Feb 272017

Two articles that reveal increasing violence as it relates to resources and climate change:

“A sense of despair”: The mental health cost of unchecked climate change

Study on prehistoric violence published

I seriously doubt that the meaning of these reports is being fully grasped. This is a topic that I’ve given a lot of consideration and planning. In my attempted discussions with other people on these points (violence and resource competition), I’ve almost never found anyone else who has really thought this through and how it effects the present and future of civilization.

Our propensity towards violence should be well understood. Perhaps science needs more evidence (which is what science does – establish evidence), but anthropologists probably don’t. Nor would a historian. Anyone who has survived the 20th or 21st century should well understand that human violence on other humans (and the rest of the natural world) is an easily provable fact, and that we are all most probably headed towards a lot more violence. But what still does not seem to be well understood or widely accepted is how violence begins and why. Both of these articles touch on these reasons.

Resource competition is a primary reason. Land, food, water, space, resources are all triggers for violence – wherever there is rising levels of human competition. In an era of climate change, extreme weather disruptions leads to helplessness and despair. A new term I’d not paid much attention to is “climate anxiety”, which “everyone is experiencing now”.

I’ve always believe that action is an antidote for despair. Do something. It’s pointless to sit around and complain, or worry about what is going on in the world. Do something about it. Get involved. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to be more then nothing. It can be as much as you like and can handle too. Some people dedicate their lives around their activism. I’ve done this many times myself, always engaging myself 110%, which isn’t good.

Recently, I learned that my area was going to build a silicon smelter operation nearby. Research revealed that this was going to pretty much ruin the local environment, pumping out toxic poisons into the atmosphere, soil and water. The more I learned, the more concerned I got. In fact, I got both scared and angry, this was going to be a total deal killer for a lot of people here, forcing us all to move away. The only alternative would be to accept living under a toxic cloud with the daily risk (24/7) of things going dangerously wrong and then having to evacuate.

I approached my entire family and asked what they wanted to do. Moving away was considered as a likely option, giving up on everything we’ve built here and tried to do. But so was activism – doing something about this. So I began to uncover everything I could about this project, which eventually culminated in building another website and then putting up flyers and notices around, plus contacting key people in the area and letting them know about this research effort.

I did not know what the outcome of this would be. A lot of money had already been spent and the county was all for this environmentally destructive project. They had already hired contractors and outside personnel to promote the project. Even the State was supporting this, ramrodding the project through. What scared the hell out of me however is what I had uncovered about their proposal. There was no public participation or notification. There was no investigation into local impacts prior to making the decision that this operation would be built. There was just very empty promises that “proper procedures would be followed” and that there would be “no environmental harm” to any of the local residents.

However, I had already uncovered tons of evidence that they were all lying about this – and they knew it too. Not only did they not follow proper procedures as promised, they were doing everything they could to ensure that the public did not catch wind of this before it was a done deal. My website scared the shit out of them because it revealed what they tried to keep hidden – that these type of operations were deadly to the local residents, accidents and spills were common, the chemicals they used were toxic and carcinogenic, and the impacts upon the local environment, residents, wildlife, soil, noise and air pollution would be significant. In fact, it’s so bad that it was already clear that sicknesses here would rise significantly, along with higher incidents of premature deaths and related diseases leading to early death.

So that’s exactly what I published – and I made sure that this was all well-documented. I even found evidence that the Canadians who were first approached for this project had also rejected it. They hadn’t done anything on the scale that I did, but their refusal of the project only reinforced my own efforts all the more.

But the best support finally came from a local Indian tribe, who finally put their foot down and said “NO”. I had already been there and had already shared my research. They were immediately and directly down-wind of this location and would have had the lions share of pollution washing over them (and their state-of-the-art health center). Early efforts of mine told me that they were divided among their people – some thought they’d find jobs there and others were very much against it. I already knew that the “job offer” pitch was total bullshit, the company was already planning on hiring everyone out of the area for the specialized positions required. But what was really amazing was how this company made an effort to pretend that there was no risk and no pollution, which I knew to be an absolute lie.

Months went by as I accumulated more and more evidence, anxiously awaiting some kind of hints that other local residents were going to finally take a keen interest in this and get involved. Nothing happened. It seemed as if nobody really cared, so I redoubled my efforts and approached the local newspaper (who rejected my letters), and county officials (who did not return my calls). I felt that I was already in a losing battle but giving up was simply not an option (until I’m dead) so I kept at it.

