75,000 Arizona Republican refused to vote for Donald Trump

This is interesting – 75,000 Arizona Republican refused to vote for Donald Trump. According to Republican audit (not the current farce taking place in Maricopa County), 75,000 Republican categorically rejected Donald Trump for President.

This would be of course, EXTREMELY embarrassing to the Republican Party which has now fully capitulated to the scam their running of a “stolen election”.

So here we are, 5 months later, and these idiot clown followers are still trying to overthrow the Constitution. Apparently, losing isn’t in their vocabulary.

We’re all wondering, those of us who are sane in this country, what in the hell does Donald Trump have on these people? Epstein’s videos? Who knows? But it is painfully clear that they’ve totally adopted Trump’s lies that if repeated often enough, you’ll get lots of people to believe you. If you’re a moron that is.

I’ve got another disturbing video to share, pedophile Matt Gaetz advocating for civil war:


I couldn’t bring myself to watch Marjorie Greene, she’s another sycophant with a lip lock on the Trump Lie. These people are ALL traitors to the US Constitution and continue to try to subvert the rule of law and the will of the people. Donald J. Trump LOST, legally, lawfully and without any doubt, but they don’t care.

Notice how Gaetz still calls Trump “President Trump”, so it’s perfectly clear who he’s taking his orders from – and it’s perfectly clear that he is a traitor. Trump isn’t in office and does not have any authority, yet Gaetz (and how many others?) are taking their orders from the ex-Commander In Chief. That’s treason, pure and simple, among many other treasonous activities they are now openly committing.

They’re still trying to overthrow the 2020 election – more treason. They had their shot to validate the facts (many, many times), and they miserably failed. And the vast majority of these traitorous bastards in the Republican Party refused to investigate the crimes committed at the US Capitol – more treason. Giving “comfort and aid to the enemy”? What about refusing to identify and prosecute the enemies that sought to overthrow the election?

If this was any other government, or any other political party, there would be screaming from the rooftops for an investigation and justice, but the Republicans have contorted themselves into a traitorous pretzel shape that looks very much like a Nazi symbol trying to find no fault with the attackers.

Let me make this perfectly clear: The United States does NOT have a functioning government now. The power shared by the two parties is now in the hands of traitors, effectively nullifying lawfulness. The days ahead will be fraught with danger. If we are not very, very careful, the next election in 2022 will flip the country to even MORE traitors.

2024 is not that far off either and the cult of Trump hopes to bring Trump back to the White House, where and if that happens, this country will be utterly lost. There would be virtually nothing to stop the full-blown fascist takeover.

These are perilous times for the United States and for any thinking person.


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12 thoughts on “75,000 Arizona Republican refused to vote for Donald Trump

  • May 29, 2021 at 9:49 am

    Living in America must be horrific, knowing so much lunacy is not just going on but has been made ‘official’.

    The present pre-civil war phase is a product corporations being given more rights than humans, along with oil coming out the ground so easily no one knew what to do with it, plus the capacity of the Fed to keep ‘printing’ money because the US dollar deposed the Pound as the world reserve currency. (there are no reserves these days, of course).

    There is nothing like having no domestic oil extraction and having to buy oil in the international market using someone else’s currency to help keep a nation reasonably grounded.

    But even with those constraints, many nations have attempted to emulate American systems and the so-called American Way of Life, which some (most?) Americans think is non-negotiable.

    The times we live in are the most deadly in all of history without having maniacs in positions of power. Having maniacs in positions of power exacerbates the deadliness of the times we live in many-fold.

    • May 29, 2021 at 10:17 am

      In my previous comment I didn’t emphasis that US 48-state oil extraction by conventional means peaked in 1971, and America got out of that hole temporarily by draining Alaska of he oil that was deposited there tens of millions of years ago.

      It got out of the hole that declining Alaskan extraction portended by attacking the oil deposits under shallow waters off the coast of Louisiana etc. and when that started to look not so rosy, the US managed to build a bridge to nowhere [but disaster] by attacking the small pockets of oil still left under the US via breaking the rock structure (fracking).

      Trump and all the other fuckwits that are messing things up at an ever-faster pace are the products of perceived privilege that comes from having money coming out the ground.

      And now that not so much money is coming out the ground, America has resorted to printing it to keep things going just a little longer.

      We already know how that’s going to work out.

      By the way, after months of unusually dry conditions, we are now in the midst of this


      a 984 millibar deep depression which is slow moving and will undoubtedly cause much flooding and infrastructure damage.

    • May 29, 2021 at 12:35 pm

      It depends on your situational awareness, understanding of history, and your awareness of the significance of current events. If you’re a spoon-fed moron, then you’re upset about the “stolen election” and Democrats being marginally in charge, while you clean your guns and stockpile ammo.

