A Lifetime Lesson (and Obsession)

Sometimes, I want to post stuff here so that it does not get swept under the rug. Many, many sites delete negative articles, and the Google search engine is legendary about removing links to important materials that they do not want the public to see. What Americans are allowed to “know” is being more and more restricted all of the time.

Whoa!! Update: I just found this on GRTV, talk about great minds thinking alike:

Perfect Storm Of Internet Censorship

I’ve also commented several times in the past about site censorship that is now so prevalent. Many, many website (the majority I would say) ensure that there readers “appear” to agree with them with the posting that they allow. First, you must register. Second, your post must agree with the basic premise of the article.

There is also the “dogpile” that takes place to any contrary views that do allow to be posted. Some sites allow this — but there the dogpile begins as the “faithful readership” piles one on top of the other with attacks, ad hominem’s and straw arguments. The idea is to drown out the contrary viewpoint, usually by shouting.

Many online readers are simply too stupid to even realize that they’ve been denied meaningful information when any of this happens. Like sheep being led to slaughter, they bleat their way towards oblivion, ignorant and even uncaring that they are being highly manipulated by the media and the people behind it all — including bloggers and independent websites.

I’ve seen this everywhere and if you are paying attention, you have too. The cumulative effects of this are quite serious in the end, because all this censorship and attacks leads people to believe that there is a “consensus” of opinions, which is not the case at all. This actually reveals just the opposite — controlled media and the appearance of “agreement”.

The very fact that this activity is now so prevalent in our various forms of media (not just the Internet, but television, radio broadcasting, magazines, newspapers, etc.) also reveals that there actually is no agreement. Choosing to control public opinion means you are already shown as being a liar. You have resorted to controlling published opinions — which is basically a “last ditch” effort to maintain support. It works very well and can last years and years.  Even centuries.

We have seen this with Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh and many, many others for example, that simply attack their callers. There are absolutely thousands and thousands if not millions and millions of real examples where dissent of any kind, including contrary opinions, evidence or alleged facts are being suppressed.

This is also extremely evident on the Web. Blogs and journals, forums and news sources are some of the worst. Additionally, they all have their unwashed fan base that will vehemently play the dogpile game on any of the dissent that does manage to get published.

But this is all a dangerous trend. It is creating a false sense of “unity” on important topics; it downgrades the intelligence of any discussion (in most cases); it suppresses what can oftentimes be important anecdotal information; it winds up discouraging public contribution; and it can often lead to inaction; it can also lead to “wrongful action”; and it definitely leads to ill-informed opinions and viewpoints; and finally, it can lead to public “demands” through protests and campaigns that are based upon a false reality.

Of course, this also means free speech is also under attack. That is a given. But it also means that the level of public intelligence, and public awareness, and public information is precipitously in decline.  And many, many people are doing this deliberately to themselves.  They have resorted to a “defensive position”, which is a rather weak position to take in reality, because it suppresses any intelligent discussion or opportunity to learn.

The rules of debate are ignored. Dissenting opinions, rather then being heard are simply shouted down. Decorum and decency are dead. The main stream media has now done a fine job of practicing this type of behavior (to wit the names mentioned above).

It is all leading to a decline in human interaction and intelligence. This is of course, only part of our social decline, but an important one, especially in the modern and “connected” (electronic) world.

Please notice I’ve not yet mentioned government activity, which is even more guilty of this then we ourselves are. The secrecy and deception by which government operates, the agencies and hundreds of thousands of personnel actively engaged in hiding information and deliberately deceiving the public is well known. Coverups, fabrication, “lost files”, even assassinations and the “sudden death” murders of whistleblowers (video, please watch as it shows just how contrived things really are now), insiders and participants are all part of this.  So far, I don’t know of any websites or bloggers that have gone out and killed somebody to suppress dissent or information, but that day too will probably come (if it hasn’t already).

I do know that many journalists and insiders have been silenced, along with much of the public dissent, but I don’t want to digress too far from my point. My point is it is very important to realize that you are only being allowed in many instances (but not all) to see what “they” want you to see. They being the media (journalists, editors, broadcasters, talk show hosts, magazines, bloggers, the whole range of “publishers”).

This means you have to make a decided effort to find media sources that do not do this, or at least allow the “other information” including dissenting opinions, evidence, science or whatever, to be published.  Failure to do this will lead you to embrace a whole sequence, even an entire lifetime, of partial information (call them lies / deceptions if that helps).

Again, there are absolutely countless examples of this latter point. People “believing” in many things that are provably false, provably fabricated or just plain dead-wrong. But it becomes very difficult to try and persuade these people to learn something else if they are suppressing your efforts to do so — by removing your comments, posts, articles, search engine listings, refusal to publish in newspapers and so forth.  It is also extremely difficult to try and share your information or education or evidence if the people themselves simply won’t bother to read it.

