A Little Blue Planet

There was once a beautiful jewel of a little blue planet hanging in the tapestry of space. The Galaxy all around was devoid of any signs of life. Over the eons of Time, simple life forms developed on the little blue planet, eventually accumulating into a highly complex advance life forms. The planet began to brim with life.

More time passed, and an apex species stepped forth from the mists, conquering fire and foe and every obstacle that stood before it. In time, this species became even more adept, developing agriculture and vast civilizations.

All manner of endeavors and knowledge followed in their footsteps over the whole planet. Astrophysicist peered into the vast regions of space, biologist catalogued the billions of species found. Accountants and engineers got busy making money and everybody joined in to convert the planet’s vast resources into human objects. Science and medicine developed vast bodies of knowledge and insight, geologists and biochemistry, paleontology and every imaginable discipline sprang forth. Their domination and understanding was all but complete, or so they all thought.

In time, some of these disciplines detected disturbing anomalies. They brought these anomalies to the attention of their departments, who in turn shared the findings with a few others. More anomalies were found. Eventually, journalists learned of these anomalies and more investigations were undertaken. Heads of state were notified, and corporations took interest. More and more anomalies were still found and the entire process repeated itself, again and again. The conclusion was clear: planetary habitability would fast come to an end. It was undeniable.

So what did the scientist then do? They went back to their instruments and measurements, tweaked the data sets and checked their computer models. Once again, they reported what they found, and once again, journalists reported their concerns, heads of state were notified and corporations took interest. And then – nothing much happened. None of the institutions and policy makers offered any kind of meaningful response. Insignificant and tiny half-hearted offerings were put on paper and spread around the globe, but the entire civilization continued as before.

Once more, the scientists went back to their instruments and measurements, taking even more measurements. Yes, they were were quite certain now, there really was no room at all for any doubt or inaction – planetary habitability was soon to be severely imperiled for all life forms unless immediate actions were taken. They published their results, where possible, grumbling among themselves that the lack of concern and interest by everyone else was a truly difficult pill to swallow.

And then nothing happened. They all went back to their instruments and their measurements, continuing to record their results and building their models, biding their time until they too, went extinct along with everything else in a horrible upheaval of planetary death. The excuse was that they were only the scientists, they were not responsible to be or to do anything else despite knowing the most above all others what was going to happen. No global alarm was raised. No unified voices of adamant demands occurred. They all just went – extinct, along with everything else.

The little blue planet was now a dead planet, devoid of life.

Never in human history have we had so much knowledge and so much awareness and so little interest and so little responsibility to do the right thing when it matters the most.

Self-preservation, for whatever reason or justification, is meaningless in the face of extinction. It’s also immoral. Those that “know the most” are obligated to shout the loudest when the issue is extinction. There is no submission to “shut up and be quiet”. These men and woman are the “called upon generation” of heroes that need to step forward no matter what, breaking their bonds of silence and submission, shattering the barriers of “acceptable speech and methods” enforced upon them.

But as the story above shows, they’re intending to go extinct along with everyone else, refusing to save even their own selves by calling for a global emergency and the brightest minds to immediately put forth an effort to save humanity.

That’s why I’m angry with them. Those that can, to date – won’t. They’re not heroes. Their just like everyone else.


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    • January 20, 2017 at 11:42 pm

      What is the proper term for species-level mass suicide? Anybody know? I don’t. The issue is larger (ecocide) but that’s not a term humans will respond to either.

      • January 21, 2017 at 1:19 am


        all; of all things:
        “omniscient” · [more]

        in all ways or places:
        “omnicompetent” · [more]

        Omnicide is not a word commonly used yet but has been used by a few people for about a decade.

        Kill everything everywhere.

        In practice humans will probably not be ale to kill everything everywhere because there are life form that live on the sulphurous emission of volcanic vents in the deep oceans. And tardigrades are apparently extremely hard to kill.

        ‘Tardigrades are notable for being the most resilient animal: they can survive extreme conditions that would be rapidly fatal to nearly all other known life forms. They can withstand temperature ranges from 1 K (−458 °F; −272 °C) (close to absolute zero) to about 420 K (300 °F; 150 °C),[8] pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and the vacuum of outer space.[9] They can go without food or water for more than 30 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to rehydrate, forage, and reproduce.[3][10][11][12]/

        Let’s just say industrial humans are in the process of rendering the Earth uninhabitable for most vertebrate life forms and a large portion of flora species.

  • January 21, 2017 at 11:23 am

    I did a search of this blog to find references to “omnicide”. Turns out I’ve used it many times.

