US Foreign Policy

Worthy of it’s own blog entry, Blum’s new Anti-Empire Report. Worth reading.

US Foreign Policy

Farther down, you will find this:

Films on US foreign policy

The Power Principle is a series of three films by Scott Noble. Part one, “Empire”, is the only one I’ve seen completely so far and I can say that it’s great stuff. The three parts, with their times, are:

Featured in the films are Noam Chomsky, Michael Parenti, John Stockwell, Christopher Simpson, Ralph McGehee, Philip Agee, Nafeez Ahmed, John Perkins, James Petras, John Stauber, Russ Baker, Howard Zinn, William Blum, Nancy Snow, William I. Robinson, Morris Berman, Peter Phillips, Michael Albert, and others of the usual suspects.

I’ve watched Part 1 — sure to be shocking for those that are enamored by the benevolent ‘Empire’.  I may report on the rest once I get through it all.

I wonder how many people will take the time to learn?


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