      If you’re a Christian, this is all the will of God, including the ‘temporary defeat’ of Donald Trump. Either the Rapture will happen first, or Trump will return to office in a glorious victory, wiping out his enemies.

      If you’re a true-blue Democrat, you’ll believe that the new government will meet every promise and solve climate change while doing handstands.

      If you’re a realist, you’ll already know where the daily madness is all headed. Historical precedents notwithstanding, you have to be truly obtuse to not realize that this country is going to implode. The sheer number of total morons and complete idiots now dwarfs the rest of the population, still growing in number.

      During the Trump fiasco, it was a daily routine to check the news, fully expecting some other massive embarrassment to have occurred by Trump or his traitorous party. We were rarely disappointed. It got so bad that if there was even the briefest “pause” while the Republicans were regrouping on how they would betray their oaths of office that even this was disconcerting (they must be up to something). And they were. The leaks coming out about Trump’s miserable four years trying to ruin this country with Republican help (and coverup) are non-stop now with lies, malfeasance and coverup.

      We know now beyond any doubt (as if there was any) Trump did collude with Russia. We know that Trump attempted to bribe Ukraine. We know that his henchmen are all guilty as sin for their part in Trump’s criminal activities. Donald J. Trump is a traitor of the first-order and he belongs in prison as does the vast majority of the Republican leadership. The tiny few that just last week objected to the ongoing coverup of the Capital attack were very much behind Trump during his disastrous term in office. We’ve got traitors in high office by the HUNDREDS now.

      This is why America is fucked. Politically and ethically, racially too. Misogynist and rapists occupy positions of power. The government is gridlocked and is having to resort to executive orders because the Republicans want to fuck this country at every possible opportunity. They’re all fascists and will keep doing this until they get back into power again. Think ‘Gilead’ and you’ll get a good idea where they want this country to go. Religious fuckwits seeking to bring about their version of the End Times. Christ would spew these frauds into the depths of hell if he existed. As it is, it’s going to be up to us to rid the country of their rampant stupidity and stupidstitions, but this won’t happen (even though many will try).

      The country is going to implode. Disinformation, propaganda, endless lies and coverup along with a heavily armed populace just itching for extreme violence. Of course it’s going to blow up. You’d have to be in rank denial to not see it coming. Stupidity, religion, fantasy and endless lies along with hundreds of millions of guns – what could possibly go wrong?

      Realists are trying to figure out what to do next, knowing this is unfolding. Educating these clowns to reality hasn’t worked at all, in fact – nothing has worked. In the past few weeks, major media outlets have begun to issue the same warnings, trying to forestall the storm. It isn’t working. It’s just gotten worse and worse.

  • May 29, 2021 at 12:01 pm

    Further to my comment about present times being deadly (and unprecedented), wherever you live:

    ‘Wild weather hits New Zealand: Heavy rain, flooding fears for Christchurch, Canterbury
    30 May, 2021 05:43 AM

    Rivers in Canterbury are expected to burst their banks today, causing widespread flooding, as the region is lashed by torrential rain.

    Other parts of the country can expect thunderstorms as a complex low settles over New Zealand.

    For only the second time ever, MetService issued a rare red warning for heavy rain for Canterbury, south of Amberley. That warning will be valid until Monday at 11am.

    Christchurch residents were warned the deluge would most likely reach dangerous levels, and some were reporting that some streets were already water-logged.

    This morning at 5.48am however, MetService has lifted road snowfall warnings at Arthur’s Pass and Lewis Pass.

    Slips have also closed roads overnight.

    Tiniroto Road in Gisborne was closed due to a large slip and will remain closed until contractors reassess the situation this morning.

    Motorists are being advised to use an alternate route between Gisborne and Wairoa, such as SH 2.

    The stretch from Springfield to Castle Hill on SH 73 also remains closed due to slips and flooding.

    By 8.30pm on Saturday, Methven had received 31mm of rain in about five hours, with 26mm in Geraldine and 20mm in Darfield.’


    Following the devastation of the earthquake in 2011, no attempt to rebuild Christchurch in its present, precarious, location should have even been attempted. But industrial humans, being generally stupid, went ahead and build a whole lot of infrastructure that has a very short-term future.

    The rainfall figures quoted in the article do not reflect the actual situation. Yesterday I emptied my rain gauge when it had 56mm in it, and again later when it had 12mm in it; another 45mm overnight gives a total of 113mm in about 21 hours; and it’s still raining quite heavily.

    We are located just a bit north of the ‘red zone’, on gently sloping ground. People living on level ground close to rivers are ‘fucked’ by their own unwise choices.

    The Marshlands district of Christchurch was long ago named Marshlands for a very good reason. The people who decided to ‘develop’ it have made their money and have ‘run’.

