Some dude I never heard of is claiming we will all be dead by 2030.  I doubt it. He’s got it right about climate change, but the Daily Star got it dead wrong.  It’s a rag, always has been. But this is a hit piece designed to fool the world of idiots out there.

Check out IPCC Report in pictures.  Graphs tell it like it is – it’s still warming up. How the Daily Star and other idiots keep spewing forth “it’s cooling” is a mystery I don’t care to solve. Their idiots, every single one of them and they’re definitely helping things get worse and worse, which makes them enemies of humankind.

The ice volume has also gone down quite dramatically, so when you read that the “sea ice has gone up”, keep this point in mind. Ice is comprised of fresh water, which freezes much easier then salt water. More melt means it can refreeze easier. Surface volume in the Antarctic has gone up slightly, but overall, the Arctic, Greenland, Himalayas, Andes and virtually everywhere else on the planet has lost a tremendous amount of volume.  So the long and short of it, despite the idiocy out there is it’s STILL MELTING.

And it will, because temperatures are still climbing.

A number of scientist are pretty upset with the latest IPCC report. Essentially, they think it is too conservative and the estimates of the future effects if too low. Far too low in some cases.  I’d have to agree with this perspective. I’ve seen absolutely nothing that indicates any improvement, quite the opposite.  We’re well on our way to pumping a billion tons of carbon into the atmosphere – which will stay up there for many centuries.  Basic science will indicate that when you change the chemical composition and absorption of a gas by this amount, you’re probably fucked.

The data sets used in the latest IPCC report are already out of date. I’ve seen two figures, 2009 and 2011. And they left out the permafrost melt…. a pretty big “Oh shit!!!”.

I think being Mr. Nice Guy is over. I’m not gong to be too pleasant to the idiotsphere out there. When it finally dawns on humans that we’re really talking about whether we live or die, I think being “nice” will go by the wayside.

Check out “Just Don’t Tell Them the Monster Exists“.

I think that the days ahead will continue to “prove” just how severe things will get.  A double-whammy typhoon just smacked Okinawa, China typhoon, Kentucky floods, it’s all trapped water vapor (heat energy) coming down in torrents.

It’s time to prepare people.  Nature is going to smack us back REALLY HARD.


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