Alien Thoughts on Our Chances of Survival

This should get your attention:

The author defines sustainability as the condition that must be developed globally for humanity to flourish until technology advances extraterrestrial travel that will allow migration to another planet once conditions here deteriorate. The emphasis is on anthropogenic climate change caused primarily by changes in the chemistry of the atmosphere due to dominant use of fossil fuels. Energy and sustainability, from the point of view of environmental physics

Uh, yes, this is for real. I’ll take some of that too (whatever they’re smokin’). Since no habitable planets exist anywhere within the foreseeable reach of mankind (distance, time, resources and money), you have to wonder exactly what they’re smoking. I’ll tell you – it’s called a Desperation Doobee.

The definition of sustainability above absolutely sucks. It’s just another way of claiming we’ll use up this planet before we repeat the process somewhere else. Hardly ‘sustainable’. And if it really was, why would ‘conditions here deteriorate’? (I didn’t say these people were all that bright).

Remember that I only recently wrote that Money Will Not Stop Runaway Climate Change? Here is some more on the subject:

Central to his thesis, which is supported by examples, is that rapid decarbonization will simply not be possible without a significant reduction in standards of living. The growing call to decarbonize the global economy by 80% by 2050 could only foreseeably happen alongside large parts of the population plunging into poverty, destitution or starvation, as low-carbon energy sources do not produce enough energy to sustain society. According to Kelly, “It is clear to me that every further step along the current pathway of deploying first-generation renewable energy is locking in immature and uneconomic systems at net loss to the world standard of living.” Much Of The Effort To Combat Global Warming Is Actually Making It Worse

Obviously, some scientists and researchers are working on the problem… and they’re a bit concerned about what it all means. Alien planets, deterioration, destitution, starvation and other adjectives are apparently in their vernacular these days.

Dang! Found another:

This study argues that the climate changes resulting from the continued burning of fossil fuels at present rates will very likely initiate extinction of many terrestrial and marine species, beginning by mid-century. Under this scenario, interactions of climate change with other well-known extinction threats promise to trigger a loss of life that has not been seen since an asteroid-strike eliminated most dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Avoiding this will require a very rapid shift of both our stationary and transportation energy sectors to carbon-neutral systems.

Mass extinctions, which result in loss of at least an estimated 75% of known species over a geologically short time period, are very rare in the 540 million year history of complex life on Earth. Only five have been recognized, the most recent of which occurred 66 million years ago, ending the reign of dinosaurs and opening the door for domination of the planet eventually by humans, who have now accelerated biodiversity loss to the extent that a Sixth Mass Extinction is plausible. Accelerated extinction rates up to now primarily have been due to human-caused habitat destruction and overexploitation of economically valuable species. Climate change caused by burning of fossil fuels adds a new and critically problematic extinction driver because the pace and magnitude of change exceeds what many species have experienced in their evolutionary history, and rapid climate change multiplies the already-existing threats. Particularly at risk are regions that contain most of the world’s species, such as rainforest and coral reef ecosystems. Avoiding severe losses that would commit many species to extinction by 2100 will require transforming global energy systems to carbon-neutral ones by 2050. Currently, the transformation is occurring too slowly to avoid worst-case extinction scenarios. Transforming the global energy system is required to avoid the sixth mass extinction

There it is again, more of those dastardly danger words… Worst-case extinction scenarios.

Seems like I’ve heard that before… But aren’t carbon-neutral energy systems actually impossible (yes). And don’t these, should they even exist, call for a decarbonization of the global economy – by what, 80%? And doesn’t this foretell plunging a large percentage of the population into poverty, destitution and even starvation?

Gee, I wonder who the remaining 20% are…

Now for the pop quiz: Are you paying attention yet?


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16 thoughts on “Alien Thoughts on Our Chances of Survival

  • May 25, 2016 at 12:23 am
    I don’t know exactly when I stopped believing in a Star Trek future. I think it was when I first read Garrett Hardin’s “Living Within Limits.” I guess I was about twenty-three, maybe?

    I still dream of the starship Enterprise, of course. I just know it’s not coming round to beam me up.

    It’s a tough trip to kick.

  • May 25, 2016 at 5:41 am
    Great post and links, continuing your article yesterday decrying against the ‘stupid’ I think.

    That line, ‘transforming the global energy system is required to avoid the sixth mass extinction’. The one we’re already in?! And, that’s all it takes? Let’s stop something that’s been coming on since man first arose—easy!

    Your house is on fire and someone tells you all you need to do is rebuild it out of NON-flammable material…now…while it’s burning…from the inside! Brilliant!

    And, that first paragraph–SO many sides to that rubik’s cube of failed logic! Like religion: if you can imagine it, and say it out loud, then it must be true!

    Thanks for the laugh this morning, love the post!

  • May 25, 2016 at 9:22 am
    NOTE: first paragraph ” … by 2300.” LIE. this is the point in the ‘article’ where I stopped reading.

