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I’ve been mulling over whether to post this or not.  The AMEG Strategic Plan lays out the case for collapse (very soon) pretty clearly, and the need to respond immediately.

I think there are a lot of omissions in the plan and a whole lot of “I sure as hell hope this works” sort of things.

You should read it.

I doubt very much that anything now is going to avert the massive coming famine [which they underestimate], as crops are one of the weakest and easily affected areas to be impacted.

I’ve been working on another post for a few days, pinning down the known developments with climate science and what it all actually means (in their own words, not mine, so it has far greater credibility).

My conclusions are scary as hell, so much so that I am seriously considering this as my last blog post forever. The reason I would do that is it would absolutely pointless to waste another moment in time online.

I haven’t made my final decision yet. But to quote from the link above. Brackets are mine:

The international community is totally unprepared for the speed of change in the Arctic, the dramatic effects on global climate and the dire repercussions on food production. [very true]

The tendency among scientists and the media has been to ignore or understate the seriousness of the situation in the Arctic.  [unbelievably true] AMEG is using best available evidence and best available explanations for the processes at work.  These processes include a number of vicious cycles which are growing in power exponentially, involving ocean, atmosphere, sea ice, snow, permafrost and methane.  If these cycles are allowed to continue, the end result will be runaway global warming.  [already happening]

The situation is so urgent that, unless appropriate action is taken within a few months, the window of opportunity will be lost.  Adaptation to the consequences will be impossible, as famine spreads inexorably to all countries. [occurring now]

My greatest fear is exactly what we are seeing — continued denial, disbelief, cognitive dissonance, anger, fear and the seriously misguided belief that “it cannot happen to us“.

Well, it IS happening to us all, faster and faster.  I now view trying to wake up the foot dragging idiots as a complete waste of time, they’ll find out soon enough.


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  • December 11, 2012 at 1:37 am

    More considerations about this AMEG ( an independent climate policy group ) report:!topic/geoengineering/qIRXJU2tIvU

    In the AMEG report they admit that the inputs for climate change/global warming will continue, and in my opinion, the various types of remedies/solutions they are proposing have no likelyhood of being affective. In a world of severely contracting economies and increasing resources constrictions there will not be the means to carry out these highly complex and expansive propositions. The vast scale of what is occurring with earth’s altering climate will completely overwhelm any of their efforts. Also I don’t think there is any chance of this group AMEG getting people in power positions to take them seriously. Their proposals for various solutions remind me of farfetched wishfull thinking like humans by now would have colonies of people living on Mars and we should be all flying around in our Jetson cars. Just like the climate talks in Doha that just ended were a miserable failure, there is no way the same participants/countries are going to come together and agree on implementing these AMEG remedies.

    • December 11, 2012 at 10:45 am

      I’ve seen quite a lot of published evidence that warming will continue. There is nothing to stop it. We are already committed to a 1,000 years or perhaps more.

      I note that those objections you linked to were from March 2012 — then the sea ice crashed and Arctic record minimums were once again, set. And gigantic methane plumes were also identified.

      I agree we do not have the resources available to do even a fraction of what is being called for. The world lacks awareness, will, financing and resources. The assumption (always assumptions) is that we’ll get all this somehow, “in time”. The recent Doha talks make it very clear that they FULLY intend to delay until 2020 (at least).

      See this on Doha:

      a) Voluntary commitments didn’t work too well.

      b) Postponement is the pathway to disaster.

      c) 194 nations “unanimously” chose no “major breakthrough” for at least three years.

      d) No, none of us are surprised, the evidence was already in.

      f) Australia, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, China and India are not participating. Clearly, all the major polluters.

      g) The second commitment will have a negligible effect on global emissions (less the 15%).

      h) Supposedly, by 2020, a new treaty will be established (there is no proof that this will actually happen, therefore conjecture).

      i) The rest of the decade is required to arrange for financing.

      j) Pledges to reduce emissions are inadequate.

      k) Lots of disagreement and infighting, waiting on other countries to commit at “twice the highest commitment” anyone has ever made.

      l) Complete failure to admit that the 2C path isn’t even possible now.

      Also see this: December 11 News: The IPCC Consistently Understates Rate Of Climate Change, Say Scientists

      I find a very disturbing lack of ‘awareness’ in some of the climate literature that downplays what is already happening. It’s as if they don’t want to believe it either and perhaps they don’t. Nobody is immune from cognitive dissonance.

