Newz Watch

I rather dislike “Christmas” (national connedsumer day imo), but leaving my objections aside and why Christmas is such a joke these daze, watch this short clip.

Proof positive that the ‘actors’ that portray the national newz are simply talking heads. They say what they are told to say, verbatim. This is why you cannot rely upon television anymore – it’s extremely scripted right down to the very words being used to continue the next brain-washed ‘segment’ of connedsumer ‘reality’.

I sometimes feel as if I’m among very, very few people who even realize what is going on with our media. This clip is hilarious, but it exemplifies the problem we now have with the media and the major news outlets. They are quite literally ‘programming’ people on what to say, think, do and believe. And millions of people are totally unaware of this.


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