All The Presidents Men (and Women)

Watching the live broadcast today and all I can say and feel is absolute, total disgust.

I can’t believe that this is considering a ‘hearing’. It’s a circus. They’re not interested in getting to the bottom of this. The Republicans are only interested in hearing themselves babble, rant, accuse, state conjecture and straw arguments and grandstand. These idiots brought to this ‘hearing’ totally irrelevant rants, even to repeatedly claim that they were ‘representing the American people’. No, they’re not. None of them are. Not a single one.

Many of them don’t even have relevant questions, just endless accusations, stupidly asking the same questions over and over again. There is a ENORMOUS difference between the tone and type and specific questions being asked by the two different parties.

Once again, just like the Kavanaugh ‘hearings’, we are not going to be allowed to have a proper investigation or get to the truth. There is a CLEAR PATTERN of this kind of obstruction of justice by the Republican ‘party’. Why can’t a significant portion of this country see the terrifying differences between a fair, detailed inquiry and baseless accusations and conjecture? It’s impossible for me to believe that these thugs ‘represent’ anyone but themselves and their desperate attempts to hold onto power.

Moreover, Cohen is again ‘on trial’ here – which isn’t what this hearing was supposed to be about. However, like Ford’s testimony during the Kavanaugh hearings, the ‘confessor’ is being grilled and accused and derided and ridiculed which isn’t how hearings are supposed to go. The Republicans men and women are not interested in finding out what Cohen actually knows, they’re only interested in discrediting him and avoiding exposing what Cohen actually knows. The ‘lineup’ of thugs, fools, idiots and efforts to coverup what Cohen could actually tell the country is reminiscent of all of Hitler’s men.

We don’t have a government. We’ve got a bunch of squabbling, corrupt, incompetent children running amok, desperately uninterested in obtaining any truth. I wouldn’t hire any of these ranting pigs to piss on a post.


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