9/11, Peak Oil & the Patriot Act

I have never before written on 9/11 and the events, “investigation” and circumstances surrounding this horrible tragedy. I have read hundreds of reports, articles and investigations regarding the evidence on 9/11 and the resulting coverup. That there was a coverup is without any question. That there is a tremendous number of coincidences beyond statistical improbability, planted and faked evidence, outright lies and fabrications is also without question.

But does this add up to a proof of guilt and complicity by the current Administration? Absolutely.

In any crime, there are at least three things to look for – motive, opportunity, intent. There is also preparation, planning, knowledge, identity or absence of mistake or accident. Clearly the 9/11 events required all of the above and buckets of money.

Doctored videos and fabricated footage by the alleged but uncaught perpetrator are not an admission of guilt. You’re supposed to believe that, but I don’t. There are far, far too many other unresolved and serious questions. An active pattern of coverup, lying and obsfucation by the entire Bush Administration doesn’t help the credibility of the official story either.

The world is expected to believe that a cave dwelling gun toting camel jockey with bad kidneys could have orchestrated these precision attacks from half way around the world, who has somehow, after years of effort and billions of dollars spent, managed to avoid capture. Is this even possible without American complicity? I find this extremely doubtful. In fact, American involvement is not only likely, but necessary for these attacks to have succeeded, including the ensuing destruction of the World Trade Center by towers full of explosives, and the ongoing coverup regarding what really did happen.

It is not my intent to chronicle the thousands of pieces of evidence regarding their proof of complicity and direct involvement, there are now hundreds of well researched websites readily available online for anyone seriously interested in investigating the circumstances of 9/11.

My intent is to answer one key questions, “Why”? Why would any group of Americans (or other foreign power) be involved in the direct killing of other Americans in such a public and horrific display? How could they possibly benefit? To answer that question, the “preparation, planning, knowledge, identity or absence of mistake or accident” criteria must be fully met. The official version of events utterly fails to meet these criteria.

Various motives and reasons have been offered, some which strike very close to the truth. I think we can surmise with a high degree of probable accuracy what the truth probably is, but you must be pretty well versed in the present complicity and machinations of the Bush Administration to believe it, and know a thing or two about the current energy crisis.

In a recent online conversation I was having, a contact sent me this:

Sorry also that I remain unconvinced by that Bush/Cheney or any other Capitalist Conspiracy planned 9/11 (short answer–they aren’t that smart), and I am also sorry to inform you that I am unlikely to ever do the required amount of research that would be needed to convince myself of this. It’s begging the question for me, and besides, it wouldn’t let me or my species off the hook, as it were. All it would do is to make me Yet Another Angry White Male, something that nauseates me–why would I want more nausea in my life? My only slightly less dismissive “answer” to why this whole conspiracy thing is not worth my time is the certain knowledge that even the stupidest of the hyper-rich and powerful know that they depend upon civilization to be in a position to be able to exploit the poor and powerless citizens–collapse civilization and there is no longer any cream to skim. Pretty simple lesson learned by parasites probably well over a billion years ago on this planet.

It’s not about “collapsing civilization”, it’s about controlling a world of dwindling resources so that the exploiting of the “poor and powerless” can continue as long as possible. In a world of dwindling resources, burgeoning populations and global environmental destruction, the ability to control limited resources becomes of paramount importance, critical to the survival of the human race.

Failing to gain control over these critical resources would mean the US government would eventually collapse, because as oil supplies become increasingly scarce, a world wide scramble for this critical resource would begin. The resulting worldwide instability would trigger even more massive shortages, resource wars and destabilize the American government to the point of complete collapse.

Preempting the coming world wide scramble for oil was considered a necessity for national survival and for the continued survival of the corporate monopoly. In other words, Peak Oil was recognized a long time ago. The evidence of Peak Oil and its ramifications has been around for several decades. It is impossible to believe that such evidence was simply ignored by government insiders. Delayed, yes, but entirely ignored, no. But that is what we are supposed to believe, along with that ridiculous story surrounding 9/11.

