Alarming News – Must Read

Here is the latest news on what we can expect:

2,000 islands gone within 23 years. And that’s just in India.

Sea levels will continue to rise for at least 1,000 years – no matter what we do.

The number of refugees will number in the hundreds of millions.

Global temperatures will rise no matter what we do – and won’t decline for at least 200 years.

No breaking news yet on what this might mean to the global food supply – but not that hard to figure out. Does “global famine” ring any bells with anyone?

This Friday will “tell all” on what the real impacts are expected to be.

I’m taking no pleasure whatsoever in having reached the same conclusions as these 2,000 scientist from around the world. Even with a immediate and massive, coordinated global effort, we’re going to see some dramatic and life-threatening changes.

Just imagine what property values and investment values on the world’s islands are going to be after this makes the news and maybe, finally, somehow, penetrates the public conciousness. But I’m thinking it will take an asteroid the size of the one in Deep Impact to penetrate the sombelent state of the public before they wake up and notice what the hell has been going on.

Yeah, I’m angry. I’m still seeing moronic posters arguing the “fine point” of whether or not global warming is real, and whether or not it’s caused or enhanced by human activity.  They’ll probably still be arguing over it as the water rises over their heads.


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3 thoughts on “Alarming News – Must Read

  • January 31, 2007 at 6:54 pm

    Yeah, I hear you about being sick of arguing with idots. I just got done arguing with my dad about climate change and the UN report due Friday. He tried to tell me that they say there is no evidence of human caused warming or change and that cows were responsible. Lets not even get into the whole bit about who causes so many cows in the first place… Anyway…
    He tried to tell me that the warming was caused my entropy trapping heat in the universe. All I could think of was: WOW. That has to be the biggest cop-out I’ve ever heard.
    This news won’t affect most people’s mindsets because the news won’t really play to this at all. Any bets on this being a media non-issue/gloss-over?

  • January 31, 2007 at 7:16 pm

    No bets from me. I agree, it’ll be a gloss over, until such times as people start dying by the hordes. There really is little point in trying to air this stuff (on this blog). I’ll soon stop.

  • February 2, 2007 at 1:24 pm

    No, please don’t. At least it’s helpful and useful for those few of us who care and understand.

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