A World Made By War

Anybody besides me wonder why we keep going from one crisis to another?

Lately, there have been an awful lot of momentous events, all happening in sequence.  Almost seems pre-planned…

A World Made By War

“As a start, let me try to conjure up a map of what defense, as imagined by the Pentagon and the U.S. military, actually looks like.  You can find such a map at Wikipedia, but for a second just imagine a world map laid flat before you.  Now divide it, the whole globe, like so many ill-shaped pieces of cobbler, into six servings — you can be as messy as you want, it’s not an exact science — and label them the U.S. European Command or EUCOM (for Europe and Russia), the U.S. Pacific Command or PACOM (Asia), CENTCOM (the Greater Middle East and a touch of North Africa), NORTHCOM (North America), SOUTHCOM (South America and most of the Caribbean), and AFRICOM (almost all of Africa).  Those are the €œareas of responsibility€ of six U.S. military commands.

In case you hadn’t noticed, on our map that takes care of just about every inch of the planet, but — I hasten to add — not every bit of imaginable space.  For that, if you were a clever cartographer, you would somehow need to include STRATCOM, the U.S. Strategic Command charged with, among other things, ensuring that we dominate the heavens, and the newest of all the €œgeographic€ commands, CYBERCOM, expected to be fully operational later this fall with €œ1,000 elite military hackers and spies under one four-star general€ prepared to engage in preemptive war in cyberspace.”

From Logrithmic (emphasis mine) in a bit of discussion about our plight:

Given this “control,” it is hard to see how any place is truly safe from military intervention by the U.S. or its allies.  Non-Nato countries in Europe consist of Sweden, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, and Ireland – those are the only countries not involved with us in maintaining military hegemony.  In Latin America, using the ruse the “war on drugs,” the U.S. appears to be maintaining a potential war posture with their actions in Columbia and Costa Rica and the coup in Honduras and attempted coup in Ecuador all suggesting an attempt to contain independence from the U.S. and its corporate masters.

With the one exception of Cuba, it’s hard to imagine any country with any truly sovereign power, though I have to tip my hat off to Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and Venezuela.

So I’m not sure where there remains any refuge from potential war… you know… where you could simply sit out the death and destruction.

I also view much of the world as practicing the same kind of crony capitalism that goes on in the U.S., with businesses lined up to feed at the taxpayers’ expense and rewarded with favors because they finance elections of certain individuals.  I mean, our whole government is bought and sold like so many shares of stock on the exchange.

We live in perilous times and they are getting worse.  As you’ve alluded to many times on your web, the world is running out of resources.  Any move to alternative energy is really just buying time.  It is not a permanent solution.  Took me a while to get that one, but it is sensible since so many of our minerals are being tapped out and we are actually poisoning our water and environment in their extraction (take shale for example).

And as the banksters take down our economy, they are violating the laws of the U.S. in foreclosing in mass, and they are not the first corporations to do this… think AT&T and Verizon and Sprint and the illegal wiretapping.  This lawlessness is not only tolerated by our government, but encouraged.  A new bill forced on to Obama in the dead of night would have forgiven the banks for any lawbreaking they did in foreclosing in the past and in the future.  Obama vetoed it, but next time????  And just today I was reading an article that said that the banksters are now using proxy corporations to file liens on property that has fallen behind on their local taxes.  So if they can’t steal it by foreclosing, they’ll get it from failure to pay local taxes.  And once they buy the lien, they hire collectors to bully people to pay up or lose their property.  These collectors assign interest and expenses on top of the tax bill at 18% a year.  So the bill goes high very quickly.

I was a direct witness to this when Goodyear’s debt collector, Citigroup, over a six month period, jacked an $18 oil change to $180.  I had informed my Goodyear dealer that I had moved.  I had expected the bill to follow me to my new address (I used a Goodyear credit card to pay simply because they discounted the bill to do so).   Two months later, there was a phone call asking why I was late paying my bill.  I said I didn’t realize I had a bill.  They said I did, and asked me why I hadn’t paid it.  I found out from them that the bill had been sent to the old address.  I asked the debt collector to stay on the phone and I called the dealer.  He provided testimony that I had updated my address with him.  Unfortunately, the address at Goodyear corporate and their Citigroup enforcer had not been updated.  The debt collector refused to budge and told me that I would have to pay $40 to settle the debt.  Things escalated over a period of four months.  Eventually, Goodyear intervened and apologized saying that they’re systems did not talk to one another.  At the time, my bill had risen to $160, and most of that was interest and expenses (fines and what not).  I mean, it was outrageous.

