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7 thoughts on “490ppm now, likely 600+ ppm very soon

  • December 29, 2016 at 7:15 am

    Steve Chu is a physicist and former United States Secretary of Energy (2009 – 2013).

    They know. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, what lies ahead for the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Which is probably why they asked me to join their Escape From Earth program several years ago. At the time, they told me that they were looking for people who were willing to work towards habitability and survival, but since then, the goal posts have changed. Now it’s called Fuck All, we’re all going to be screwed.

  • December 29, 2016 at 7:41 am

    A lot depends on the multiplier used for methane. People tend to stick with low multipliers because the situation is not entirely clear yet.

    If you use the 86xCO2 that has been assigned to methane for 20 years the current level of methane (2 ppm) has a CO2e of about 172. Since methane is accumulating in the atmosphere even the 86xCo2 is probably too low.

    When other greenhouse gases are added to the current 405 ppm CO2 the CO2e for the lot comes to well over 600 ppm.

    It is only the thermal mass of the oceans and the heat of phase change that are preventing super-fast overheating.

    And since all governments are committed to globally increasing emissions -even tiny nations that are threatened with inundation promote increased tourism- it’s only a matter of time before TSHTF. 3 years? 5 years?

    Nevertheless, it’s good that Steven Chu has alluded to the truth.

    • December 29, 2016 at 7:46 am

      Methane breaks down into carbon dioxide over time. No idea what multipliers Chu used, but it is interesting nonetheless.

      The deep ocean heating has been reported. Still rising, although acidification may not increase much more since saturation levels are nearly there.

      I read a dozen or so “denier” articles today. Amazing how these idiots keep telling themselves it’s all a conspiracy. Proof that human stupidity is still increasing, must be related to rising C02 levels!

  • December 29, 2016 at 8:56 am

    I did a little Net surfing about the health effects of 600+ ppm out of curiosity and found this Reddit discussion from a year or so ago:

    One quote that caught my eye: “Gradually, to the known effects of carbon dioxide emissions – like climate warming and ocean acidification – we will be forced to add impairment of our higher mental functions. Faced with the rising complex problems of our civilization, requiring the ability to analyze complex information, undertake initiatives and strategic planning – we place ourselves at a profound disadvantage, perhaps at a literally dysfunctional level.”

    I think it’s pretty obvious we hit that level around 200 ppm, when there was still a faint chance to make better choices that might have made a difference.

    Ah, well — I’m going to hope for the outcome the latest History Channel Doomsday show on black holes postulated. Black holes aren’t really planet-killers — they’re doughnut-shaped and all of us will sail through the middle unscathed as we are gobbled up by the darkness, into a parallel universe of rainbows and unicorns. (To think I used to view the History Channel as at least a couple of steps up from Faux News.)

    • December 29, 2016 at 9:05 am

      Can I vote for the unicorns? That would be something to see!

    • December 29, 2016 at 1:51 pm

      That’s a very interesting find you have there Valerie. I hadn’t read this until tonight.

      The link leads to this:

      This is a must read for everyone.

      “The estimated toxic level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere under lifetime exposure is 426 ppm (Figure 1). At the present rate of increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the toxic limit will be attained in AD 2050 based on extrapolation of the measured results from Mauna Loa.”

      “The effects of carbon dioxide are a reduction in the pH value of blood
      serum leading to acidosis. The minimum effects of acidosis are restlessness and mild hypertension. As the degree of acidosis increases, somnolence and confusion follow. One of the effects of these changes is a reduced desire to indulge in physical activity. Other metabolic effects of acidosis have been reviewed and shown to be extensive. Embryonic or foetal abnormalities are also possible as the increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide affects maternal metabolisms in succeeding generations.”

      Carbon dioxide toxicity and climate change: a serious unapprehended risk for human health.

      These include threats to life such as kidney failure, bone atrophy and loss of brain function. Existing research also indicates that as ambient CO2
      increases in the near-future, there will be an associated increase in cancers, neurological disorders and other conditions.

      This needs a lot more attention. Reading through the papers and additional links, it’s clear that there are definite affects on human health.

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