Jan 242017


What We Know About Climate Change: Professor Kerry Emanuel – The basic causes of climate change (orbital and chemical), the history of understanding climate change, likely temperature scenarios, the effect of clouds and other uncertainties.
Climate Change as a Perfect Storm: Prof Alden Griffith – video showing human caused, projections
Jennifer Francis: A New Arctic Feedback
Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science
No Carbon Budget
Future Sea Level Rise

Recent Ocean Warming has been underestimated – NOAA’s data adjustments

LINKS (articles)

Bill Nye on climate deniers: Academics For Hire Exposed – Academics-for-hire agree not to disclose fossil fuel funding
NASA 97% Scientific Consensus Warming Is Human Caused – Multiple sources cited.
The 97 Percent Scientific Consensus on Climate Change Is Wrong—It’s Even Higher
Consensus on consensus: a synthesis of consensus estimates on human-caused global warming
NASA study sheds new insights into global warming trends – no hiatus, missing heat into oceans, still warming up
Factcheck: Mail on Sunday’s ‘astonishing evidence’ about global temperature rise – Setting the real record straight on NOAA’s ‘data adjustments’
New analysis shows Lamar Smith’s accusations on climate data are wrong
Did NOAA Scientists Manipulate Climate Change Data? – Nope, just more b.s. from the connedspiracy crowd.
Did the Daily Mail Accurately Report Climate Data Manipulation? – Horribly poor journalism tries to deceive illiterate readers.
Dr. Bates Interoffice Spat Backfires – The real story on Dr. Bates and his “bad blood” retaliation against NOAA.
300 Scientists Tell Trump to Leave UN Climate Agreement – Almost none were climate scientists, expose on the “300” fraud.

REPORTS (science, research, analysis)

Daily CO2 – Daily CO₂ readings
Arctic Temperatures Daily Mean Temperatures – Current analysis and conditions in the Arctic
‘Beyond the extreme’: Scientists marvel at ‘increasingly non-natural’ Arctic warmth
Skeptical Science, with victim, method, motive, and the “smoking gun” that places CO2 at the scene of the crime
Human domination of the biosphere: Rapid discharge of the earth-space battery foretells the future of humankind (alternate link)
Co2 levels in the past, the current rate of increase, and likely future temperatures
Quantifying global soil carbon losses in response to warming Soils emitting massive levels of carbon into the atmosphere
Abrupt Climate Change: there’s strength in the science – Rapid climate change, escalating warming
Can We Turn Back the Deserts In an Age of Climate Change?
MIT Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change – 7 Focus Areas
More Carbon Negatively Affects Food Nutrition & Crop Yields
8 Things You Didn’t Know About Climate Change
Implications for US National Security of Anticipated Climate Change – Office of the Director of National Security
Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States – NOAA Technical Report, January 2017
Canadian Glaciers Now Major Contributer To Sea Level Rise
Ocean oxygen levels drop 2% in 50 years, Nature study finds

ARGUMENTS (links to relevant commentary and arguments on climate change)

Volcanic eruption in 1815 – small changes in climate have disastrous global result – Result was massive crop failures, food shortages and famine, 50% increase in mortality.
The “Wind and Solar Will Save Us” Delusion
The Incredible Shrinking Nuclear Offset to Climate Change – The high likelihood that nuclear energy will only play a tiny role in offsetting climate change.
Global geoengineering rulebook could be ready by 2020s – Minimum of 3C is still expected, geoengineering may be the only hope left.

Jan 242017

Important news to pass along, everybody should already know about this, but if not, be advised of what is happening:

Silenced Federal Agencies Violating Their Own Policies
Trump Revives Keystone XL, Dakota Access Pipelines
Trump signs five more orders on pipelines, steel and environment
USDA Scientists Have Been Put On Lockdown Under Trump
Badlands National Park tweeted some climate change facts today. It didn’t end well.

Clearly (if you read the links), there is a rebellion developing against Trump’s concept of “free speech” and against science.

Hard to say how long it will last (not long if my personal experience is any indication). Most employees will submit to their management directors and shut up in fear of their jobs. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) already cancelled a major meeting of scientist and researchers scheduled for February.

But that’s within government – external to that, out here among the peons and piss-ants that Trump is taking a giant dump on, anger is growing. Rapidly.

