A Heartfelt Thank You!

Thank you to all of you who have donated for the Mayo Clinic fund!

James, Matthew, Alexandre, Gail, Anne, Kathryn, Ryan, Andrzej,  and all all five Anonymous people! This amounts to $741, plus $359.55 from Food Assets!

For some reason, food sales remain incredibly slow for the past several months so I don’t think this is going to help much towards my fund raising goals.

I’ve made all kinds of lifestyle changes here to ‘help’ as much as I can. Various detoxing supplements, antioxidants, raise alkalinity, diet changes, juicing, and tons of exercise. It’s painful as shit to move this much, but I’m doing it. The spinal stenosis is the problem with movement. But it’s all helping; I have more flexibility, lost weight, and have increasing endurance.

I want to be in as good as shape as I can be when I get there, it’s certain to help. This saved my life once before – when I first got injured, I was in top shape back then and it made a huge difference for the recovery process. I’m satisfied with my efforts so far and will keep at it.


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