So to see the banksters participating in fraud and then forcing people out of their homes through the back door of property taxes…. well can it get much worse in this country?  Yet you watch a baseball game and they have some Air Force sergeant singing “God Bless America.”  Or an NFL game and they have the cheerleaders decked out in sexy military uniforms (minskirts and midriff tops – I kid you not).  What kind of alienated absurd and insane world do we live in???

Check it out:


Oh well, enough ranting.  Back to serfdom,


Related to the “running out of resources”: China Halts Rare Earth Minerals To USA.  And so it begins…

If you’re bewildered by the collapsing “Empire”, look no further then the chrony capitalism and military domination that has plagued this country for over two hundred years.  During the era of abundance, we could get away with an awful lot, but not anymore.

There is no place on the planet to hide either from the over-arching arm of our dear Uncle, who is holding a club to the head of every citizen on the planet.  Or trying to.  Our credit card is maxed out now and contraction is sure to occur.

The interlocking vortexes of swirling mists that comprised our financial system, world domination and resource control are most definitely not engraved in stone.  Not anymore.

Back in the day, a real crisis was along the lines of Monicagate and what really happened to that cigar.  Today, we have real crisis after crisis that affect every American, and depending on the color of your skin or your religion, the rest of the entire planet.  All emanating from one source: The Untied States of America.

The citizens of other countries riot out of control when threatened, but not here.  We’re apparently too desensitized or too enamored with somebody’s boobs to get too angry.  Let it all happen elsewhere, not my problem. Those missing trillions and trillions of dollars somehow don’t really count.

Dare I ask?  Just how angry are you?

Apparently not enough, because I’m not seeing anything that indicates we’ve had enough.  Oh, forget about the next round of (s)elections, all you’re going to see is new faces with new name tags and new slogans and more broken promises as before.  You can’t fix what can’t be fixed.  Especially when you leave the real crooks in charge.

That’s not anger.  Anybody can change a lightbulb or a battery.  But if the light remains still broken, what exactly have you accomplished?

Anyway, I’m not planning on covering the (s)elections much, unless somebody does something really, really stupid and then I’ll poke fun at ’em just to fill some space.  The real crisis isn’t being addressed, stopped or even slowed down.  The circus distraction isn’t for me (or you), but you need to figure that out for yourself.

Since 9/11 (yeah, that day) the need to fill the growing vacuum of fear has been to instill even more fear in an nearly endless series of scare-mongering and crisis management “control” mechanisms.  Anybody still remember what it was like before 9/11?  When that bumbling jackass of a President would open his mouth and say something flat-out stupid?  Or the guy before him?  How much fear did you feel in the pit of your belly then?  Compared to now?

Since then, we’ve been bouncing around like a pinball in a overpowered arcade gallery on crack.  And I can’t be the only one who is absolutely sick to death of it all.

Way back, I wrote that our plantation owners would lose control, and by so doing we would find ourselves facing a totalitarian state of war, because they would lash out against the American people (and the rest of the world) in a desperate bid to retain their power.  I think that it is pretty clear now that this is exactly what is happening.  The “why” is also plainly evident — greed, pure unadulterated greed, corruption, and the lust that such men and women exhibit to control and manipulate the lives of others.

If you don’t know this already, this is a perfect recipe for war.

If you feel betrayed to your very core, you’d be right.

If you feel as if you have no control over anything anymore, you’d also be right.

If you’re thinking that somebody ought to do something about this, you’d be thinking like I am.

But don’t look too far or you’ll get eyestrain.  Our world is rapidly changing, but the evolution / revolution that is needed has yet to really appear in anyone’s life as far as I can tell (there is this however, perhaps a sign of things to come).  We’re desperately hanging on, hoping against hope for the insanity and stupidity and greed and corruption and downright evil machinations to just STOP.

Perhaps it will, maybe. One day. When enough of us finally say “ENOUGH”.

Until that time, enjoy the ride, it’s a hell of an arcade, and “TILT” doesn’t stop the machine like it once did.


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