Trump is an arrogant, stubborn fool of a man who will probably take his anti-science, anti-climate asinine attitude to the bleeding edge. People are going to die.

Not going to detail much on the news as I recently said – it is time to move on to much more important things. Things are bad, they’ll get worse, expect it, prepare for it. Do something about it. Bitching and whining online is however, pointless. I’ve done my fair share and then some.

I’ve no doubt we’ll be shocked at future developments. This is just the tip of the iceberg Trump intends to flood upon the low-lying peons he now lords over. Politico had an expose of sorts on who this man really is: a vindictive, rash, thin-skinned intemperate sod who is terribly ill-equipped for the job. He will seek to “win” at any cost, so expect that. He’ll sacrifice Jesus on the cross if it keeps him popular or advances his personal agenda. He also won’t listen to anyone but Jared and Ivanka (“Javanka”) so the country is going to be a family run business corporation from here on out. And everything is on sale (including you).

Some humor (give it a few moments to get to the English section):

Moving on is necessary because we’re stuck with this unfolding disaster. Grin and bear it, if you can.

The proposed and tried blog changes are being rolled back.



Jan 232017

Here is an example of what you should not do, buy into or build yourself: A Hell Hole In The Ground

It’s kinda scary when you consider how many people are falling for this kind of ‘plan’ for their so-called “preparations”. They’re seriously doomed to fail because they’re simply piling greedy, rich people on top of each other in a survival situation. Not what anyone needs to survive calamity.

I’ve always advocated against this and still do. Armed guards notwithstanding, money and privilege and power doesn’t mean a hell of a lot when a serious crisis arises. They’re just as likely to discover that they’re asses get tossed outside of these hell holes by the owners / guards as soon as it is determined that they’re no longer needed.

But more importantly, other then showing up with a fistful of money, the individuals buying into these hell holes are not equipped to survive. They’re dependent upon everything else being done for them. The “Survive on the Dollar” theme is factually worthless in collapse or any crisis of significance.

There are also many isolationist ideas like this that will also fail when they’re broken down, attacked or suffer internal strife or sickness. This too is the primary “plan” and theme of the “prepper” crowd that is currently in place. Every man, woman and child for himself. It’s a stupid idea and will make for a lot of easy targets, breakdown and failures. The Triple Ought (Grey Nineties) theme (James Rawles) writ large (and wrong).

I’ve come up with something quite different then this, having studied this issue for some time.

Avoid the Hell Holes. There is something better.

Jan 232017

The following is a pdf document with images of present and projected water stress (1 page). I can’t post this all here, it simply won’t fit.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when looking at this. At first glance, it appears that the colors indicate less stress in 2025, however that is not true. The second map is how much worse water stress will be increased from the present stress levels, which is already bad for many parts of the United States.

High levels of water stress indicate that socioeconomic demand for freshwater approaches (or exceeds) the annual renewable supply.

For the United States and much of the crop producing regions of the world, water stress is already very bad (yellow, orange and red). It is also projected to significantly increase in severity and size (severely to extremely “more stressed”). Interestingly, mid-latitude locations are hardest hit.

It’s all inaccurate, because it is based upon the IPCC 4th Assessment Report (dated info). Water stress has already increased in some regions beyond this.

For large countries (e.g. China, India, Russia, United States, etc.) aggregation of stress at the nation-state level would mask the risk of social disruption at local levels.

What they’re telling us is the actual effects of water stress will be hidden in the images, but still there and still experienced, so large countries like the United States, China, Russia, Africa will still experience all kinds of social disruptions “at local levels” (regional and local effects from water stress).

So despite being dated information, it’s something that can be still used to project how blog readers might find their countries impacted. It reveals globally worsening conditions from an already bad situation for most of us.

Here’s what has been happening with insurance losses worldwide:

Source: Munich Re. (a) ‘Loss event’ refers to the risk that a single event, or series of events, leads to a significant deviation in actual claims from the total expected claims, usually over a short period of time (often 72 hours). (b) Earthquake, tsunami, volcanic activity. (c) Tropical storm, convective storm, local storm. (d) Flood, mass movement. (e) Extreme temperature, drought, forest fire.

Water (d, blue) shows extreme growth in insurance losses, as does storm activity (c, green).

