May 182017

Cool articles (no pun intended) – Miles of Ice Collapsing Into the Sea

Graphic representation showing just how much and how incredible the amount of ice flow really is in Antarctica.

Unstoppable disintegration. And rising seas, world wide.

Oh, and there’s this – Doomsday Glacier

Catchy title. Won’t mean a thing to the distracted people of this planet. But it should. I don’t even think an imminent asteroid strike would raise much interest.

I’ve finally waded through half of Kim Robertson’s 2140 novel and found this a near-impossible read (don’t waste your money). It’s 600 pages or so, and I’ve hit page 300. What could have been written in one chapter (so far) has taken 300 pages of tedious and useless narrative. I’ll finish the damned thing, most likely, but wish I had something else on the shelf.

Robertson gets is massively wrong about the financial future and the fate of the world and especially New York. What else would you expect from a fiction writer who does not grasp the fundamentals of climate science or the essentials of living?

I don’t think it would really be that hard to depict what the world can expect from significant sea-level rise. It’s been pretty widely discussed, and it sure as shit won’t be what Robertson wrote. But fiction sells, reality doesn’t.

I’ve deliberately refrained from publishing more reality here. It’s a no-go these daze. You can’t write the truth anymore. It’s unpopular, it’s unsupported and not appreciated. Fiction really does sell better. Take a look at American politics for that reality check. The fiction sold to the American people has once again, proven to be very strange indeed. I’m not even going to waste your time or my time on it.

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    Acres, if you want a few good reads, there’s Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael, The Story of B, After Dachau, and a number of other novels. Unless you’ve already read his stuff?

    One of my favorite novels of all time is Shibumi by Tevanian:

    “But at least neither of us ended up as hired killers.”
    “Rubbish. Any man is a killer who works for a company that pollutes, strip-mines, and contaminates the air and water. The fact that you and your unlamented brother killed from institutional and patriotic ambush doesn’t mean you’re not killers—it only means you’re cowards.”

    There you go. That’s the novel for you: Shibumi.