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How climate change transformed the Earth in 2016 – Food and coffee failures, coral reef collapse and more.

Zimbabwe: Zim Response to Climate Change Will Determine Economic Direction  – 75% maize crop failure, effects of climate change already severe.

Dipshit Scott Walker’s repetitive disrespect for environment, climate change reality  – Ruining the future ever faster.

Grinding of the Greens gives back to the environment  –  Cutting down a living tree, stand it up in your living room, toss it into the trash heap. All done by using oil of course for fuel and transportation. Grind it up and turn it into mulch, using more oil. What is wrong with this picture? Christmas trees are another example of how humans refuse to change their ways.

Uganda: Hot Christmas Message, Insulted, Environment – Hot as Hell for Christmas in Uganda. Hunger and starvation abounds.

China’s giant cow farms befoul environment – It’s more then bad stink, it’s water, soil and manure pollution on a “mountainous” scale. Happening all over the globe.

Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Viet Nam – Over 2 million displaced persons and rising. Viet Nam is particularly exposed to floods and typhoons as well asdroughts and sea-level rise, which have major impacts on the country’s environment and the livelihoods of its 90.73 million people.

No food, no medicine, no respite: A boy’s death in Venezuela – Even the oil-rich countries are not immune from incompetence, falling prices and food dependency.

Zimbabwe headed for ‘Armageddon’ – “Obviously, things are not looking good in terms of the economy and the worst is yet to come in 2017. There will be shortages of commodities, closure of the few remaining companies and great suffering for the people.”

Looming Humanitarian Crisis in Zimbabwe – 2017 will be a major crisis. No food, no fuel.

Labour shortages looming on Canadian farms – Not going to double production as hoped.

Growing Pains: Home Gardening Strengthens Food Security, Promotes Healthy Eating –  The island of St. Thomas relies on 99% of food imports for its daily survival (and oil to flow).

The Guardian view on climate change: bad for the Arctic – What’s bad for the Arctic is going to be bad for the globe.

2016: The year mankind BROKE Earth – and why we’re ALL doomed – You heard it here first. Obviously a questionable news source, however the conclusions are correct except the lie about hope and keeping temperatures below 2°C. Never ever going to happen.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM): Many More Troubles Over Climate Change –  Exxon knew in the early 70’s that they would be destroying the Earth and did nothing about it except cover it all up. By “1981 [they] were already indicative of the notion that the crude oil and gas usage by the company would “produce effects that will indeed be catastrophic” in future. Exxon Mobil downplayed such threats to global warming via reiterating that the company has provided with adequate disclosure regarding the issues of climate change.”

The Free-Market Case for Climate Science – A stupid paper. Climate science is “true” because the free market demonstrates it.

Survey: Half of all Hungarians View Climate Change as an Immediate Threat – It’s only here in America, land of sheep and stupids that we view climate change as a non-event, non-threat. Everybody else actually gets it. However, their still a bit slow on the uptake in Hungary, half think it won’t be a problem until 2050.

Climateers Can’t Handle the Truth – More Walls Street Journal double-speak to blur the message. Obfuscate the main message regarding climate changing (it’s warming, you fucking idiots, we did it and yes, you are all a bunch of climate denialist fucking it up for everyone else). Now who can’t handle the truth?

Agriculture sustainability and climate change – “Climate disruptions to agricultural production have increased in the past 40 years and are projected to continue increasing over the next 25 years. Producers and land managers will face increases in the frequency of extreme weather events, which will cause significant erosion, runoff and nutrient losses; prolonged droughts; increase pressure from pests and diseases; and higher temperatures, which will affect crop pollination and lower yields.”

Seriously? What happens in 25 years? Oh, that’s right. We’ll all be dead. No need for agriculture then. Or more likely, virtually ALL of our plans, ideas, mitigation and efforts will be proven utterly useless and we can’t predict anything at all past 25 more years. THAT is much more likely and perhaps the reason why these near-useless ‘projections’ can still be found.

Fake news is old news to climate scientists — and it has set progress back years – “For years, right-wing news organizations like Breitbart, Infowars, the Daily Caller, and Climate Depot have fed their denial, publishing stories that misinterpret, misrepresent, or distort scientific findings — or just outright lie.” Hysteria sells and the sites listed (there are many more) are very good at spoon-feeding hysteria. I’m still waiting for somebody to shoot Alex Jones and do the world a favor. The article is worth reading, it covers many of the cases and claims and lies being told.

I picked out about 50% of the articles I’ve come across – there are many, many more. Each 24 hour news cycle (or thereabouts) has a ton of new stories and articles on climate change. There are tens of thousands of scientists working on this topic at a feverish pace. The news, when taken as a whole and what it means for Earth and human survival, is ALWAYS BAD. And getting worse.




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7 thoughts on “24 Hours of Climate News

  • December 28, 2016 at 5:48 pm

    Arctic ice cover is currently about 1 million km2 below the 2000s average.


    Antarctic ice cover is currently about 2 million km2 below the 2000s average.


    Hard to believe it is all due to winds blowing the ice around when we’ve seen a series of record high temperatures.

    In this part of the world the ‘festive season’ doesn’t really end until late January. Got to burn oil and get the CO2 level up via lots of stupid behaviour. Plus lots of eating and drinking.

