Afghanistan Giddy Over $1 Trillion In Minerals Estimate

Randall first let me in on this over at Cryptogon, but this is the more detailed version of this story:

Afghans Giddy Over Mineral Estimate

This, if true, will bring profound changes to that region (and American policy). Already, the U.S. has made moves on oil and mineral deposits around the world in a pretty big way.  A trillion dollars is one hell of a prize.

But we’ve got those pesky Talibans in the way.

Minerals don’t self-extract themselves out of the ground.  This will take petroleum, and lot’s of it.  I’m sure that there is some hand-wringing going on in “certain circles” in the petroleum industry — those that have it, those that don’t and those that are watching it wash up on our beaches.

Filed under “War, Tyranny, and Terrorism” because if it isn’t already obvious, that is EXACTLY what this “discovery” will mean.

This is a real game-changer on a global scale.


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