DDT In Your Diet

I stopped eating ocean fish quite some time ago. I don’t know how many fish are caught off of California, but this should alarm you: Scientists uncover startling concentrations of pure DDT along seafloor off LA coast

There are still some people that think DDT is ok to consume, but that’s probably because they ate a lot of it as children…

Now, justĀ  image how bad this REALLY is around the world. The US isn’t alone in using the ocean as a dumping ground, virtually every country on Earth has done this. Sampling isn’t being done to actually discover the true scale and horror of what humanity has done, all in the name progress and development, more appropriately called “rape and pillage”.

I have a friend who works in the oil industry, spent many years in Alaska, then Texas and all over the US. His stories of pollution are mind-boggling. But it’s not just the oil companies destroying the environment, ground water and water ways, it’s also chemical companies, agriculture and pretty much everything humanity has devised to enhance “growth” and “profits”.

Because the Earth is so large and vast, the “out of sight, out of mind” practice of polluting wherever, whenever, however, whatever was practiced by virtually everyone. US companies pulled out of the US and pushed their pollution practices offshore. The photos and videos of this pollution can be easily found on Youtube. It’s absolutely disgusting and definitely criminal.


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