      Frankly, we are being severely let down by the public “side” of climate science. I just watched a JATO takeoff (jet-assisted) from a research base, there are indeed some very hard working and brave researchers frantically trying to gather as much data as they can all over the world.

      But when it comes to (science) publications, it’s as if somebody is coming along and crossing out words like “imminent”, “crisis”, “catastrophe”, “unprecedented” and entire paragraphs that should say “civilization will collapse”.

      Human civilization cannot live without the ice we have always known. Not in the Arctic or Greenland or the Himalayas or the glaciers around the world — virtually all which are in a state of collapse. Antarctica has gained a tiny amount of ice, (new moisture) but this in no way offsets what is happening everywhere else.

      We can’t survive the droughts, floods, or the hurricanes either (not indefinitely). Our food supply is being increasingly endangered, along with incredible levels of over-fishing, virtually scraping the ocean clean.

      This message needs to be shouted from the rooftops, it’s past time to “get excited” or “be alarmed”, it’s factually time to press the damned panic button.

      I am not a fan of climate geoengineering. Civilization is going to take a gigantic hit no matter what is done. The refusal to “mend our ways” is now upon us.

      We are seeing increasing cries of alarm, today from Salt Lake Tribune:

      “The global response to climate change is incapable of addressing the catastrophic consequences to a planet dependent on burning fossil fuels for energy, spewing greater volumes of the greenhouse gases that are boosting temperatures at an accelerating rate.

      This gloomy assessment is based on new scientific studies that describe, with increasing certainty, the arrival of severe climate disruption sooner and with greater intensity than scientists had predicted even a few years ago.”

      • December 11, 2012 at 4:11 pm

        “But when it comes to (science) publications, it’s as if somebody is coming along and crossing out words like “imminent”, “crisis”, “catastrophe”, “unprecedented” and entire paragraphs that should say “civilization will collapse”.”

        There probably is such an editor. I spent ten years of my life (sometimes I think wasted…) working as an analyst in the Intelligence Community and leadership did not like hearing anything that conflicted with its world view. Iraq WMD is a good example. I can’t imagine how this story would have played out if us analysts had written this story,…. coming global extinction… and tried to send it on to our masters in the Pentagon. They pitched enough of a fit when we reviewed and updated older assessments because they didn’t want to hear that in 1990 the original assessment was wrong….

  • December 11, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    And please, do stay on and keep writing, sometimes I only hear about these stories because some blogger I follow took the time to post them. I understand your despair having spent many years preparing for a collapse where you and your family/community had some chance of making it only to discover that in just a few short years the coming storms and droughts will be so intense that farming will be very difficult to impossible. After watching what happened last summer in the Arctic, we decided to sell out and put our farm up for sale. No point in trying to survive the coming drought that is beginning to settle in over Appalachia.

  • December 12, 2012 at 6:11 am

    We all know geo-engineering will not solve anything, but will possibly make the end come sooner. Remember that Einstein said something like, “the problems that humans have caused cannot be solved by the same mindset that created those problems”. Of course anyone who’s even half awake is already aware they are geo-engineering the skies and have been for over a decade. Who knows–they may have already hastened global warming by tinkering with a very complex set of interacting global and climatic systems they don’t fully understand.

    We can expect ANYTHING when it comes to geo-engineering because so many agencies seem to be out of control and answering to nobody. If a citizen writes a letter to his/her U.S. Representative about chemtrails, using whatever verbiage will get the point across, s/he will usually receive some sort of boilerplate letter or at least a letter not really addressing the issue.

    So as we muddle along, trying as best we can to grow and/or forage foods, and basically survive, when we feel we’ve done about everything possible, then the best thing is to live in the NOW.

    And last but not least, if you, Admin, so decide to stop this blog, you can be assured you’ve helped educate at least some of those who are open enough to have searched your site out. I send warm regards to you, your family, and to those brothers and sisters out there who are awake.

  • December 12, 2012 at 3:39 pm

    I never bought into that Mayan Doomsday B.S. but I know the world is definitely coming to an end because the Pope registered on Twitter today. 🙂

    Therefore, I wish you all the best to batten down the hatches and protect you and yours as best you can from what’s coming.

    I’ve learned a lot from your blog and will miss your essays very much. Good luck!

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