A Message For MAGA and Every Other Domestic Terrorist In Support of Trump

As an American, there are several things that piss me off about what happened last week. The aftermath hasn’t yet been realized or even recognized. The Capitol coup attempt allegedly ‘surprised’ lots of people who didn’t think it could happen here. There is no excuse, really, for anyone to have been surprised. The signs were everywhere, and so were the warnings. But that’s not the only thing that pisses me off. Sure, they ignored the warnings, and now they “know” (ostentatiously). But does everyone remember what happened after the 9/11 attacks?

I certainly do. Every American was treated like a terrorist (some more then others). Every American was subjected to all kinds of surveillance. Every American had to comply with the new demands or else. Some Americans found themselves unable to travel. Others were stranded. More wound up being put on a No Fly list because they were simply reporters. They weren’t terrorists, but wound up being considered terrorists because of either something they said or wrote or had an affiliation with.

We’re still dealing with the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks to this day, and this is a reminder of what we’re going to be dealing with after Capitol attack.

The Capitol Coup was a pathetic domestic terrorist attack, truly inept. But it won’t be forgotten. Americans of all types, in all places will likely be subject to an “aftermath” of distrust now. We found out “it can happen here”. It did happen here, even if was a bumbling, incompetent and poorly executed plan.

After the Waco bombing, federal buildings were on lockdown. Metal detectors were installed, entrances were manned with armed guards and carry-in items were subjected to search. After 9/11, numerous federal laws were passed in the hopes that this would dissuade more terrorists, but who really wound up paying the price was every day average Americans. Our way of life changed, and not for the better. We lost some freedoms and the some of the liberty we had taken for granted.

And now this is going to happen again – because some idiots decided that they couldn’t stomach the results of an election and thought they’d violate the Constitution and engage in terrorism. Domestic terrorist. Right-wing terrorism. See, terrorism in the US has long been known to emanate from both the right-wing and from white supremacist. Go look it up – it’s true. Domestic right-wing terrorism is the primary threat domestically. And there is a reason for this, because too many of you think this is how you can force your way upon everyone else. You have forgotten what this country is all about.

So now these Capitol insurgents have just fucked over the entire Country yet again where we are all going to be eyed suspiciously and with distrust by our own government. Thanks a lot – you ignorant idiots. We didn’t need more of this kind of harassment and surveillance.

If you clowns had just used your heads instead of your itchy trigger-fingers, you’d have realized that the Great Orange One has been lying to you all along. You would have at least realized that they had no evidence of election fraud, since none was ever provided. And you’d have figured out that Trump’s slow-motion coup started months ago when he claimed in advance that he’d lose the election.

It never dawned on any of you that you were being setup. Not even when Trump had the Postal Service screwed up by design and they started removing mail-sorting machines prior to the election. And then Trump gave you ample warning of what he was up to when he told his fans to NOT vote by mail. That setup a false vote count in the early hours of election day – walk-in votes got counted first, which would be largely Republican votes, THEN the 100+ million mail-in votes got counted a bit later, which would be largely Democrat votes. It was and still is the Democrats who took the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, with most of them choosing to stay home and vote by mail. Trump had hoped that non-supporters would not vote in-person due to the pandemic. But he was wrong about that – many still did.

This was all part of the plan to claim the election was stolen. Trump saw a strategy and an opportunity. So he started claiming on election day that the election was being stolen, and that he had actually won. He did this LONG before all the votes were even counted! Then he tried to get the States to STOP counting the votes. He filed lawsuits and Tweeted non-stop.

Trump yelled and yelled non-stop about this, at every opportunity, knowing full well that he only had to yell long and loud, endlessly and you’d all fall for his lie. Which you did, by the millions.

He tried every trick in the book to screw up the Electoral College vote counts, challenging every state he claimed he’d “won”, but the reality was very different. He didn’t win any of those States.  But in every case, in every single case where he challenged, he lost his court challenges. He had prepared for this eventuality, either because of cunning or by sheer dumb luck. If he could not stop the Electoral College, he’d stop the States from certifying their votes. So he attempted to challenge the State electors themselves, and then he tried to challenge the States and how they conducted their elections. He claimed he had the right to do so – but he did not. States conduct their own elections according to their own rules.

At every opportunity, and in every conceivable way, Trump tried to steal the lawful election for himself. But he wasn’t done yet. His court cases (over 60) all failed. His constant complaining and whining didn’t change anything.  The election laws, process and Constitution took precedence over the whims of the current President. But Trump refused to accept this reality.

He went on to beg, threaten and extort the Vice President to not uphold the vote as required by the Constitution, demanding Pence to commit Constitutional violations. But finally, Pence refused. He’d already tried this in Georgia previously, with a recorded phone call that Brad Raffensperger “find the votes” that he needed to change the Georgia outcome.  Brad also refused to comply with the illegal demands of the President. Both men knew that the Constitution and the rule of law must be followed.

Failing all that, he then set you all up – he told you to go to the Washington on the day they were going to count the votes from the Electoral College, so you went. He told you to march on the Capitol where the votes were to be counted – and you did that too. He said he’d be right there with you – but then he disappeared like he always does when real leadership is required. He knew he couldn’t go or he’d be found instantly guilty of sedition, but he made the mistake of telling all of you to go. He wasn’t alone, he had help from his son and from his lawyer. This is why is why his second impeachment is being called for right now even though he will be shortly out of office.