Sacrificing a relatively few (initially) Americans was deemed a price not too high to pay (especially since the orchestrator’s didn’t have to pay it themselves) to gain critical control over the world’s 2nd largest oil fields. American dominance as a world power and energy consumer would remain stable as long as possible, but only if America struck first, even at her own.

This required a multi-pronged strategy to enable America to go to war – and to gain complete control over the American people. The 9/11 attack created the conditions and required mental conditioning, followed by the Patriot Act I and II. The initial planning for this was all done prior to 9/11 and goes back several Administrations.

The American House of Dominoes can’t afford a world of oil instability due to dwindling supplies and the massive disruptions this would create. A plan was produced to pave the way for American dominance in world oil. A necessary component of this plan included deliberately destabilizing American held beliefs regarding our “security” at home and abroad.

The plan, as it were, was meant to be the salvation of America so that the continued exploiting of American lives and dollars could continue as long as possible. It was either that, or face collapse of the American way of life and their power base.

This plan is not without a name. The PNAC (Project for the New American Century) had already announced that another Pearl Harbor like attack would be necessary for them to advance their agenda for American global domination. But what does domination really mean in the context of this plan?

It means to create the circumstances whereby critical resources were now under the control and direct influence of the American government and neocon conservatives. If that means murdering Americans, so what? This is a common activity for the US government as history has shown.

A SECRET blueprint for US global domination reveals that President Bush and his cabinet were planning a premeditated attack on Iraq to secure “regime change” even before he took power in January 2001. The blueprint, uncovered by the Sunday Herald, for the creation of a “global Pax Americana” was drawn up for Dick Cheney (now vice- president), Donald Rumsfeld (defense secretary), Paul Wolfowitz (Rumsfeld’s deputy), George W Bush’s younger brother Jeb and Lewis Libby (Cheney’s chief of staff).

In order to gain public support for the preplanned Iraqi ‘regime change’, a public and hideous event was necessary to persuade the American people that a defanged and disarmed Iraq posed an imminent and present danger.

The inspection reports coming out of Iraq from the UN inspection teams clearly proved that Iraq was no threat to anyone, but this evidence was deliberately suppressed, distorted and manipulated to provide the Bush Administration with critical leverage in manipulating public opinion. But this in itself, wasn’t enough. America needed a war, in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

What was needed was the ‘Pearl Harbor event’, proposed by the PNAC, whereby Americans would rally together against a common enemy. The result was 9/11, orchestrated and conspired by government insiders with the complicit approval and direct involvement of the Bush Administration. It couldn’t have been any other way, not after you study the incredible number of “coincidences” on that fateful day. Suddenly, Americans had a new ‘enemy’ with which to rally together around the flag.

Immediately following the 9/11 ‘terrorist attacks’ on the WTC, the President grounded all airlines for weeks in typical overreaction fashion, bringing the country to a standstill. The President followed this with the preplanned Patriot Act, a hideous document designed to curtail the civil liberties of Americans. Bush had his Reichstag fire, now he was implementing the plan for American Dictatorship. Afghanistan was attacked, without any evidence of their involvement in 9/11.

A new Department level federal agency was created, “Homeland Security”. The eerily similar “fatherland” connotations of Nazi Germany was not lost on millions of Americans who were shocked in disbelief at the sweeping federal power now being wielded by the tyrant from Texas. The Bush dynasty’s involvment with Nazi Germany was also remembered and many correctly thought that Bush sought to become Americas first dictator.

It was no small feat for the threat to shift from Afghanistan,where Osama was allegedly hiding (he met with the CIA just weeks before 9/11), to Iraq, but as the Downing Street memo proves, this was part of the plan. Suddenly, Osama was playing second fiddle to Saddam Hussein, who was portrayed as a clear and present danger to Americans. As the Administration turned up the rhetoric and outright fabrication and falsification of facts and evidence, the American people never missed a beat. Still outraged over the attack by the ‘turbaned terrorists’, the Iraq lie was swallowed hook, line and sinker as being the next target for American bloodlust.

