9 Simple Points To Ponder

I do hope every reader of this blog has kicked into high gear their personal preparations. We are most definitely in a serious downward spiral, accelerating week by week.

World leaders are promising something that they cannot possibly deliver — which is trust, faith and personal security. Our world runs on all of these things, all of which come from the root reason of abundant resources. This belief is crucial to our well-being in a modern world critically dependent upon these things.

In a just world, or a world run with common sense, decency and respect, we would limit ourselves and our growth to our (local) environmental conditions. But we do not live in such a world, not even close. This world runs on gluttony, greed, continued expansion and at the whims of greedy corporations and corrupt politicians.

Raping the planet of every possible resource has always been the goal, while enslaving the entire human race. Fueling this greed has been an economic model that rewards gluttony and greed. Sensible living, modest living standards and respect for the Earth are not at all a part of this equation.

We are in collapse as a result. It was entirely inevitable and always was. You must be ready for the closet full of other shoes that are still about to drop. The past week has only shown how out of control things really are. But what is to come is going to be significantly worse, because of several factors:

1) funny money (fiat) does not create wealth for anyone, it’s entirely fictional;

2) corporate protection and elitism is still the name of the game (business as usual);

3) the average human on this planet is still subject to the laws of diminishing supply and increasing demand;

4) in a world of constantly depleting resources, this supply and demand will have dramatic impacts on availability and price;

5) none of the responses being considered will address the root problems of overpopulation, gluttonous living, fiat money, personal indebtedness, or a corrupt political system;

6) capitalism itself is still going to be championed as the answer to all of the above, which is a critical mistake;

7) global reaction to these events will increase fascism, the police state, resource wars and individual surveillance to a much greater degree as ‘leaders’ desperately try to retain control (position);

8) the reaction of the world’s human population will be anger, desperation and despair, some will fight back, others will not, but depopulation will occur on a massive scale due to violent death, starvation, disease, homelessness and war;

9) personal survival will no longer be guaranteed, abundant present-day examples already abound around the world as nations fall into starvation and war, experiencing critical resource shortages and the effects of climate change.

The above list is just a few of what I firmly believe is occurring and will continue to occur, resulting in a total collapse. I do not expect this to be either sudden or happening overnight, many desperate attempts will be tried creating “plateau periods” where we seem to have temporarily saved ourselves.

But it won’t work because we will have continued to embraced the failed paradigm of the modern life and all of its dependencies and requirements for its existence. Moreover, overpopulation is not easily answered and remains critically unaddressed by the worlds leaders.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING can replace critical resources essential for human life. Water, food, air, soil, sunlight and a habitable climate. Our modern world has forgotten all of this in its quest for global control and gluttonous living. These are the elements that are essential for our existence and humans can not ‘create’ any of them.

Our every effort to ‘improve’ our lot on this planet has resulted in a repeated swaths of widespread destruction and devastation. The modern city is a blight upon the landscape, entirely dependent upon massive levels of imports (food, water, energy) for its existence and that of its human population. Paving over even the soil itself (which is what nourishes us all), they have become death-traps for all who dwell there.

This won’t happen right away, but their long term viability is in serious doubt. Some will undoubtedly always exist, home to the world’s elite barons and political paymasters.

This past week has shown our financial vulnerability, but this is only one part of the problem. If you can imagine a pin cushion, or a porcupine, sticking out with many sharp points, any of which could deflate this imaginary balloon of modern living, then you would begin to appreciate the magnitude of the problems we all face.

Only a relative few bubbles have popped, but there are many more already being punctured. Soil depletion, acidification of the worlds oceans, coral reef destruction, over-fishing, massive species extinction, oceanic dead zones, acid rain, water and soil pollution, aquifer depletion, world-wide energy depletion, rising sea levels and global climate change. All of these and more will have a direct effect on all life on Earth, and all of these will have various human responses (none good) to their events.

The problem, as I see it, is we fail to appreciate the root reasons and causes for all that is now happening. Moreover, we fail to adjust our living ways and expectations and dependencies at a fundamental level. Instead of buying a Humvee, we buy a Volkswagen. This is a tragic mistake of global proportions. Simply walking and having zero impact on the environment isn’t even an option now.

Prepare your crash steads with all possible speed. Keep in mind what is going to run out and become impossible to get or priceless. Most importantly, is going to be figuring out how you’re going to feed yourself, continually for the years to come as you try to survive. Personal security will also be very high on your list.

I expect this winter and next year to be “ugly”. I don’t know about you, but preparations and a transition strategy to living in a very different world are my top priorities.


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4 thoughts on “9 Simple Points To Ponder

  • October 11, 2008 at 1:13 pm
    resources plus religion = WAR

    “Morocco controls approximately two thirds of the world’s phosphate reserves, …” //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economy_of_Morocco

    Wahhabi (radical) Islam (State religion of Saudi Arabia) has been surging in Morocco for decades, causing massive problems in it’s wake.


    AKA Insane radicals ‘control’ 2/3rds of the planets ‘industrial agriculture’ AKA food supply

    ‘Only’ a matter of time before Wahhabi lunatics attempt to pull the plug on Phosphate (industrial agriculture) and the oil to ‘power’ it/us.

    Then the Judeo-Christian lunatics unleash their ‘god’ (death).

    Salvation. Alleluia! Hosanna on High.

  • October 11, 2008 at 2:03 pm
    It is my nature to focus on one thing at a time so it is appreciated that you often present an overview that puts things into perspective. The one constant through the problems I have faced so far have been my preparations. At this point I know I will not starve, freeze, sit in the dark or go down without a fight! This is what passes for peace of mind these days.
  • October 11, 2008 at 2:41 pm
    While I won’t be at the crashstead this winter, I’m working on a better plan for alternative heat for the house we’re in now. I’m experimenting with masonry heating – bricks around a modified rocket stove set up. It’s not yet clear how well it will work, but it HAS to be better than using the fireplace, and while natural gas is down some for the short term, we know what the long term is bringing.
  • October 11, 2008 at 7:01 pm
    It’s tough trying to find a middle ground between rage and depression, don’t you think? Sometimes it is hard just getting out of bed to face another day of this shit, and knowing all the time it is going to get oh so much worse. Sometimes it is every thing I can do not to get my rifle and go after these fuckers. I’m sure the time will come, if I stay in this country. Oh well! No one told me it was going to be easy, although I did hear that life is great, as long as I don’t weaken.

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