    This is what I thought omnicide first meant – from Newsletter 23:

    Do you really wish to continue devouring your children, consuming the next generations and ending the future?

    Is that a question that we can honestly answer? What I mean is, can we be honest with ourselves? I actually had to look up “omnicide”. I thought it might be a reference to human cannibalism, as we devour everything in sight, including each other (really). But this is apparently what it means:

    Omnicide is human extinction as a result of human action. Most commonly it refers to extinction through nuclear warfare,[3][4][5] but it can also apply to extinction through means such as global anthropogenic ecological catastrophe.[6]

    I wasn’t even close, unless our propensity to act in a business-as-usual manner is properly seen as an extinction exercise in the making.

    And from Newsletter 43:,

    “When we say omnicide, we mean to kill it all, microbes, bacteria, mold, slime, jellyfish, vertebrates, invertebrates, birds, fish, reptiles, human, fauna, even the very atmosphere we breathe and the soil beneath our feet.”

    I’d forgotten about the critters living on volcanic vents. I also now expect some microbes to live.

    There is a lot of useful information in the older blog posts. But I’ve had long-standing issues with the failures of communicating the message and the need to change. From Newsletter 46:

    I’ve been encouraged many times to restart the blog. One reason why I don’t is I’ve grown weary of publishing truth that is so widely ignored. We live in a world where disregarding truth is becoming exceedingly dangerous. Our complicity to evil and wrong-doing goes hand in hand with our disinterest. At our worst, we are the willing and even eager participants in ecocide, genocide and omnicide.

    I had hoped that the newsletter format would do what the blog didn’t, but have found that this is failing too (imo).

    I’ve even proposed a “Survival Acres Institute of Learning” concept that went totally ignored (everywhere as it turns out, nobody else succeeded either).

    Survival Acres Institute of Learning

    What is needed is an institute of sorts, where critical information from reputable sources can be pulled together and made available to the interested public. The goal here would be to help people stay informed, learn to be proactive and self-responsible, and unlock the pathways ahead leading to a better culture, a better ‘civilization’ as it were, and a future that humans can all embrace.

    I am aware that several such institutes already exist. There are also some very good website that synthesis much of this type of information. However, none of them appear (to me) to be very successful, and probably suffer from what all such efforts suffer from, such as a lack of participation, support, money, volunteers, commitment and time.

    Any institute worth its salt wouldn’t just be theoretical, but practical, having real, working examples of what they were trying to accomplish. I’d be the first to admit we do not need more words to follow after, but living examples of adaption and modification of how we can live today.

    But even these examples do exist today in case you didn’t know. They often unheard of and are being drowned out from the cacophony of our civilization, and they have had only minimal success in their impact and growth. As “change agents”, they’ve only been marginally successful. It is my personal opinion, and has been for a long time now, that they too will succumb and largely disappear.

    It’s painfully clear that there is no possibility (reasonable or otherwise) that online sharing of information is going to result in any effective actions. Those of us that have tried this, know this.

    From Newsletter 43

    Start Your Tribe

    The future requires humans to develop cooperative communities within their land base / resource area. This is the past repeating itself again, as long trial and error of human existence has shown that tribes are the only sustainable societal structures humans have ever developed.

    I hope to create a tribe here — once my neighbors get a clue, hopefully before collapse in their life sweeps them away. Deek recently wrote to me about a global proposal for ‘landocracy’ and the right to return to living on the local land base without all of the damaging restrictions being demanded of us now.

    I think this is a great idea, one which I would fully support. I will in fact support almost anything that will destroy the world powers that be and reduce them to rubble and ashes, because these agencies and institutions and vested interests are not even remotely helping me and mine or any of you, but they are definitely behind our common destruction.

    Nothing came of this (anywhere, that I know of).

    So here is the point to these dated posts (6 and 7 years ago). We have to be mighty stupid to believe for a moment that cooperation towards non-omnicide will occur. It’s even worse then this, we cannot even agree to educate ourselves, let alone act against this.

    I have my own ‘saying’ that goes like this – if you do what you’ve always done, you’re going to get what you’ve always gotten. Lame, I know, but true. Blogging and online sharing of information in this manner is a total failure. It does not address the fundamentals of how we are required to live (participate in this omnicidal civilization). It only fills our heads with notions and ideas, and only in those that will read and bother themselves to absorb the information shared. It does not translate into a changed life to any real degree – it cannot because it fails to resolve any of the fundamentals of living.