Then right when the attack on the Capitol occurred, he started calling his Republican friends and tried to coerce them to stop the Senate vote count and refuse to certify the lawful winner, illegally attempting to subvert the Constitutional process and ultimately, the will of the people. He did all this while the Capitol was being attacked. He even called the insurgents “good people” and did nothing to stop it. Others inside the Capitol revealed key details and locations of officials while the Capitol was being attacked. Even some Capitol police appeared to support the coup attempt by opening doors and allowing people in. Some took selfies. Others stood by and didn’t protect the people inside.

Trump had this all set-up and you still don’t seem to realize that you’ve all been setup to take the fall. Trump knew that he could only succeed if he could get you to succeed – penetrate the Capitol, make “citizen arrests” or even kill some of the “traitors” that he told you were inside. If you’d succeeded, the Presidential line of succession would have left one defeated President standing – Donald J. Trump and he could have grabbed the reigns of power in an instant, declared martial law or worse. The Constitution for all effects and purposes, would have been null and void. The Republic would have been lost – with YOUR help.

Now do you understand? Why we do not trust you? You did not exercise any due diligence. You did not fact-check his dubious claims properly. You did not use any common sense. Trump is still at it – even after the Capitol attack, he’s still claiming without any evidence at all that the election was stolen from him. He’s still repeating the ridiculous lie that America is doomed without him. These claims are patently ridiculous.

These are the signs of a cult-leader, brainwashing his followers to abandon all common sense and reason. America will be just fine without Trump, even better. There’s much more, including other players playing bit parts – but I want all of you to take a few minutes and read this. You were setup.

If any of you follow through with the threats to attack America again, now or in the future, you will have thrown your lives away. America does not support an unlawful coup attempt. America does not support violence. America does not support a corrupt, manipulative President who would do anything to remain in power. Stop supporting this man and pull yourselves away from the precipice. What you think you will “unleash on America” isn’t at all what you have imagined it to be. It will be 9/11 all over again, only much, much worse. We will all suffer for your foolishness. We will lose even more freedoms then ever. And we won’t recover from this for decades, if at all.

You won’t win. You won’t overthrow the election. You won’t even gain any concessions. You do not have any standing or really, any reason to even complain about the election. The election was lawful, fair, just and properly conducted. So were all the re-counts, and the re-re-counts. Thousands of officials weighed in on the election results, NONE claim that there were any significant irregularities that would have changed the winner. This is important, because either you accept the bald-faced lie that thousands of people actually conducting the election are ALL somehow lying, or your President has lied to you. Which is more likely to be true?

We know Trump is a serial liar, pathologically so. He’s not well. He’s mentally unfit and unstable. There have been numerous stories reporting this fact. It’s all culminated down to this one deadly event where Trump attempted to foist a coup upon the leadership of the United States for his own personal gain and protection from pending prosecution.

The outcome of the election remains the same. Trump lost. He refused to concede and enacted his plan. He knew in advance, months ago that he would lose. He told everyone that he would lose repeatedly, before the election. Trump’s own internal polling showed he would lose and Trump hatched a diabolical plan, which included moving key personnel out of positions and installing his own loyalists that he would need. This will all come out. You have the opportunity to not follow him to the gallows.

America will recover from this – no matter what any of you do on January 20th, or the 16th or on any other day. You will not be allowed to destroy this country. Make no mistake, you are all under a microscope now. Every rock is going to be turned over. You’ve shown us all that you cannot be trusted. What happens next is all on you. You brought this down upon yourselves. And now, every American is going to have to pay for your callous, irresponsible, and utterly insane behavior. You’ve already done incalculable damage – don’t make it worse, much worse.

It’s time to grow up and stop acting like the children you’ve demonstrated yourselves to be. Man up and stop the calls for violence. You’ve made a terrible mistake, but you can still stop and save yourselves from making it far worse. You will save America from a violent, ill-begotten and totally unnecessary war being promoted by a psychopath. America does have problems, but none that justify bloodshed. We fix our problems by cooperation and consensus, not by violence. You’re on the wrong side of history and if you won’t wake up and realize this right now, you will be lost.

Take the time to watch this – it just might save your life:

Why Arrest Warrants Should Issue for Trump, Don Jr., Rudy & Others for the Jan. 6 US Capitol Riot

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  • January 11, 2021 at 8:27 pm

    Scoop: Trump falsely blames Antifa for Capitol insurrection

    He’s still at it. Doesn’t know when to shut up.

    Behind the scenes: In a tense, 30-minute-plus phone call this morning with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Trump trotted out the Antifa line.

    McCarthy would have none of it, telling the president: “It’s not Antifa, it’s MAGA. I know. I was there,” according to a White House official and another source familiar with the call.

    The White House official said the call was tense and aggressive at times, with Trump ranting about election fraud and an exasperated McCarthy cutting in to say, “Stop it. It’s over. The election is over.”

    McCarthy, who is facing major blowback for his role in encouraging dissent over the election outcome, went further:

    He told Trump he should call Joe Biden, meet with the president-elect and follow tradition and leave a welcome letter in the Resolute Desk for his successor.
    The president told him he hadn’t decided whether to do so for Biden.

    A White House spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Go deeper: McCarthy: “Undisputedly” no evidence Antifa participated in deadly Capitol siege

    [There can be no “unity and civility” without accountability (justice matters) – McCarthy’s error is to try to whitewash this and ignore what happened. “rightfully denounce” and “a resolution censure” are more ridiculous and misleading useless responses that will do absolutely nothing to hold those accountable. – Admin]

    Kevin McCarthy’s profile in cravenness

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