Finally, the good news arrived – this planet-ruining monstrosity was not going to be built here. The local paper said that the company had received a “gut punch” back in August – the same month that I had published my website, exposing the hazards and risks to humans and wildlife. I’ll never know if or what my role actually accomplished, and I don’t even care, all I know is I could not sit on my ass and not try to put a stop to this.

Now here is the point to this – do something. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to win or not, just don’t sit on your ass and expect someone else to do it for you. I didn’t have the time or the money, but I did it anyway, because if I didn’t, it’s damned likely nobody else would or it would have been too late when they finally did get involved. As it turns out, I’m the only person who did reveal everything about what was going to happen and how the local officials were pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. You may be the only person in your area that can also make a difference, but you’ve got to try. People need to realize that it’s going to take some self-sacrifice to save what is left, either do it or expect to lose it.

Climate change is going to wipe out civilization. I digest several hundred articles a week on this single topic. There is absolutely NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER what this outcome is going to be, because humans have NEVER lived on this planet under these expected climatic conditions (mostly extreme heat). Violence and despair are already on the rise and much, much more is expected. The Pentagon and the US military have flatly stated that climate change will devastate civilization, as have many other sources. But that does NOT mean there isn’t anything you can do. It means just the opposite, there is a LOT do be done, so GET INVOLVED and get busy. You absolutely MUST take a interest in what is unfolding now, because if you don’t, you’re going to find yourselves totally unprepared for what happens next.

Action is the antidote for helplessness and despair.

Feb 262017

A very welcome (and timely) donation from Charles (France) of $400 was received! Thank you Charles!

I was planning on closing down the blog and shutting off the Internet at the end of this month, but this has made it possible for me to keep the lights on here for a while longer.
Two books were passed into my hands to read, which I’d like to recommend:

“Finding Ultra: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World’s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself”, by Rich Roll, is along the lines of “Born to Run”, and reveals the indomitable human spirit (and a lot of huge mistakes along the way). I’ve read through both titles and definitely recommend them both. Ultra is also about food and how we’ve got it really messed up on what we eat.

I’m also borrowing a copy of “Mad Cowboy: Plain Truth from the Cattle Rancher Who Won’t Eat Meat”, by Howard Lyman, which is the story of a factory Big Ag farmer feedlot operator in Montana and how he came to reject the entire concept (and no longer eats meat either). What he reveals about cattle operations will sicken you, unless of course you’re just someone who doesn’t give a damn and think your pride matters more then health, cruelty or the total destruction of the biosphere.

I’ve met more then a few people who are like that. They’re damned proud to be stupid and refuse facts, science and evidence. As I recently shared, they’re extinctionists, hell-bent on ensuring we wipe everything else out first and then ourselves. They’re arrogant and quite stupid people. They also go by other names too.

What we are doing to the Earth (our only home) is totally unforgivable. It’s also inescapable now – there is no place on Earth you can go, not even to the deepest parts of the oceans and not find the destructive pollution and poisons of mankind. It’s absolutely everywhere now.

The quest to find health, happiness and safe, edible food isn’t as popular as it should be. Too many people are still enamored with fast living and faster dying, taking no thought for what they put into their bodies or the sicknesses that are inherently found with eating pure poison. I’ve managed to cut out a lot of garbage from my own life and continue to work on this constantly. I’m pretty happy with the progress I’ve made, but the more that I come to know and understand the food industry, the more disgusted and shocked I am.

People that eat badly should consider their habits far more carefully then they do, otherwise a bullet to the brain would be less costly and less painful. It’s hard to watch someone you love die because they simply didn’t give a damn about what they put into their bodies, but that’s a private matter that I’m dealing with right now. Don’t take my word on this, read the books for yourself.

Our species seems to be only concerned with itself and daily gratification of self. Long term focus is pretty difficult for the species, even though we supposedly have agencies and institutions that are tasked with this kind of objective. They’re staffed with humans however, and all humans seem to find it it difficult to take information, process it down into daily activities and habits that are beneficial and non-harmful. Instead, the easy way is usually the path most followed. The latte at Starbucks, the quick lunch off the food truck, the late-night snacking, hours and hours of semi-comatose television exposure, the easy adoption of endless propaganda and programming, the corporate policy of coercion and compliance to company objectives (none which are healthy and non-harmful to anyone or anything), and I’m not just referencing food and diet either, but all aspects of our supposedly “civilized” society.