The latter is very, very prevalent now. Millions of Americans willfully choose to be quite stupid. I am quite serious about this. They have demonstrated a willingness to embrace partial-truths, great deceptions and even outright lies. They even brag about this as somehow “proof” to bolster their arguments. I have exhausted myself online and offline (in real life) pointing out the fallacies and misconceptions in people arguments (such as the so-called “terrorist threat”) and many other important topics that are affecting our daily lives, but the sum total end result with many of these people is they refuse to let go of their cherished belief. Of course cognitive dissonance is a part of it. We’re threatened by things that challenge our belief systems. But there is another side to this too.

Many deny self-education as being an essential tools in one’s repertoire of intelligence and fact gathering.  They would very much rather to just be told what to think.  This serves very well to our corporate controlled society, as millions of dumbed-down and willing slaves simply think and do and believe what they are told.

Why do they do this? Because it is far easier.  I can think of no other underlying root reason then this. It is simply far easier to follow then to think.  Or lead. Or — make any real effort at all.

Many also do not know better, but alas, this fails to identify that we are all born with basic intelligence. Even if you have a low-IQ, you are not actually “stupid” about the ways of men or how our society operates. You are aware of manipulation and lies, since we all knowingly experience this every day. Your daily life experience reveals this. Advertisers lie to you, friends lie to you, even your spouse or children lie to you. Television lies to you (about everything). You know this. You can’t take advantage of a “dummy status” endlessly, they do “wise up” in time to the lies they’ve been given.

So why haven’t Americans “wised up”?  Some have, even a few million now, but it has been painfully slow and quite excruciating for some, with hundreds of millions still groveling in their chosen ignorance. They’re lazy.  Or maybe their inbred, but I still think that we all have enough basic intelligence to understand what is going on — and then choose to do something about it.

Your going to have to make an effort. Self-education is critical here, because you are NOT going to find this “taught” in our schools of so-called “learning”. They are not going to teach you that the media is now totally controlled and the vast majority of the public (your so-called “peers”) are just going to go along with it and go on supporting it. Institutions have vested interest in maintaining the status-quo, including the illusions that you are getting all the information you need in life. This is most definitely NOT TRUE. You must self-educate and root out the information you need in order to form your own life’s philosophy, beliefs, and actions that follow this.

If you do not do this — if you do not realize what is going on — if you do not self-educate, then you are simply a slave in the system, a minor cog in the wheel of “life” that has been designed from birth through death to program you to perceive only what society is allowing you to perceive. This is in point of fact a false reality that can have some very dangerous consequences (such as support for all kinds of human suffering, including your own).

What they have done, what they have taught you, educated you, “informed” you, is not all of reality — but only a shadow of reality, a very important understand that you must come to accept if you are going to grow and learn anything. If you cannot, then you are simply the by-product of the system.  Please stop reading now, delete this blog link forever and go back to your life and forget anything I’ve ever tried to share with you here. Nobody can help you. Your life will be incomplete, but (possibly) satisfying.

The advent of the Internet made it possible for almost any one of us to self-educate. But so did public libraries, newsletters and other alternative information sources. Nowadays, nobody really has an excuse, including “not enough time”. Your intelligence and awareness are one of the primary reasons why you are even alive. It definitely behooves you to use it.

Once you truly understand what is going on — censorship, withholding information, erroneous “facts” being published as truth, deceptions, outright fabrications, and mass social programming (brainwashing) — you begin to wake up to alternate realities. It is up to you then to make the effort to root out other or deeper truth, and only then does your world start to take a different shape (and make a lot more sense).  You can now actually be “informed” instead of programmed.

But you still have to do it. Nobody can do this for you (and many of us are not being allowed). But — an important but — YOU can do it.  You are still allowed.  And it is critical that you do so.

Why? Because of this: If we allow the level of human intelligence and awareness to decline, we subject ourselves (all of us, not just you, but every single human on earth and even those to come) to “slavery”. By that I mean manipulation. Ownership. Deception. Control. A life existence that is what they define it as. Your notions of truth, freedom, liberty, justice, equality, patriotism, religion, and very important topics such as medicine, health, dependency, responsibility, sovereignty, even your very “reason” for existing in life on this planet, becomes only what you have been programmed to believe.  That is exactly how serious this is.

This is exactly what is now happening with America. Public awareness and intelligence (the “dumbing down of society”) is at an all-time low, but no accident. Even within the current “dissent” movement (Occupy Wall Street, or OWS) the actual level of awareness and intelligence, versus demands for more free life support, is appalling. I’ve read through a few of their “official” statements recently, and many of them are unsettling. They’ve apparently failed to make the connection between what they are demanding and what this actually means to society (and what they need to do to help themselves).

