Amazon’s Chernobyl – Massive Contamination and Destruction by Chevron°CU

Related to the crimes of big oil, this time in America:

BP Spill Victims Given Warning – Don’t Expect Any Compensation

Big Oil has a long and sordid history of destroying the environment, ruining the countryside, wiping out villages, causing thousand and thousands of cases of cancer, polluting aquifers and leaving gigantic environmental disasters behind as the voraciously scour the earth for more black gold.

Check out, and Nigeria’s Agony.
The Amazon, Nigeria, all over the world “spills” keep happening.  Some are accidents, others are neglect, all are caused by greed.

Oil profits are gushing upenvironmental destruction and disasters are up, the future life on this planet is down.

The whores of Babylon are running amok.


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