    These self-alleged scientists spouting utter nonsense (Hopium fraud) about ‘by 2100’, ntm “by 2300” fkn monkey-shit – ought to be publicly castrated, hung by the bag, and shot by BB guns until dead – all streamed live. Maybe the other willful idiot fkn misery monkey morons would wake the fuck up and smell the extinction in the morning. FUCK them and their ‘nothing to see here, move along, that’s for your great great … grandkids to worry about, So where’s my iPhone 7.0, … JHFC – LIE. Extinction is happening NOW, mass extinction has been occurring for decades. We know this, We choose to ignore this fact. We hear ‘smart phones’ and dumb brains – DUH

    New Study Predicts Intolerably Hot World

    “think think rant rant slobber slobber.” Deek

    • May 25, 2016 at 9:39 am

      Oh, I agree, resoundingly so. Their lying to us, again and again. We know from their own published data that they are being dishonest. And we know that the 2100 claims are virtually ALL wrong. I strongly suspect that they are not being allowed to speak out and reveal what they know. Nothing gets past the censorship. Nothing gets past the boards and review process that would reveal that extinction is now. Die-off is now. Climate refugees is now. They keep ‘projecting’ this stuff into the future when it’s already happening right now all over the globe. Even in the link you shared they’re projecting over 200 years into future, which is pure hogwash, whitewash, “let’s pretend it’s not happening now” b.s. and yes, it royally pisses me off because the constant implications is that humanity has all the time in the world. Not so. We don’t even have 4 years to deal with this shit. Frankly, I don’t even know why they bother publishing these deceptions at all, probably just to keep up their funding for the time being (‘gotta make a living you know’).

      If the Arctic temperatures (as claimed) rise 15 to 20 degrees CELSIUS in the “next century”, that means by 2050 we’re all dead anyway (remember, starvation comes first). This is WAY beyond tolerable limits (wet-bulb) for plants and animals and human monkeys. But “Food supplies and farming worldwide would (only) be disrupted”. Unbelievable hogwash. Talk about LYING. This is the kind of censorship I’m talking about – telling the world how hot it’s going to get (and remember, it’s an inexorable process, so by 2050 it’s already too hot to support life or farming) and then claiming it’s just a “disruption” to the food supplies.

      They must think we be stupid. Well, I think most people are. Most people don’t believe any of this (in this country) and think food just magically shows up on the supermarket shelf. They believe that it will always be there and all that they have to do is stay employed to buy it. They don’t want to learn the facts or the skills or take any preparations for their future at all. Many of this group also believe that they’ll never suffer, Jesus will rapture their sorry asses and reward them for a life ignored. It’s hard to stomach their disconnect from reality.

        • May 25, 2016 at 5:43 pm
          ahh – 8 years already.
          but but – everything is just SO much better now, wonderful don’t ya know, Like, yeah, we ALL now like have smartphones already, yoI Yeah gotz me ass like all up’n da Facebook, Twitter Me like hashtag bitching, Like Lo. {except me).

          ++++ bleeba da bleeeba da bleepbada … huh

          Anyway, he’s currently doing an iAVs ‘promo’/intro video –

          but what I’d ACTUALLY prefer is a brutal exposé on so-called aquaponics – the cults and the dogma, the cons, delusion, frauds, greed, thieves, lies, fallacy, fantasy, ego masturbation, circle jerks, pseudo-sci, et cetera) – much in the ‘image’ of this one from 2008. This one forever be a Classic on my book shelf. But not quite vicious enough in hindsight. Ought to do a climate denial/Kock/Exxon/Extinction of life one SOON – just for the record.

          • May 25, 2016 at 8:03 pm

            Yeah – we could play it for the angels on high while St. Peter locks the pearly gates and tells the starving hordes that denial was an unpardonable sin… morons need not apply.

            It’s stunning how accurate this still remains. You’ve gotta love Deek, hope he’s doing good.

  • May 25, 2016 at 4:09 pm
    Commercial interruption: (admin, you don’t ‘have to’ post this if inappropriate here)

    An alleged ‘question’ on the Aquaponic’s Nation forum muses as to how bad fish shit left exposed on the biofilter surface must stink (be disgusting). Since I’m prohibited from ‘commenting’ there wrt the very technology I created, and also do want to express my reaction somehow, here it is:

    ” My first inclination is to not stick my business into your nose. But …
    Of course it stinks. It’s absolutely disgusting, And exactly how I planned it! Hey hey hey.
    Yes, its totally nauseating, which is why I’ve suggested it to everyone for the past 30+ years
    Hell, just a few deep breaths and you’ll either die or want to, Which is precisely why I’m recommending it to you … you you you you … With every death, one less idiot to feed.
    OTOH, it’s nowhere near as noxious as your (and APN) shit is. Inhale deeply. Do not exhale. You’ll be fine.”

    • May 25, 2016 at 4:37 pm

      That’s ok, I know exactly how it is like to be denied “posting privileges”, especially on your original material that has been stolen from you and others take credit.

  • May 25, 2016 at 8:12 pm

    51C temperatures… people’s shoes melting in the streets… water reservoir at just 1%… 1548 suicides (so far)… “hundreds of people dying of starvation due to withering crops”… tens of thousands of people abandoning their lands… no rain for years… all unfolding right now in India. No official word yet on how many have died from the excessive wet-bulb temperatures.

    But wait, do I have the latest smartphone? How much does it cost?

  • May 26, 2016 at 11:33 am
    You mentioned “whatever they are smoking” I’m guessing whatever ‘they’ may or may not be smoking, or snorting, or mainlining is not the determinant factor. This crap being passed off as so-called thinking is purely an endogenous disorder – an internal neural dysfunction likely a coincidence (combination) of primate physiology, cultural conditioning (fantasy, aka ‘power of pretend’), and a conditioned ego-driven refusal of delivery (awareness) of physical reality. A permanent condition of cognitive impairment (brain disease) manifesting as rejection of /denial of fact. If they were actively ‘smoking’ something, they’d likely experience some minimal improvement eventually – albeit far from sufficient to extract their cranium from their rectum.

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