  • May 30, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Flooding in the Canterbury region of NZ is at the highly inconvenient level, as opposed to the deadly level witnessed elsewhere in the world.

    For the moment it is still possible for ‘authorities’ to implement strategies that are counter-productive and self-defeating in the long run.

    I witnessed an example yesterday near where we live. Although there was no significant flooding, water collected in a low spot in one section of road; a sucker truck was employed to suck up the water and transport it 300 metres along the road, where it was discharged into a stream. This action was repeated innumerable times.
    Ii have no idea how much diesel was converted into carbon dioxide (and other pollutants) but the per capita carbon footprint for the properties adjacent to the minor flooding would have been substantially increased over the period of the operation. And the carbon dioxide added to the atmosphere will marginally increase the overheating that causes the oceans to release more water vapour into the atmosphere -which then results in more intense rainfall, leading to more flooding.

    Someone’s budget had been ‘blown to pieces’ by the extra unbudgeted expense.

    It is a mere trifle compared to the massive planet fucking activities of the US military, the airlines, the shipping companies, the factories that make all the steel and concrete and consumer goods, the industrialised agricultural sector etc. that go into prolonging the dysfunctional arrangements we are now enduring. And the Planetary Meltdown we are now enduring.

    They’ll keep doing it till they can’t.

    By the way, after a lull yesterday, it has started raining heavily again.

    Unless the sucker truck is operating, the water level in the section of road I mentioned above will be back to where it was before the sucker truck started sucking.

    The counter-productive aspect of almost everything we do was made abundantly clear to me because the problem with the section of road I have written about was created by a poor decision made decades ago. The state highway was upgraded in such a manner that it created a water trap, and whatever drainage system that was installed was not up to the job. Hence the small lake in the road.

    If it were not raining so hard I might go and look to see what the current situation is. As it is raining hard, I’ll go with my gut felling -that the sucker truck is back there this morning, sucking water.

    It all helps to deplete the rapidly declining oil reserves that keep the system running.

    There are parts of the town to the south of us that are rather worried that the stop banks may fail. A few bridges have been washed away further south.

    ‘Interesting times’ get more and more ‘interesting’ for all the wrong reasons.

    Another 29mm of rain fell overnight for a total so far of 150mm (in less than two days) here. We are headed for 200mm, which may not sound a lot for some parts of the world but in context, typical rainfall for Rangiora at this time of the year is in the 50 to 60 mm per month range; so this event is in the 3 month’s-rain-in-two-days category.

    The cost of the clean-up will be enormous. And the clean-up will be achieved using fossil fuels.

    Not a word about the over-consumption of fossil fuels from the corporate media or the government of course.

    • May 30, 2021 at 4:44 pm

      Somewhere on this blog, probably one of the Collapse Preparation articles, I wrote about the foolishness of building in places where it made no sense at all. Many, many homes and buildings, infrastructure and even farms are put in places where nature will routinely and regularly cause enormous damage. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and they should have packed up and moved, but didn’t. Stupid is as stupid does.

      It’s sounds like deluge to me. We’re all going to need lifeboats soon enough.

      • May 30, 2021 at 5:28 pm

        The depression was supposed to have passed by now according to the forecasters. But it hasn’t. After a brief lull, it’s been raining steadily.

        162mm since Saturday morning, and still counting.

        I’ve never seen so much water flowing down the nearby stream. But I’ve only been here 18 months. According to the locals, the stream used to flow a lot more, until changes were made further upstream a few years ago.

        What’s REALLY INTERESTING is that this period of downpour comes on the back of an extended drought, unprecedented according to some reports.

        So there we have it -weather instability and climate chaos, as a consequence of overheating due to fossil fuel burning. And we’re ‘only at 420ppm’ on the path that leads to extinction.

        So I guess the western states of the US are either going to get washed away or parched some more.

        I’m betting on parched some more.

        • May 30, 2021 at 9:10 pm

          Parched some more for certain! All the extra heat energy is causing more evaporation, which will eventually dump the excess moisture into some terrific storms and deluges. Sounds like you’re getting a taste of what’s to come. Hopefully you are on high ground!

          • May 30, 2021 at 10:33 pm

            ‘Hopefully you are on high ground!’

            Yes, well above the problem areas, by choice.

            But also gently sloping, so the land sheds water when there is too much but can hold water when there is little.

  • May 30, 2021 at 10:43 pm

    Have just heard that Lake Taupo, the by far the biggest lake in the North Island, is just 6 cm off a record low level. It ultimately supplies a large portion of Auckland’s drinking water, as well as feeding hydro schemes and supplying cooling water for a thermal power station.

    Many people are “praying for rain, and lots of it.”!!!

    Methinks climate chaos is trumping humankind’s ability to cope.

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