71 Dead, Over 1,000 People Still Missing

The bad news from Paradise, CA keeps getting worse and worse. CNN reports 71 dead and 1,000 people still missing.

This tragedy is among one of the worst tragedies to befall Americans. Hurricane Katrina killed 1833 people, Hurricane Maria killed 1139 people and both displaced hundreds of thousands. But their something about having an entire town completely wiped out and dozens and dozens having burned to death. Both hurricanes offered people an opportunity to relocate in advance, the Camp Fire did not.

According to Donald Trump, the fire was the result of failing to rake up the leaves from 33 million acres of forest. Yep, the President of the United States really is that stupid.

I can see why the people of California don’t want Trump to show up. He’s bound to say more stupid things and make this horrible tragedy all about him. It’s what he does – everywhere he goes.



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