A Century of War

Brought to the world by the United States, more then a century of war, bloodshed, death and destruction. Fisk has a lot to say about it.

What Americans don’t realize is what it “costs” to be American. Along with the ecological “privilege” America demands to rape the planet, America also demands global rule, at any price.

Just how long this excess will be permitted is anyone’s guess. Personally, I have no idea how much longer it will last. Certainly not forever. We’ll undoubtedly do ourselves in before that happens through the process of self-elimination of environmental destruction.

But what Americans do not yet believe, is that these “fronts” that we fight around the world are increasingly being found closer and closer to home. 9/11 turned America into a police state and the Congress has now authorized it’s first dictator. The significance of this is as yet poorly understood, but a century of war brought about by America will soon be realized here – in America.It can be no other way. Either from without or from within, America will endure massive bloodshed just like what America has done around the world to other nations. China would be a good candidate.

I find it interesting that so many Americans, including myself, have such a keen interest in world affairs. Why is that? I have no delusions that I can actually change anything, but what of the US government? What of Americans in general?

What of this propensity to “govern the world”, making it over into our image? I don’t seen Finland trying to do this. Or Brazil. Or any other country in fact. Yet “Empire” isn’t thought of as anything but American. Do Americans really and truly want Empire?

I don’t think so. A few do, certainly, the few we’ve permitted to rise into positions of power and office. But most of us, no. Most of us still believe in living our own lives and peace and allowing that very same to others. But our country has been hijacked by fools who are bringing about a world of death and destruction, and it has been going on for a very long time.

November won’t change anything. This isn’t the kind of empowerment Americans (decent Americans) need.  Americans face a difficult choice. Either we continue to permit these excesses and abuses to continue – or we put a stop to it.  So far, it’s exceedingly clear what our choice has been.  Therefore, we can only expect more of the same and we’ve none other to blame then ourselves.


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3 thoughts on “A Century of War

  • October 11, 2006 at 2:42 pm

    What’s in a name? Naming of a war? Plenty IMO

    Apocalpse Now (over and over and over)
    Armageddon (for the ‘Rapture’-ready)
    The Long War (of infinite profitability)
    GWOT (Global War on Truth, Global War of Tyranny)
    The War for the Triumph of Evil

    aka WWIII -to Newt Gingrich and sycophants

    The Clash of Civilizations is also the slow motion Crash of Civilization – crashing into physical reality
    Exponential growth in ANY finite environment comes to a singular, shattering conclusion – mass death, aka cataclysm
    War or NON-unintended consequences – where the ‘rich’ get far richer while the ‘poor’ masses get gone.

    ahhhh! but NOT WWIII (which IMO was the “Cold War”)

    But WWW instead – aka “World War W”

    World War W” is, IMO, the ‘best’ (most apt) descriptor … let me count the ways … and the days …
    The opening (observable) ‘battle’ of which began Nov. 7 and concluded’ Dec 12, 2000 in a coup d’état
    (and the sheepeople still think that (and/or 2004) was an “election” – ha ha ha ha ha ha …)

    The US ‘Front’ was lost (surrendered) on Sept 28, 2006 (casualties, on ‘our’ side, estimated at around 300 million)

    Sieg Heil, Fuhrer Bush

    PS, just curious, why do you persist in attempting to wake the bushing morons up? Don’t you know yet that not only do they not want to open their eyes, but even when/if they did, they are willfully blind.

  • October 11, 2006 at 5:24 pm

    Forward momentum I guess. Inertia. I can still barely believe the near-total lack of response to the destruction of the Constitution. Living in the Land of No-Rights Now and Nobody Notices. Unbelievable.

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