500 Vehicles Deployed With Full-Body Scan Technology – In America

America is now using roving vehicles on our city streets with “full-body scan technology”:

Over 500 of these roving vehicles are already in operation.   Full-Body Scan Technology Deployed In Street Roving Vans


The narrator is gushing over with praise, however, not everyone thinks this is a good idea:

It’s no surprise that governments and vendors are very enthusiastic about [the vans], says Marc Rotenberg, executive director of EPIC. But from a privacy perspective, it’s one of the most intrusive technologies conceivable.

I told you it would get worse.  Watch the video a couple of times to identify this threat.  Couple of pointers: slow moving vehicle, side scan, must be fairly close, specifically looks for carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen.  It also appears that mirrors may actually block the scanning, but I can’t be sure without more research.  The image shown of trees also appeared to resist scanning — but I have no real idea at this time.

Nice to know that we’re being irradiated in our homes, vehicles and when walking down the street without our consent.  More “security” and less freedom all the time.


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