The war in Afghanistan was quickly morphed into a war in Iraq, allegedly because of the massive stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction that were depicted as a “clear and present danger”. Bush was repeating the comments made by Clinton, irregardless of the fact that UN weapon inspectors had found absolutely no evidence whatsoever to back up these claims.

With “shock and awe”, the American military launched the preplanned Bush war in Iraq, inflicting heavy civilian causalities upon a nearly defenseless and unprovoked sovereign nation. The pounding continued across Iraq as American vengeance was launched against the innocent by remote control, over and over again.

But as the American military got bogged down in a guerrilla war, the facts regarding Saddam’s threat to America or any other country began to leak out. No weapons of mass destruction were found. None. Since this was a key point in the American manipulation leading to war, shifting gears was necessary, pointing to Saddam’s murdering practice of execution, torture and imprisonment as “justification” for American intervention. Embedded journalist were prevented from seeing the American version and practice of such activities, which have far surpassed the worst that Saddam is said to have done.

Little by little, the cracks in the mud dam the Bush Administration had built up in its justification for war with Iraq began to spring leaks and crumble. Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, Lewis Libby is presently under investigation regarding his involvement in the Valerie Plame affair, which was about the faked intelligence leading up to the Iraqi war.

As the war dragged on, the war was quickly morphed again into the “War on Terror” through massive media manipulation and bogus “terror alerts” in the Homeland. Baghdad was looted of priceless treasures and antiquity and American military personnel were caught with millions of dollars in smuggled cash.

American’s soon learned that there were allegedly terrorist among us in the “Homeland” as false and phony alerts were issued with startling regularity by the Department of Homeland Security. A rather stupid color chart was produced, but Americans didn’t feel any safer. Many of us already knew that the terrorist were still here.

By now, the first Bush term as “President” had run its course, and a new election cycle was underway. A stammering, stumbling, bumbling Bush was somehow once again “swept to victory” by rigged electronic voting machines in Ohio and Florida and Diebold compliance. A confused Kerry conceded before an accurate count was made and Bush once again, secured the nation for another four years of American Dictatorship.

Spending his alleged “political capital”, Bush advanced his “war on terror” which translated into more and more assaults on Americans nationwide. Dissenters were considered “terrorists” and protesters were jailed, harrassed, investigated and arrested by the thousands. The Bush mantra, “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” bespoke of ages gone by when dictators ruled with an iron fist and suppressed democratic dissent and public opinion.

The war on terror had become a war for America as the battle across the ocean for Iraq waged on and on, piling up casualties on both sides. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi casualties and tens of thousand wounded American military personnel were hidden from the public eye. Journalists were targeted for assassination and all news from Iraq was being censored. The number has now exceeded 76.

We still hadn’t yet seen Fallujah, Guantanamo Bay, “rendition”, torture camps, white phosphorus, and massive American casualties, but the American people were slowly becoming aware of such stories as pictures, videos and independent journalist leaked stories to the outside world.

The mud dam continued to spring leaks, and slowly the American people began to hear about all of the atrocities being perpetrated by American servicemen and woman. What was once begun under the auspicious banner of American pride and righteous vengeance had turned into story after story of shameful and despicable acts of degrading and abominable behavior, torture, sadistic sex acts and outright murder.

Desperate to avert the public eye from the vaunted American military display of depravity, the Bush Administration ratcheted up the rhetoric to even higher levels. It seemed that the terrorist were everywhere, yet not one terrorist attack had occurred on American soil since 9/11.

The search for Bin Laden was all but forgotten. Even the (orchestrated) capture of Saddam Hussein didn’t turn the tide of disgust and disbelief in the “Homeland” as grandmothers and grandsons were still being stripped search by airport security flunkies for fingernail clippers. Thousands of Americans and foreign students disappeared into the American gulag, some never to be seen or heard from again. Bush took advantage of the Saddam capture and American media “distraction”, by signing Patriot Act II into law that very day. This curious development was ignored by the major media.