    This is why BAU continues even within our own lives, and in the larger world outside of these blogs too. Almost nothing is being done to make fundamental changes, and now we’re all facing a terrifying reality: the collapse of the biosphere which will certainly destroy our ability to survive on this planet. It’s now too late to believe that fundamental changes will resolve much of anything, so instead, I believe (and have for a long, long time), that it would be better to find a path through collapse, if at all possible. But I still know that even then, during and probably after (should any survive), that we still want what we’ve always wanted and demanded – which is to say “everything” that the Earth can possibly offer.

    So I see something truly horrible about our Western culture. It will never stop. But I’ve little experience with other cultures, I only know what I’ve read about indigenous cultures, some of their history and way of life. A environmentally conscious respect for existence and all living things may be impossible for the human race. It certainly is within this culture. But the outcome we’ve created and nurtured now is possibly the outcome that will always occur, eventually, given opportunity for mankind to “try this all over again” should any survive this unfolding collapse of the biosphere. But this isn’t completely known – there are no guarantees about any of this.

    Humans can only truly concern themselves with the present. Even the past is not a pressing concern. We also love to project our ambitions upon the future we seek to create, but in reality, it is the present that offers us the most, it is where the rubber meets the road and traction in life occurs. So this is where the vast majority will pay attention to and ignore or pass off everything else, past and future. My confession: I’m not like that and have long hoped to cultivate others who were not like that too. I have failed to do so. I’ve also failed to offer anyone anything that would meet their fundamental needs, I cannot now even meet my own.

    I need to back away from this. I have much to think about and still more to do.

  • January 21, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    ‘I have a great interest in the future, since that is where I will spend the rest of my life. More importantly, it is where my grandchildren will spend theirs.’ Page 4 of ‘The Easy Way’, 2011.

    Superficially it appears that the vast majority of people in industrial societies have no interest in their own futures or the futures of their progeny. However, there is more to it than that.

    1. Most people living in western societies are scientifically illiterate and financially illiterate: they have been trained to look to others -particularly government and ‘experts’- to deal with all matters beyond acquiring a mate and acquiring money via work. Since the vast majority of politicians, bureaucrats and ‘experts’ are also scientifically illiterate and financially illiterate (or self-serving liars) they promote policies which are both destructive and counterproductive.

    2. Governments act as agents of banks, corporations and opportunists, and continuously churn out phony narratives about the ‘need’ for economic growth -as required by banks to keep their Ponzi system going and by corporations to maintain short-term business models and profits, and by opportunists to provide opportunities for business.

    3. Most people living in industrial nations have little or no experience of life other than in ‘the cage’, at ‘the teat’ of fossil fuels. For them, it is perfectly normal to use fiat currencies to purchase ‘liquid energy’ to move from one place to another and to acquire food etc. The idea that fossil fuels are finite and will become less available in the near future, or that fossil fuels cause major damage the global environment is unthinkable and is never thought. Their expectation is that present economic-social arrangements will go on forever; that absurd notion is reinforced every day by politicians and the corporate media and is written into the so-called plans of district and regional councils.

    4. The CIA coined the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to discredit and maginalise anyone who questioned status quo political-economic arrangements. And the masses have been carefully trained over many decades to reject anything other than business-as-usual.

    5. Humans are naturally lazy; in the past expending energy unnecessarily could lead to death by starvation. Thinking for long periods of time consumes a lot of energy.

    6. Humans are social animals and learn to gain social acceptance by conforming to the behavior and cultural norms.

    7. Political strategists and corporate strategists experimented with psychological means to manipulate the general populace in the early 1900s, and perfected mechanisms of social control via psychology by the end of the 20th century. Those mechanisms work on the bulk of the populace of most industrial nations, and appear to be most developed in America.

    8. Whereas many nations have undergone periods under socialist or communist governments, America has never had a socialist or communist government. From what I have seen, it is only the remnants tribal communities, Amish and similar communities, and organisations in urban ghettoes that have any semblance of socialism or communism. The dominant American model is one of rapacious consumption and transfer of wealth upwards. That model has been exported to many other regions of the world.

    I see the Trump era has started with a bang:

    ‘… the new president also signed into law a new national day of patriotism and signalled plans to build a new missile defence system to protect against perceived threats from Iran and North Korea.

    The Trump White House stripped the official website of all mention of Obama’s key policy agendas, including climate change and LGBT rights along with the civil rights history section.

    The various subsections of the White House website were replaced with just six; energy, foreign policy, jobs and growth, military, law enforcement and trade deals.’

    Climate chaos continues in this part of the world, with another fierce storm hitting yesterday. Cool, wet and windy.

    • January 21, 2017 at 3:15 pm

      Excellent points.

