If this isn’t the most disgusting thing I’ve read (on Monday morning):

Pudding Media, a start-up based in San Jose, Calif., is introducing an Internet phone service today that will be supported by advertising related to what people are talking about in their calls. The Web-based phone service is similar to Skype’s online service “” consumers plug a headset and a microphone into their computers, dial any phone number and chat away. But unlike Internet phone services that charge by the length of the calls, Pudding Media offers calling without any toll charges.

The trade-off is that Pudding Media is eavesdropping on phone calls in order to display ads on the screen that are related to the conversation. Voice recognition software monitors the calls, selects ads based on what it hears and pushes the ads to the subscriber’s computer screen while he or she is still talking.  Company Will Monitor Phone Calls

Good grief, why do we have to make a market out of EVERYTHING?  Don’t we have enough useless shit to drown the entire human race?  Aren’t we even entitled to a little bit of privacy?

I’d like to see somebody make jello out of Pudding. Free phone “service” only has meaning when it’s truly free. Being bombarded with ads while your private conversations are being recorded will set a dangerous precedent.


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  • September 24, 2007 at 1:36 pm
    Just like Pop-Up ads on web sites…this will start somebody to come up with a way to stop the ads from appearing on screen for only the low,low price of $39.95

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