Machine Tyranny

With the new stop sign cameras, a machine will make calculations to determine whether a vehicle did not stop for a long enough period and deserves a fine. Stop Sign Cameras Installed

Not hard to see this one coming. Now we have machines deciding our fate for a victimless “crime”. And it doesn’t work anyway, except as another revenue collection for the plantation managers.

“Cameras were associated with an increase of between 31 percent and 54 percent for rear-end crashes overall,” the report found. “The association of the cameras with angle crashes differed among jurisdictions, although a preponderance of test results suggested an increase.” Red Light Cameras Increase Accidents

Key Statistic:

City Rear End Angle Injury Total
Arlington +139% +53% +89% +65%
Fairfax City +10% -35% -5% -7%
Fairfax County +40% +8% +6% +23%
Falls Church +136% -15% +79% +38%
Vienna +64% -6% +59% +25%
Average +42% +20% +18% +29%

It’s not funny or even humorous anymore how common sense simply does not prevail. In the global quest for greed and total control, what’s already been proven to not work and cause more problems is still considered by many to be the solution. Bioethanol fits this definition.

The adamant insistence to govern and control everything despite the harm it does is baffling.


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