It is our civilization, and our society, and our ways of conducting “business”, and how we live in our homes each and every day, and what we find ourselves doing, 24/7 to “survive” on this world, and how we’ve built this wall of indifference, callousness and apathy to all the astonishingly high levels of harm we are causing, even going so far as to convince ourselves that it is all necessary.

Which is bullshit of course, but it’s part of the propaganda found throughout our entire lives as human beings. It’s necessary to destroy the environment because humans need the resources. It’s necessary to expand our civilization to accommodate more humans. It’s necessary for more growth to support more economic activity. This is all translated into a billion different tiny actions, all working in concert to overcome, overpower and dominate the entire biosphere for exclusive human use, monetizing virtually everything. We’ve grown ourselves (by depletion and destruction of course) from a few hundred, to a few thousand, to a few million, to billions and billions spread out all over the planet, but not without a terrifying cost to ourselves and to the only place humans can ever call home. And we don’t care, not really. We’re surrounded by the evidence that we really don’t give a damn.

We’re surviving (for now), but nothing else really is. And our survival looks increasingly threatened when you take an honest assessment of what we’ve done and where this is all going. It’s a topic that I’ve spent a long, long time talking about here. But recent studies have suggested that humans really don’t want to know what the future holds, we’re not wired to cope with this knowledge. We’d much rather be uninformed (and unmoved) by what hard times may lie ahead. So this helps explain why we take so little real interest in tomorrow and so much more interest in today. What is happening right now is of much more concern to us, and we have a hard time adding up what it will mean for tomorrow.

I don’t know if you need to be of a particular personality or persuasion or whatever it is to be like that (or not like that), but I’ve always had an interest in assessing the future. It could be because I’ve overcome some astounding obstacles myself, much more so then the ones you will read about in these two books I’m recommending. Having to look ahead when you’ve been so far down to the very point of death and defeat is probably a choice – but what choice is that, really? Do we / I just give up and quit, abandon all hope and desire, dreams and ambitions and the ones you love? Or do you rise above “the impossible” and rejoin the fight and struggle to survive?

It depends on who you are, in the end. And where you are in your life, in your head. Quitting is a choice, just as much as living is. Everything else springs from there, in a daily cascading domino effect of tiny, cumulative choices resulting in individual actions and activities, which in turn, multiplied by over 7 billion humans, has tremendous impact upon what the “future” really is. In other words, the future is what we make it. We will most certainly have to accept the future we’ve already created, but we still have opportunity to influence the outcome.

The problem then it seems, is to get enough people making informed decisions and individual choices about themselves, without rejecting knowledge. It isn’t so much a “mass movement” that I’m advocating here, which is damned hard to do, but individuals who consciously choose what is better for them, and what is also better for others – and not just our own species either. That choice comes from knowledge and awareness, which today is being widely denigrated and denied. Which is ironic when you think about it – none of us would be here today – not a single one of us, if our parents and grandparents had accepted this kind of foolishness, rejecting knowledge. But there is a huge and growing meme that knowledge, science, facts and evidence should be routinely rejected now in favor of opinions and bias, which is utterly ridiculous and ultimately self-destructive.

Of course, it is also ironic that so many humans will pick-and-choose which knowledge they deem acceptable and what knowledge they won’t. It is evident that they lack the ability to even understand a lot of the knowledge, facts, science and evidence that make up the world. But they benefit from this nonetheless, while counter-intuitively rejecting it (hypocrites comes to mind). What this means is the species is capricious in many ways, having the capacity to learn and adapt to learning but then refusing to do so.

This does not bode well for the future, it indicates to me at least, that this “rising tide of stupid” will drown out everything else in the end, even our ability to survive on this planet. Despite being a “half-empty” glass kind of guy, I’m still hoping to see my fellow humans rise about bias, opinion and “stupid” before this self-destructive attitudes and beliefs destroy everything for everybody. I find it totally unacceptable that one species could be so uncaring, so insensitive and so blind, yet so incredibly bright, capable and intelligent at the same time that they would allow themselves to be overtaken by propaganda and “stupid” in favor of self-destruction.

But that is most definitely, the path we are still firmly on.

Feb 202017

I propose we stop using the term “climate denial” and “denialist” as these two terms fail to convey what climate denial really means.

We should use the term “extinctionist” to properly describe what it really means to pretend climate change isn’t real, isn’t happening and won’t have any effects.


