31.5 Million Americans On Food Stamps

There are at present, 31,500,000 Americans on food stamps. But they’ll barely admit that we are in a recession, or that a full-blown depression is just around the corner.

But anti-hunger groups said the economic downturn is the main reason behind the higher figures.

I know that the number of “food poor” is actually much higher then this. Not everyone can qualify for food stamps. Our local stores here are filled with people using them, but I’ve seen people who cannot buy food.

One fellow was maxed out on his debit card in a nearby town. He’d put bacon, cheese and bread on the counter and the cashier rang it up and ran his card. It came back declined. She tried again, same thing. He told the cashier that he must not have any money in his account and wouldn’t be able to buy it.

It was about 7:30 in the morning and I was next in line. He walked out the door and I said, “Looks like he was buying breakfast” and she said, “Yeah, he’s a real nice kid, but he’s having a hard time of it”. I told her to set the items aside, I would buy them if I could catch up with the guy.

He was just rounding the corner of the building when I hollered at him to come back. He didn’t even have a car. I told him I’d pick up the tab for breakfast and took him back inside, bought the whopping $13 worth of food for him and handed him another $50. He asked me for a job.

The moral of this story is Americans need help, badly. But contrast this simple example to how American Iron is still screwing the average guy. Begging for billions while still giving millions to lobbyists and politicians.

There is no balance in this country, no equilibrium. The danger here should be obvious, and what we all need to do.

We can start by abandoning Detroit. They do not deserve one cent.

Update:  I saw this last night, but should have included this in this post.  As if you needed a reason to blame Detroit, here’s (just) one.

Back in July, Ford released the details of a new Fiesta it plans to begin selling this November. The new car is based on Ford’s ECOnetic platform and can get 63 mpg in the city and 73 mpg on the highway. So why is it only available in Europe? It’s a diesel, and Ford doesn’t think Americans will ever adopt diesel cars.

According to Businessweek, Ford lists a littany of excuses why they could never market this car in the US. Chief among these excuses is that they don’t think they could ever sell enough of them to make a profit. Ford says that in order to produce them for the US market they’d have to build a new plant and then make at least 350,000 of them a year.

So we’re still getting cars that get 20 mpg and some at 30 mpg. Ford in this case, on the “big three”, doesn’t think Americans would buy their 60 & 70 mpg cars.

It is this kind of thinking behind corporate America that really pisses me off.  Now they want the government to bail them out with billions of dollars in handouts.

But even these billions pale in comparison to the trillions committed to bailing out the failing financial sector.

The problem here is ALL of the wrong people are being “helped” to your money, which translates to multi-generations of financial commitment, think your grandkids, grandkids, grandkids here, being enslaved to help the fools of today. The greedy hands being shoved in our faces deserve to have their fingers broken off. And the irresponsible banks that are now buying up “solid assets” should have all of your money taken out of them and buried in a can in your backyard.

Demanding Congress to stop giving away money to these greedy bastards isn’t going to be enough. You’ll need to step up to the plate yourself and stop supporting your government and it’s failing institutions including banks, in all sizes, shapes and methods. They sure as hell are not supporting you or the American that is going hungry. They simply do not give a shit.

As a side note — the financial collapse of our system is no accident. It is deliberate, methodical and pure evil. America and th world is being fast-tracked to a new global system of power and control. There is really little we can do about it, and therefore as promised, I’m not going to rant on the subject much.

But you can prepare for this and when the time is right for you, you can fight back. Just learn the lesson that fighting this politically is not the answer and never was.


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2 thoughts on “31.5 Million Americans On Food Stamps

  • December 4, 2008 at 12:06 pm
    Absoforkinlutely. The great frustration is that there are no criminal penalties for what is being done. To do that, you’d probably have to begin by indicting the enablers on capital hill and their buds serving as judges.

    Think about the recent Supreme Court ruling that said that Navy sonar exercises were more important than the damage it is doing to the whales. War over life… A simple equation.

    Recently on Democracy Now, economist Michael Hudson made the stunning statement that next year corporations will be expected to fully fund their pension obligations. He said that if they were actually forced to do this, the majority of them would be insolvent! That’s right… and who would be on the books to pick that tab up? Instead, what I predict will likely happen is that those who had contributed to pensions at these companies will be screwed. They will find their pensions reduced because the criminals that ran their corporations and gave the money to themselves in compensation and their shareholders in dividends face NO criminal penalties.

    Same is true of SSec beneficiaries. We are being told that we must work longer to collect. And we will see our payouts greatly diminished. As Chris Martenson pointed out, the government as consistently understated the inflation rate. If SSec payments had kept up with “real” inflation, they would be double what they are now. But of course we can’t afford that and fund our gigunda military and its huge appetite for killing brown people around the globe.

    But let’s not stop there, Admin. Your new bud is probably up to his ears in finance charges and fees associated with milking every last cent out of his credit card. And it’s perfectly legal for the banks to charge these fees – which can double the normal purchase (they simply allow the balance to go negative up to a point but continue to charge fees and interest which amounts to 1000% over a given year).

    Think I’m exxagerating? Two years ago I had a run-in with Citibank. I had moved and while I had told the Goodyear dealer to update his records, I had no idea that his records weren’t tied to Goodyear’s corporate system (he was an independent franchiser). Now I have been a loyal Goodyear patron for 15 years. So you can imagine how surprised I was when a bill shows up in my mailbox two months later saying that I owed $60 on my original $16 oil change. That’s right. Well I went back and forth, including letters to Goodyear corporate. In the process, I discovered that the Goodyear credit card I had charged the oil change to was actually handled by Citibank, and that it was Citibank that was charging me these excess fees plus calling me for payback night and day. It took another four months to resolve, but Goodyear forgave all the charges and the original charge for the oil change. Citibank, on the other hand, was completely arrogant and treated me like I was a piece of shit to be stomped on. It is this same company, Citibank, that has eliminated 50,000 of their jobs this last year and asked the federal govt for a $350 billion credit guarantee (which our govt willingly supplied). Outrageous. If anyone should fail, it should be these asshole banks that make everyone indentured slaves.

    Yes, the problem is bad and its getting worse and will get much worse. Princeton economist Paul Krugman who won the Nobel Prize for economics this year says now there is a one in three chance unemployment will hit 10% next year, and that’s just “official” unemployment. Most agree that this understates the number by about half – i.e., the real unemployment rate would be about 20% if you included those who were “underemployed” and those who have given up looking altogether (“discouraged” workers). Ah… government euphemisms….

    We need criminal penalties. I was talking with a friend today and was recalling that it is well known that when Enron collapsed, Anderson, Enron’s accounting firm, shredded documents non-stop to cover their tracks. No one was ever brought to justice for this.

    Simply put: We are a nation of crooks and its all perfectly legal. God bless the USA.

  • December 5, 2008 at 5:36 pm
    Add to the insanity: 1 in 100 Americans behind bars, report finds
    Prison spending ballooned from $11 billion to $49 billion in 2 decades
    .Most on drug charges I think I read somewhere.

    Four states — Vermont, Michigan, Oregon and Connecticut — now spend more on corrections than they do on higher education, the report said.

    “These sad facts reflect a very distorted set of national priorities,” said Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent from Vermont, referring to the full report. “Perhaps, if we adequately invested in our children and in education, kids who now grow up to be criminals could become productive workers and taxpayers.”

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