DIY Wind Turbines

DIY Wind Turbines (49 pages)

‘off-the-shelf’ models from UK

Be wary of modified sine wave inverters for electronic loads. They produce harmonics that can wreck havoc with computers and other microprocessors. Use a (pricey) true sinewave invereter for powering anything that has a microprocessor.

Don’t forget OtherPower

And Hugh Piggot

He started out building generators out of axles and brake drums and now has plans and specs for PM alternators. He also has the KISS tail design to furl out the blades in high wind. I have most of his books (you can download most of the info from his site) and plan on building one “some day”.Rolling Eyes

He also has some great links at the bottom of his home page. One is Paul Gipe, who I have seen speak and is just in the next state over and is all over the field of wind very impressive.


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