On the one hand it is sobering. By 2050, climate change has put the world and its inhabitants under incredible stress. Rising sea levels have inundated many coastal cities, including Dubai; water and food scarcity have created hundreds of millions of climate refugees. These outcomes are not presented as a threat, but a certainty.
Dubai’s bid to cash in on climate change

This is almost hilarious. While admitting to hundreds of millions of climate refugees, Dubai – one of the most energy intensive and wasteful cities of all, wants to “cash in”. Their “verticle indoor farms” are insane. Not only will they not produce enough food or calories, the cost will be ridiculous.

Let’s just imagine for a moment that the Reimagining Climate Change solutions actually all work. Who will be able to afford these niceties? The hundreds of millions of displaced refugees? With what? Dubai is hoping to use its immense wealth to help itself, and its investors – make no mistake about it.

This is why the LIFE project makes more sense.

Feb 162017

I’ve issued an alert to whoever will find this and take the time to read it: Climate Change Will Devastate Civilization

Every day, I’m trying to digest more and more articles on climate change, sea level rise and environmental collapse. I can’t keep up. It’s usually about 50 – 70 articles a day pouring in. If ever there was a time to start screaming and sounding the alarm bells, it’s right now.

Many of them are not unique in their content and information, but some of them really are and these are the ones I’m paying the most attention to because they reveal breaking news, science and data.

Readers will already know that I’m not requiring any “convincing”, having long ago determined the trajectory of this course civilization has taken. I’m not even focusing on the question of “when” anymore, or at least, not much. I’m much more interested now in what can be done, if anything, to preserve what is left. What I’ve noted from the literature is that there is scant little consideration to this idea. It’s as if it hasn’t even really occurred to enough people, particularly scientist and researchers and especially journalist and authors.

This isn’t surprising however, but it is an indication of just how far ahead of the pack I’m running. Humanity really needs to start focusing on this question as soon as possible. For now, the main focus seems to be on just reporting what’s unfolding. It’s not enough. Massive efforts need to be launched to preserve what is left and reducing what we demand. The “less is more” meme that I’ve long advocated.

Share the link above if you can. We need billions more people taking an interest in their own future – as soon as possible.


Feb 132017

Two short articles I’ll ask you to read: People in Hong Kong are moving into 20-square-foot ‘coffin homes’ to save money

Also read this: Elon Musk doubles down on universal basic income: ‘It’s going to be necessary’

The future revealed. Unchecked growth, overpopulation and dwindling resources (same as now, just worse).

If any of us are alive in twenty years, you could expect to be living as a refugee. Perhaps you’ll have a monthly stipend to ‘support’ you, but probably not. Most likely, you’ll be living in crowded encampments where crime, disease, hunger and competition for basic resources will be a daily fight for survival. There’s going to be a lot of dead bodies lying around.

The future isn’t going to be better. It’s going to be much, much worse – precisely because we are unable to restrain ourselves.

If you pay close attention here, you will see this unrestrained appetite everywhere you look. You’ll also notice a corresponding decline in basic human rights, freedom, space and opportunity too.

What happened in Hong Kong will happen here in our crowded cities.

I can’t even imagine this kind of existence, which it isn’t. No life of your own, not even a pretense of personal privacy or hardly a pot to piss in. A nearly unimaginable horror already being realized, and yet… nothing is going to avoid this for millions of people, unless civilization itself manages to collapse.

If you want to know the future – just look now. The species isn’t going to change its ways. Innovation just means more, faster and faster with humans, animals, spaces and life itself being pushed aside to make ‘room’ for the golden future the technologist, industrialist and business interests rape, plunder and pillage whatever is still left.

It’s a horror show.

And you’re living it.


I need to give up on the ‘survival’ meme, the idea that people are going to take interest in their own personal preparations. They’re not.

I also need to give up on the hope that people will finally come around to the extreme danger they are already in. They won’t.

Other things I need to give up:

That people will stop doing what they are told.

That they will learn to think for themselves.

That they will hold those who speak untruths accountable.

It’s 2017 and quite frankly, I’m not enjoying the show anymore. This theater of the absurd is filled with idiots and morons, liars and thieves, indifferent and apathetic zombies devouring all the popcorn, soda, candy and hot dogs they can find, poisoning their brains and tossing their trash everywhere, while wildly cheering the on-screen ‘hero’ for more bad acting and a poorly written script. It’s yet another rerun which we’ve all seen before. Nothing changes, it just keeps getting worse and worse.

No, I am not depressed. Just disgusted.

It’s always a horror show, it’s the only show in town no matter where you live.

Feb 122017

I’ve made a decision on what to do with the blog – public viewing is restored, and I’m giving up on the proposed mandatory participation. Regarding new blog posts – I don’t know yet.