63.5°F in Antarctica: Possible Continental Record; 14 Years of Rain in 1 Day in Chile

From Dr. Jeff Masters Wunder Blog: 63.5°F in Antarctica: Possible Continental Record; 14 Years of Rain in 1 Day in Chile

Continental records are rare as hell. But will become a lot more common as things continue to heat up.

Weather weirding in Chile: Copiapo River dry for 17 years, swamps desert area in Atacama region.

Update: Video on the flooding – worth watching, pretty devastating.

Update: slide presentation on just how bad the flooding was (devastating)

In the land of Senator Inhofe: Deadly Tornado Pummels Mobile Home Park in Oklahoma (link)

Someone should should shout the word “recall” and get this bum tossed out of office. It wouldn’t make any difference even if it succeeded of course, but we should at least try to set the record straight and stop rewarding stupidity.

Gorgeous Satellite Image Reveals Galloping Antarctic Glacier

Here’s the Scoop on New NOAA Severe Weather Risk Categories

Now that spring is upon us, the odds are rising that millions of Americans will find themselves under a “slight,” “moderate,” or even “high” risk of severe weather at some point in the next few months.

Earth Has Its 2nd Warmest February and Warmest Northern Hemisphere Winter

Heat wave sets new temperature records across California

World Ocean Heartbeat Fading? ‘Nasty’ Signs North Atlantic Thermohaline Circulation is Weakening

Ah, so what?  A little warming water can’t hurt much, right?  Wrong:

A disruption of this ocean water mixing machine would ripple through the world oceans like a gunshot to a vital circulatory organ, reducing oxygen levels throughout the whole ocean system, and greatly reducing the oceans’ ability to support life. It would be a major shift toward a stratified, less life supporting ocean, and one step closer to the nightmare ocean state called a Canfield Ocean (named after its discoverer — Dr. Donald Canfield).

New Research Shows Exceptional Slowdown In Major Atlantic Ocean Currents

The Human-Warmed Southern Ocean Threatens Major Melt For East Antarctica

I swear to God – if there was a way to get people (and idiot politicians – which are not real people) to finally LISTEN to what the science is telling the world about the unfolding cataclysm(s), I’d be among the FIRST to endorse it. But as the RECORD clearly shows – nothing works and the world continues to head towards its own oblivion. So while I clearly recognize and admit that this effort (and this blog) will remain utterly ignored, I still find myself incapable of total silence.

The melting of Antarctica was already really bad. It just got worse.

Antarctic Ice Shelves Melting at Accelerating Rate

Oh, almost forgot. The Arctic also set a new record – the lowest amount of sea ice at the end of the freezing season on record “by a large margin”.


It’s going to be hell of a summer. Maybe next year, if they even bother with the Iditarod, it’ll be held in Antarctica where there should still be some ice left.


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