      I think there is going to be need of a ‘safe and happy place’ to find refuge within before we all go absolutely insane. Some are going to turn to drugs and alcohol, I’d rather find an actual, living, healthy place.


      • January 21, 2017 at 7:33 pm

        Identify what in your life most closely constitutes a favorite “hobby” and then set aside time every day to let it absorb and consume your total interest and concentration, to the exclusion of all else.

        It’s like recharging your batteries for when you have to deal with all the shit again because you can keep your focus on your next “sanity session.”

        Mine is crochet and has been for decades. A ball of yarn, a crochet hook, and a pattern to follow is all I need to shut out the world. And I end up with something useful and nice to keep or donate.

        • January 21, 2017 at 7:54 pm

          I took up reloading. It’s a very methodical, exacting process. There’s just something about cranking out tens of thousands of shells from empty cases into destructive projectiles of deadly precision that soothes the mind into a peaceful state of absolute tranquility and bliss.

          I’m running out of space. But there’s no end to the ‘target-rich’ environment unfolding.

  • January 21, 2017 at 4:05 pm

    Some monkey’s concepts of a ‘safe and happy place’ ?

    GeeZuz !
    Orange Hilter – aka Weapons-grade Moron
    Fake Silicon Titties
    Kim Kardassian’s (sp?) butt crack
    the glow of a burning cross
    mass graves being filled by bulldozers
    Arab weddings vaporized by remote control
    starving brown babies too weak to cry
    the ‘right’ to hate those who do not
    peeing in a bathroom where you can see everyone else’s dick
    clubbing baby seals
    torture as sport
    those who feel they can never be happy until everyone else is not.

    … i could continue for a month or more and never identify half of the misery monkey monster mayhem

    What we ‘need’ is to remove them for the gene pool and put them of the menu

    • January 21, 2017 at 4:09 pm

      I went for a (short) walk in the snow instead, loaded up my firebox, played with the cat, took a look to see if the deer ate all the alfalfa yet, checked out my cistern, etc.

      Definitely much better then fantasy escapism posing as ‘reality’.

      • January 21, 2017 at 5:40 pm

        good on you. btw, as I’m sure you’ll be very familiar with, when you live 24/7 with a hernia (or another source of pain) maintaining contact with reality is not a challenge and literally never out of reach.

  • January 21, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    I live in a very depopulated rural area. Neighbors and communities replaced by 10000 acre farms with massive tractors and sprayers applying poisons day and night all summer long. Thank God or whoever it’s winter.

    Very little opportunity for social contact without driving somewhere which I don’t. I try to bring up issues with locals such as the poopshow heading our way but nobody wants to hear. Generally I’m treated like an idiot.

    I guess the smart people are not the PhD’s who have spent decades studying the energy and climate systems of our world with the most powerful computers and intricate data collection networks taking billions of measurements to show us what we are doing to ourselves. The real geniuses never set foot in a university and would have trouble with a Grade 6 science class. However, somehow they were blessed with the insight, likely obtained while baking brownies or watching a local hockey game, that because there is still ice, climate change must be a hoax.

    It is really hard to be even the slightest bit hopeful. Escapes are few and far between as it is almost impossible to spent more than a few minutes without hearing or seeing some truck, plane, tractor, lawnmower or whatever roar by.

    But I have kids so come spring I will be planting trees and building fences.

    • January 22, 2017 at 7:34 pm

      I’ve always found activity to be a good solution towards despair.

      Sometimes, you just need a change of perspective, or a change of pace, or a change of place. But it all requires a bit of effort on your part.

  • January 22, 2017 at 4:13 pm

    This is a perfect example of what I pointed out about how we’re still being let down by scientists, policy makers, world governments and so forth:

    Sea Level Rise Study: Climate Scientist Warn Significant Increases of Ocean Levels Possible In Near Future

    Sea levels could rise by six to nine metres over time, new study warns

    So they’re making more measurements, which is fine, great, necessary – and still, nobody is going to listen.

    I read examples like this everyday, roughly 30 – 50 different articles daily, all depicting the same thing: It’s getting worse and worse, happening now, please listen, time to act, yada, yada, yada. “Oh, you don’t want to listen? Ok then, we’ll go back and make some more measurements”.

    Listen folks – I’m moving on from this total failure. I’m not going to even bother posting these links anymore or addressing this issue. It is clear that science isn’t motivated to do more then this, politicians will continue to turn a deaf ear and the public is too fucking stupid to even care.

    Either contribute now to how we might try to survive or leave. There are plenty of other places to munch on doom or engage in defeatism.

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