6 °C- 8°C Temperature Increase Projections For Asia – Exceeding Survivable Wet Bulb Temperatures

A watered-down report for Asia contains this misleading title – “Unabated climate change would reverse the development gains in Asia

Under a business-as-usual scenario, a 6 degree Celsius temperature increase is projected over the Asian landmass by the end of the century. Some countries in the region could experience significantly hotter climates, with temperature increases in Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the northwest part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) projected to reach 8 degree Celsius, according to the report, titled “A Region at Risk: The Human Dimensions of Climate Change in Asia and the Pacific.

There is no mention on the website about excessive (non-survivable) wet-bulb temperatures, however this research on tolerable limits for plant, animal and humans has already been covered here before. In hot countries, these limits will be exceeded at 4°C, with 6 °C to 8°C causing extended regions of uninhabitable regions, exacerbating drought and crop losses, triggering massive migration and refugee conditions, increased competition for resources and violent conflicts.

As the headlie suggests – this is another watered-down reality check for policy makers to pontificate over.

This is a type of non-stop disinformation being spewed forth from climate scientists. Another example: Climate Change Altering the Arctic Faster Than Expected

A new report chronicles all these changes and warns that even if the world manages to keep global warming below the targeted 2°C threshold, some of the shifts could be permanent. Among the most harrowing are the disappearance of sea ice by the 2030s and more land ice melt than previously thought, pushing seas to more extreme heights.

The possibility of limiting global warming below 2°C is virtually zero. And as you may have noticed, this dramatically contradicts the 6°C and higher claims mentioned in the first link. This is the kind of ridiculous non-agreement disinformation garbage being issued by climate scientists and dutifully reported by the media. “Some shifts could be permanent” is not discussed as actionable reasons for alarm. Nor is this statement:

Sea ice receded a bit in November, a rare occurrence, and hit a record-low maximum for the third year in a row. Temperatures averaged 11°F above normal, driven by sustained mild weather that was punctured by periods of almost unheard of heat when temperatures reached up to 50°F above normal.

That’s already an average of 5°C+ in 2016 / 2017 wintertime temperatures. It is now beyond absurd for climate scientist to continue to issue the 2°C lie as acheivable, and anything related to it (most timelines also use 2050 and 2100, 33 and 83 year into the future). They are clearly lying to us, deliberately and themselves have become a large part of the false narrative (deliberately or otherwise).

And then there is this bit:

“We may start to see widespread degradation in permafrost . . . somewhere in the timescale of 20-30 years,” Vladimir Romanovsky, a permafrost expert at the University of Alaska

Over 7,000 known “blow outs” have already been discovered in Siberia, some with massive explosive force. There are more that we know we do not know about yet. And this is in just one region. Permafrost covers a vast expanse of the northern land latitudes, ranging from Alaska all the way around the top of the world’s land masses. This has been melting everywhere, including in Norway, the location of the world’s only global seed bank. Widespread degradation of permafrost is already happening, but it’s as if the scientists cannot admit to this publicly (most likely), or they don’t even know.

Another example: This Is How Climate Change Will Shift the World’s Cities

The average land temperature is projected to rise 8.6°F (4.8°C), but due to the vagaries of geography, some cities will warm much more.

The only (slightly) useful information in this article is the dramatic rise in temperatures in a handful of selected cities. The disinformation however, tends to overwhelm whatever may be useful. Using the 4.8°C figure “average land temperature” indicates that global food production and seasonal planting / harvesting conditions will be severely impacted (ignoring for the moment, everything else). Yet once again, the bogus “2100 year” claim is used to peddle more reasons to not be immediately alarmed.

The vast majority of the published news still rejects consistency with other established facts and research. In effect, projected warming is all over the map (and no reason to be alarmed), timescales are dozens to centuries off, sea level rise is only a minor annoyance versus crippling civilization and international trade (ports are inundated), food crops are rarely considered reportable, and immigration / refugees will be somehow “managed”. Most reports end with hopium and contain empty promises that the ridiculous 2°C will be magically achieved.

Another example: Mexico Launches Scheme to Insure Its Coral Reef

This is yet another incredibly stupid idea posing as a “solution” to the coral reef collapse issue. Tourist will be paying for the insurance cost with higher vacation expenses. Insurers will pool the money to attempt to restore the reefs (temporarily) which won’t work with rising ocean temperatures that nobody thought about. Or increase storm activity because heat / energy imbalance and increased evaporation / precipitation from a ramped-up hydrological cycle. Even the “artificial structures” won’t work under these conditions. The Cancún scheme is certainly a scheme alright – which distracts from the real causes of warming (tourism being one of them) and miserably fails to do anything about it.

It is this kind of pablum reporting containing multiple errors and omissions that is bringing about massive apathy and indifference within the world’s population and global leaders. Bogus erroneous claims, solutions, expectations, predictions and impacts are endlessly being reported. None seem to agree with anything else and journalists are either too lazy or disinterested to report these gigantic discrepancies.

There are a few publications that make mention of human extinction caused by global warming, but this has yet to become anywhere common. Geo-engineering is a last-ditch, Hail Mary idea meant to save humanity, because we are not interested in actually doing anything else.


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