2018 Nearly Gone, and Still They Lie

End of the year rant.

There is no such thing as clean energy. Or clean electricity. All forms of energy and electricity actually come from fossil fuel inputs. That’s what builds the trains, cars, solar panels, wind farms, hydroelectric dams, geothermal plants and so on. And fossil fuel is what repairs all the trains, cars, solar panels, wind farms, hydroelectric dams, geothermal plants and so on. Fossil fuels is what powers the extraction of all the minerals and rare metals that are mined, processed, transported and distributed and made into batteries, motors and magnets. ALL of this comes from fossil fuel use. These components and parts are shipped all over the world – using some of the worst forms of diesel there is (bunker fuel). You can see their emissions from space.

There is no such thing as clean energy, period. From lecturer’s on “sustainable energy” to media pundits babbling on about our “renewable future”, this fact should be well known. Moreover, there is no such thing as “sustainable energy” either, unless we’re talking about passive solar gain or photosynthesis. But mankind hasn’t harnessed either one of these sustainable sources yet.

The dishonesty in the clean energy movement is astounding and misleading the entire world into believing that we’re improving our global energy consumption (we’re not), we’re no longer harming the global environment (we are), fossil fuel consumption is going down (it’s not), carbon dioxide emissions are being reduced (they’re not) and we’re finally on the right path for a sustainable future (we’re not). Every single one of these assumptions and claims is factually false.

Little to no discussion includes using LESS energy, LESS growth, LESS materialism, LESS consumption, LESS natural resource demands, LESS population. LESS of everything is what is really needed – not ongoing dishonesty, deception, increased consumption, pollution and fossil fuel creating the misnamed “clean energy” myth.

550 GIGATONS of carbon dioxide needs to be removed from Earth’s environment. This figure isn’t hyperbole, and massively dwarfs anything humanity has ever done ever, and humanity does not have the time, money, technology or political power to do so. Articles that spread a message of hopium (false optimism based on fantasy technologies that don’t actually exist) are misleading and dangerous, creating a false sense of optimism with no substance.

Moreover, that’s just the figure for PAST world emissions – this does not include the yearly current emissions that also need to be “captured” (which we are not adequately doing, are not capable of actually doing, have no real intentions of doing, otherwise we’d have done it already). The problem is political economics and inadequate technology, we have too little of both.

The world is now fully committed to catastrophic warming because we cannot remove this carbon dioxide, or the other greenhouse gasses like methane, with emissions rising very rapidly now from melting permafrost and methane hydrates. All “talk” of a 1.5 °C or 2 °C warming potential, target or goal is so much complete hogwash that it should be totally abandoned for its extreme dishonesty and misrepresentation of actual facts.

What desperately needs to be done is declare a planetary emergency and admit to catastrophic unstoppable warming that will devastate civilization, food production, agriculture, ocean acidification, reef collapse, salinity and global ice melt. We WILL lose 95% of our sea ports (in the United States) and this is factually unstoppable now, which means global shipping here and elsewhere will cease to exist as we know it today. That fact alone will be catastrophic for the world economy.

A planetary emergency now exists – but instead we’re still being entertained with phony stats and promises that totally fail to grasp the reality of what will happen. Warming is now unstoppable, even if we quit all emissions tomorrow world wide. Our current “business as usual” pathway will increase the global average temperature on Earth at least 8.5 °C with some regions considerably hotter then that.

This represents an extinction level event and will wipe out all mammals (including humans) due to habitat destruction, species extinction and first and foremost, starvation as plant life and smaller food prey die out. Oceans will become very acidic and all edible fish will be gone by 2050 as temperature and acidification worsen and reef collapse continues, with salinity and thermohaline changes. Huge changes in water temperatures are now being detected in the world’s oceans which have absorbed most of the excess energy imbalance on the planet.

These are the discussions, papers and research that are really needed now. Not more false and misleading claims about “clean energy”, no more empty “agreements” while continuing to encourage unchecked growth, no more wrangling over mere words and meanings with weakened commitments. It is plain fact that the world is not actually serious about emissions, warming, extinctions or the threat to planetary survival for all life on Earth.

Nothing is being planned or performed to alleviate the coming catastrophic loss of life and habitat. Ignorance, denial and disbelief run rampant. Critical voices are going silent. Profit madness drives planetary oblivion. Fantasy fear-mongering manipulates billions of people. Reality is rejected. Death and disappointment awaits.

I’m “back” but the message remains the same because it is still true, still on target, still happening, and still ignored.


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