9/11 Insider Blows the Whistle On WTC Attacks

Sent in by Log, this is a recent YouTube video on the World Trade Center attacks. The information seems quite credible once you watch through the entire thing (recommended), and fits in well with known information about the gigantic coverup that has been well documented.


I took the time to watch it all. What is clear is that the CIA and FBI were fully informed beforehand (months), but nothing was done to prevent the attack. Even worse however is the explosive demolition that was conducted to ensure that the buildings would all fall down.

If that did not happen, there would have been a significant reduction in the loss of American lives. And quite probably, no Iraq / Afghanistan wars. But this didn’t play into the plans of the people behind this, who are clearly named (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld).

Iraq had already fully disarmed and was cooperating completely, earnestly trying to prevent what happened (war). But the Bush junta wanted war at any cost and made SURE that it happened, including sacrificing thousands of Americans.  Already 1 million children had died because of sanctions since Gulf War 1, a few thousand more Americans was “acceptable” to these bastards.

The ongoing coverup, silencing of witnesses and participants continues to this day.

It’s pretty clear who the real terrorists in America are, but I’ve personally had very little doubts about that for years. If you want to know what evils they are actually capable of, do that “self-educate” thing I’ve been harping on, it will blow your mind.


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