But I still support the dissent. But perhaps not some of their alleged objectives. Dissent is crucial to a healthy society. And as pointed out above, it’s being silenced even by the people who oftentimes simply prefer to never rock the boat.

Your best weapon will be to choose to be “intelligent”. Self-educate, read, absorb, listen and ponder.  Learn how to think. Life isn’t what the media is telling us it is, not even close. Reality is very, very different then that. Most of what is being spewed forth by the media is simply carefully crafted lies and deceptions, illusions about life, living, events, even history. Hollywood is a great example of “embellishing the truth” of what happened in history and what Hollywood chooses to portray (or fabricate). Hollywood is a very poor place to receive your education, but unfortunately, this is all many today “know”. They call it programming for a reason.

Government is even worse, because they are supposed to be working for us but obviously aren’t. They’d rather go on promoting the lies and deceptions about what they are doing, where this is leading the world and who’s responsible. You should know this by now, but it is surprising how many still don’t. Government ALL runs by illusion. Even the insiders all know this by the way, as some very famous quotations from politicians have shown. This claim is not “too broad of a brush” at all, but probably too shallow. We would be in full-blown revolution if we actually and fully understood what they have been up to. Examples 1 (also watch the videos), 2, 3, there are actually millions more (no exaggeration) encompassing our 200+ year history.

How do you think the Federal Reserve Act got passed? Or taxation? Or the Vietnam War? Or the Kennedy Assassination coverup? Or any number of countless examples right up until today? The World Trade Center Attack(s)? There were two attacks you know, including the one where they gave live explosives to terrorists in the early 90’s (1993).

In the middle was the bombmaker, a former Egyptian officer. He had pulled together some Muslims for the attack. They were snuck into the country by the CIA, despite a State Department ban on their entry. At the same time, the leader of the band was an FBI informant. And he made a deal with the authorities: At the last minute, the dangerous explosive material would be replaced by a harmless powder. The FBI did not stick to the deal. The bomb exploded, so to speak, with the knowledge of the FBI. The Official story of the crime was quickly found: The criminals were evil Muslims.

There is much, much more surrounding government complicity (and planning) of the attacks in 1993 (example). I have deliberately posted source examples that will challenge your assumptions and beliefs because that is the entire point to this blog entry. There are thousands more available.

Also true is our government involvement on the World Trade center attacks in 2001.  I cannot even try to post a representation of them all here, there are hundreds of thousands now from around the world. You can find out this information by simply looking and reading yourself (if you really want to know). It behooves you to find out, to break the illusions and programming that governs our very lives.

Please THINK! Don’t do this for me or anyone else, do it for yourself. The future world we will all inhabit depends on this, 100%!!

The reality is they are getting away with all of these horrifying crimes because we have allowed ourselves to accept our programming — the dumbing down of Americans that is now so all-pervasive, so complete, so incredibly entrenched that we have become a nation of worker-slaves who are willingly support our enslavement — even our own destruction.


But it is, because we have allowed it, having simply given up (become lazy).

You have the tools, resources and materials already available to you to do something about. If you have been able to read this blog entry, you’re already sitting on a vast treasure-trove of available information to break free from your programming. Use the Internet to its advantage while you still can, they are swiftly making sure that information and dissent here is removed (or punished). We may all look back sooner then we think to the days when we could simply look something up in an instant with longing.

If that happens, then what will you do? The “door” will be shut, probably forever, and our days of being able to discuss issues, topics and obtain important information will be totally controlled.  It’s bad now (very bad imo), but it will be even worse then. And frankly, it could very well happen, there are many efforts taking place right now to see that it does.

So take this opportunity and use the tools you have, whatever they are. I have an entire library now (in print form) of important information that brought me to the understanding of where I have today. And thousands of bookmarks of websites, blogs, articles, videos and research that I have read. Yes, this all took a lot of time, but that’s just part of it.  You HAVE to make an investment in yourself (intelligence and awareness), otherwise you’re just a sheep.  If you don’t bother, then why read as far as this anyway?  You’re part of the problem with this country and you will never be part of any solution to come.

Make the investment, in yourself. Self-education and information gathering are like hand-tools for life. You can fix misconceptions within your own self and sometimes, if you’re allowed, within others. And that will go a long ways towards making the world a better place and eradicating the staggering levels of ignorance we are so steeped in.

Update: Found this, nice follow up piece by Steve Lendeman that fits in nicely with this blog entry: Big Lies Launch Wars


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