The American assault on civil liberties took a decidedly nasty turn when a Federal Appeals Court ruled that it was acceptable for the President to declare anyone worldwide, including U.S. citizens an “enemy combatant”, even if they had not been accused, tried or convicted of anything. This liberty license effectively made George W. Bush Dictator and the world’s leading global terrorist. Yet a year and half later, the Bush Junta chose to ignore the Supreme Court’s ruling that such tactics were illegal and authorized the establishment of overseas secret torture camps and kidnapping of “suspected terrorists”.

To George Bush, the Constitution was just a goddamned piece of paper, that could simply be ignored. Surveillance of Americans had been secretly underway for several years. Additional “security measures” were soon to be implemented, including expanding the air marshal program to trains and busses. Americans were now the enemy and under surveillance. Plans for martial law were drawn up by the Pentagon. Many expect another “terrorist attack” to come from the very same source as the first one, the Bush Administration.

At present, Ohio, land of the rigged election machines, is promoting the arrest of Americans for no reason whatsoever.

Finally, in late 2006, the US Senate blocks the renewal of the Patriot Act, which was due to sunset, but the reprieve is very short lived. A six month extension authorized by the Senate, and then narrowly blocked, resulting (at last count) to a five week extension of the dreaded Act.

Bush’s desperate attempt to renew the Patriot Act only reveals just how important this assault on American liberty is to the little dictator. Remember, this is the horrible piece of legislation that wasn’t even read by Congress and was passed on the heels of the PNAC “Pearl Harbor” event.

Now, returning to the subject of Peak Oil, if the awareness of Peak Oil is available to the common man, you can rest assured that the knowledge has long been available to government think tanks and insiders who advise the Administration directly. They’ve known about this for some time.

“The fifth revolution will come when we have spent the stores of coal and oil that have been accumulating in the earth during hundreds of millions of years… It is to be hoped that before then other sources of energy will have been developed… Whether a convenient substitute for the present fuels is found or not, there can be no doubt that there will have to be a great change in ways of life. This change may justly be called a revolution, but it differs from all the preceding ones in that there is no likelihood of its leading to increases of population, but even perhaps to the reverse.” Sir Charles Galton Darwin, 1952

People wonder why the US government still isn’t addressing Peak Oil. They did and still are. 9/11 was their initial “public” answer. Iraq and Afghanistan was their ongoing response. The Patriot Act I and II was the means to prepare Americans for martial law and totalitarian control. “Stay the course” doesn’t mean what you think it means. It means to succumb to Empire and global dictatorship as devised by George W. Bush and his crony’s. They’ve known about Peak Oil for a long time (since 1949) and set into motion a planned and extremely brutal response now that they can’t wait any longer.

What did you expect them to do? Sign they Kyoto Protocol and take one-half of the cars off the road? Collapse the American economy? Implement population control? Americans weren’t ready for such drastic measures (and still aren’t), nor were the corporate controllers of our government. Their response was the half-baked and irresponsible solution for war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Patriot Act. To get there, they orchestrated 9/11 and covered up the names and players behind turbaned terrorists who were patsies for the real masterminds. Iran, Syria and Venezuela are also on the cutting board, yet to be (directly) attacked.

After enough intimidation and browbeating, Americans will agree to anything. Many agree that America was attacked by “terrorist”, but fail to understand that these same terrorist still remain in power in the White House and beyond. Nor do they comprehend the strategy that has been decades in the making, to gain control over the American people and gain control over the oil in a stupid and desperate gamble to keep the Empire awash as long as possible. For the neocons, this is critical to their personal survival.

They had to create enemies, anyone “who wasn’t with us was against us”. Even the French were targeted, who once had come to the aid of this fledgling country in the Revolutionary war. All things “not American” were targeted, especially if they happened to be sitting on a large pool of oil. It’s the reason Hugo Chavez is also now declared an “American Enemy”, although we’ve not yet really been “told” why. Chavez is a nightmare for the Bush Administration because he has refused to back down to American demands and he see’s right through the neocon agenda.