    On the opposite side of the world civilization is taking its toll:

    ‘Eighty-three per cent of 40- to 60-year-olds are either drinking too much, are inactive or are overweight, Public Health England (PHE) said.
    Officials said that nine in 10 men (87 per cent) and eight in 10 women (79 per cent) are not doing enough exercise, exceeding the recommended limits for alcohol or are either overweight or obese.’


    Not much better here.

    • December 29, 2016 at 2:06 am

      Global Climate Change: Arctic Sea Ice Just Hit Another Scary Record


      While global climate change may seem like a vague and distant worry to most people, the truth is that 2.34 million square miles of sea ice have disappeared from the Arctic and Antarctic coastlines.

      But here’s the scary part: that’s roughly equal to the size of India.

      Even Antarctica, which has proven more resistant to global climate change, is losing ice at a record pace. It is now roughly 386,000 square miles below its previous low point, a fact that should terrify all humans, everywhere.

  • December 29, 2016 at 1:51 am

    Scientists predict how much Donald Trump is going to destroy the planet

    I do not agree with the prediction (read the article). Once again, they’re deceiving the public on how fast, how severe and how irreversible committed changes already are.

    They’re still using the bogus 2C target too. Which we will blow right past no matter what.

    Always bogus assumptions about fantasy technologies that don’t exist (which makes ALL of the IPCC reports absolutely useless). No mention of how missing ice will be replaced, oceans will be cooled, C02 will be removed from the atmosphere, soil, oceans. Always overlooking the thousand years C02 will stay in the atmosphere or the accumulated effects over such huge spans of time.

    These fuckers are lying to everybody and it is deliberate.

    We already know multiple countries are reversing their stance on climate action. This places their estimates into the ‘severe’ category.

    This pisses me off. You cannot find accurate, comprehensive reporting or estimates anywhere.

    Except here. It is relatively easy to collect their own measurements and estimates and assemble the pieces, which is why I believe extinction is what lies ahead, not mitigation, not adaption, not anything but extinction.

    With bogus reporting like this the gold ‘standard’ these daze, the only thing humans can prepare for is worse and worse.

    The global media has betrayed us all.

  • December 29, 2016 at 2:01 am

    I’ve got dozens and dozens more articles I could link here, but won’t. It’s just too much.


    These morons are promoting “clean tech” as the “solution”. There is no such thing as clean technology invented by man.

    More stupidity: sustainability-themed shopping apps. Oh my, how deceived can they be?

    Then there’s this: Join the blogging contest and win a free trip to Abu Dhabi as Masdar’s VIP guest!

    Everybody is lying. Everybody is going to try and literally cash in on the greenwash ‘revolution’ as a ‘solution’. It’s all just so much bullshit that it makes me want to puke. But I see this attitude everywhere – we’re going to BUY our way to sustainable solution!

    I can only hope that some form of life will survive human stupidity.

  • December 29, 2016 at 2:44 am

    Here is an example of the complete stupidity being expressed by those vested with destruction:


    Global warming, as both a major science debate and an economic issue, has become a major dividing point in American politics.

    Recent global agreements brokered by the U.N. seek steep reductions in world C02 output to slow the presumed warming of the earth’s atmosphere, while also seeking alterations in the economy that would move energy sources away from fossil fuels toward renewable natural energy.

    But a growing contingent of scientists and economists call into question the climate change dogma, saying that the temperature data show no clear recent warming and noting that the benefits of warming, if it existed, might be greater than the costs. This split will define the political debate in the near term.

    Key buzzwords designed to distract, deflect and dissuade any real investigation or interest by ‘investors’ (rapacious monsters) are “presumed warming” (to only include the atmosphere, no mention of soils or oceans), “climate change dogma”, “no clear recent warming”, “benefits of warming”, “if it existed” and of course “costs”.

    The fucking moron that wrote this should be drawn and quartered and put on public display. Year after year of escalating heat is ignored. The only “dogma” here is the same denialist crap from the same morons that are ruining the planet for habitability.

    These are the same people who will guaranteed your destruction and that of your children and grandchildren. They refuse what their own eyes can see, they deny the experts, the research, the measurements and everything else in their insatiable quests for profits.

    They are the monsters of the Earth.

    • December 29, 2016 at 5:16 am

      The usual procedure was to hang, draw and quarter. Contrary to popular belief the hanging was not from a long rope but was hanging on a ladder in such a way that the victim suffered choking but not death. Depending on the offence, the genitals were cut off and stuffed into the victims mouth, and then the drawing commenced -slicing the abdomen and pulling out the victims intestines whilst the victim remained alive. Finally the head was chopped off and the body cut into four pieces for public display, as a warning to other who might contemplate the same offence -challenging the authority of the king or local lord. (Ordinary folk were simply hung from a rope in the medieval period, quite often whether they had committed an offence or not.)

      I am personally not in favour of such brutality and, if I had the power, would sentence ‘The fucking moron that wrote this’ to 15 years hard labour -half the day breaking up concrete and removing asphalt, and the other half tending to food production on the exposed ground. No food production, no food. Just a fantasy, of course, because those who loot and pollute will control the system till the Earth becomes uninhabitable.

      Indeed, I see that other so-called articles on that ‘investors’ website are pure propaganda, geared to promoting the rapid desecration of what is not already ruined in and around continental USA in one last orgy of utter stupidity and greed: presumably, if those maniacs have their way, drilling and fracking will take place everywhere there is the slightest whiff of profit, except exclusive golf courses and privately-owned ranches and resorts.

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