure before it actually gains real traction and impact.

This is not surprising either, it’s how it’s always done. First they ignore you (like they’ve done for decades), then they belittle you and call you a kook, then they pass laws against you, then when they see you’ve finally had enough and actually start to come together, they infiltrate your efforts and divide you against yourselves, and then when you actually start to come off the couch and show up, they’ll derail what you’re trying to do.  It’s an old ploy, and well greased.

Protestors need to be smarter then this and realize that popular support is the only thing that they have. The media is not siding with them and neither are the so-called “sympathetic” political hacks who allege they “care”.  Sure they do, that’s why they keep supporting all the things that are wrong with this country.  All these people know where their bread is buttered and have long since sold out to their masters.

Anyway, the dissenters to the status-quo have got my vote. I just wish that were enough.


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