Could Bush have pulled this strategic planning off? No. Bush has the IQ of a turnip. He had to have help, just like he does now. Bush relies on props and puppets constantly. He’s had a lot of help. But Bush and his Cabinet and corporate manipulators had the critical components – motive, opportunity and intent, preparation, planning and knowledge. And buckets of money, which they’ve made sure are being funneled right back into their own pockets. Billions of dollars have somehow “gone missing”, right back into the pockets of the neocons and their sucking vortex of corporate coverup.

There is no doubt in my mind that they are behind the events on 9/11 as they paved the road towards American dictatorship. A systematic pattern of torture, abuse, depravity, law breaking, graft, coverup, malfeasance, lying, fabrication and threats has been steadily issued from the Bush Administration since the man “took” office, in a desperate attempt to make the fulfillment of an American dictatorship a completed reality.

This is why the renewed Patriot Act is so damned important. Without this authority in place, the ongoing oppression leading to martial law and total resource control (rationing) becomes very difficult. How else do you mandate population behavior in a hurry? Martial law is a prerequisite for rationing, population control and forced acceptance of brutal government policy and concentration camps for dissenters.

It’s strange how our Congress refuses to reign in this Administration, while other nations are doing exactly that. Only here in America is this incredible insanity being somehow “allowed” to continue. Congressional complicity is nothing new — but it has gotten far worse under the Bush Administration. The 9/11 commission revealed just how deep the coverup went. Prior to this ridiculous “investigation”, members of Congress hadn’t even read the Patriot Act before passing this into law. This example exemplifies the deep problems we have with our present government. They are willing to enact law without even knowing what the law is, or what its ramifications might be.

It’s doubtful in my mind that all the players know all the facts. They probably only know just enough to realize that they had better play along. But this is starting to unravel, just like the truth is about Peak Oil is beginning to crack through the public perception despite all the government denial.

A controlled collapse is what the Bush cabal is after. Continuing to allow the unabated and insatiable appetites of consumptive Americans was never an option. None of this was possible without control of the oil. The American mindset had to be forcefully reprogrammed to accept things normally repulsive to us, war, torture, prison camps, terrorists, even dissent is being targeted as “wrong behavior”. The much cherished Constitutional liberties and guarantees were publicly shredded with hardly a whimper in exchange for “security”, which has proven to be yet another lie and fabrication.

I’m far from alone in my theory regarding the Bushco desire to control the oil, many others have proposed exactly this scenario –

As I have written before, the only theory that vaguely makes some kind of strategic sense is that Bushco wanted to sit on the Iraqi reserves, deny them to everybody else and keep them for the time in the near future when peak oil strikes and it becomes a huge strategic advantage. Not very useful in the short term, but possibly rational in the long run (in a narrow, zero-sum game tunnel vision sense, but hey, that’s who they are).

The sad thing is, as incredible as this story is, I couldn’t make this stuff up. The fact that George W. Bush and company has systematically engaged in a deceptive and horrific pattern of planned attacks upon soveriegn people in America, Iraq and Afghanistan bespeaks of a deliberate plan, foreknowledge and purpose and a desired outcome. That purpose is, in my mind, is to preempt the coming resource wars for oil. But it was not enough to simply gain control of the oil, they also had to gain control of the American people, and they’re almost there. A controlled collapse as the world powers down, with the neocons in the drivers seat.

We can expect more horrific abuses by the Bush Administration, because the plan is still incomplete and now, finally, in serious jeopardy. The desperation to enact the Patriot Act into permanent law is a necessity for the neocons and their ilk and their future survival. Only by gaining the complete control over American lives can they hope to advance even more draconian measures and avoid another revolutionary war. It is not possible for them to make inordinate demands upon us all at once, these things must be done gradually, by degrees whereby we come to accept them and even believe that they are necessary for our own good.

The dangers lie, as they always do, in their exposure. Their plan for domination in America is now in serious jeopardy as more and more people become aware of their machinations and their Machvellian desires. While still in power, they pose a clear and present danger to the future of all Americans and the planet.


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