Where you live and how “at risk” you are to water stress, excess water, too little water is clearly something to think about. We all are, actually, no matter where you live because water is essential for life and for food production. The above pdf link depicts future food shortages no doubt, the increasing water stress is right smack-dab where the world produces most of its food.

Los Angeles is reporting new records for daily rainfall (almost 4″ in a single day) in a region that is generally very dry, with associated damage, deaths and human suffering. Extreme weather is increasing, making planning for future human habitation problematic, but I can safely say this to help with anybody considering relocation – pick higher ground so that gravity works for you, not against you as these extreme water events accelerate.

I live on a small ridge, it would take a biblical flood to reach my house, but the roads would wash away, and quite a few people would lose their homes if we got 4″ of rain in one day.

I know it’s coming.

Update – from https://phys.org/news/2017-01-professors-issue-climate-trump-administration.html

“Also, among the countries most affected by this is the USA and the continent most affected is Asia, where many US multinationals have manufacturing. This makes climate change a huge US issue, especially economically.

My analysis of the impact of disasters can be summarised as the following:

  1. Analysing the period 1965-2015, nearly all of the cumulative property damage and the most number of people affected by natural disasters were caused by floods, droughts, storms and earthquakes. Of these, the first three (and some other disaster types such as extreme heat) are climate-related.
  2. If we look at the cumulative property damage for more recent years, 2000-2015, the country with the highest damage is the USA. While China, India and Bangladesh lead in the cumulative total of people affected by natural disasters, the USA is close behind these ‘leaders’. Furthermore, while Asia as a continent, is far ahead of other continents when it comes to the total number of people affected (2000-2015), North America is not far behind in property damage and will likely exceed other continents in the years to come based on trends.
  3. The trend of property damage (1965-2015) due to climate-related natural disasters, such as floods and storms, shows growth of about $25 billion per decade. In comparison, for non-climate-related disasters such as earthquakes, the figure is less than $10 billion per decade. The contrast is sharper for the total number of people affected globally: the growth is about 40 million more people per decade due to climate-related disasters compared to a negligible increase in the number of people affected by non-climate-related disasters. The trends are more pronounced for Asia and North America – the former for the number of people affected and the latter for property damage, so North America stands to be the ‘leader’ in property damage due to climate-related disasters in the coming years.

This analysis only ‘correlates’ the impact of climate-related disasters as well as non-climate ones but in recently published research, I have provided empirical evidence that disasters and the economy are related in a vicious cycle.

So if disasters are primarily becoming climate-related, the incoming US administration should take heed that the economy, especially that of the US will suffer greatly if climate change is not reversed or at least slowed.”

Jan 222017

Integrated Food Security Phase Classification

The aim was to establish a consistent definition, so that the world would never again turn its back on catastrophic starvation (which it does anyway).

The classifications are:

Phase 5 — famine or catastrophe: Catastrophic rates of starvation deaths, with acute malnutrition rates of more than 30 percent of population, a mortality above two people per 10,000 population per day and severe food shortages for more than 20 percent of people.

Phase 4 — emergency: Severe food shortages, very high rates of severe acute malnutrition leading to high numbers of hunger-related deaths.

Phase 3 — crisis: Widespread hunger and higher than normal rates of severe acute malnutrition.

Phase 2 — stressed: Families sell their belongings to survive.

Phase 1 — minimal: Families can meet their basic food needs.

I’ve been following the starvation levels unfolding in different parts of the world. But what I note is how Phase 1 and Phase 2 are very widespread already in the United States. There are also many thousands of cases of Phase 3 in this country being reported.

So despite the classification efforts – hunger is still very widespread – already. Even in ‘wealthy countries’.

Jan 212017

I’ve got some bad news. The American media, and the international media, along with many scientists, have promoted the notion that the United States was making preparations for the coming effects of climate change.

Spoiler alert: This is not actually true.

We all know that upon Trump’s arrival at the Whitehouse, the new Administration began to swiftly erase any references to climate change from government websites. But you can still find these documents if you dig around a bit. Under the previous Obama Administration, you can still find what work has been done to prepare the country for climate change.

Here’s what I found: lots and lots of words. All told, they add up to nothing much. I’ve not had time to read all the words, but I’ve read enough to realize that what I’ve read scares the living shit out of me. They have no idea what they are truly facing.

They’ve grossly underestimated climate change impacts, the nation’s readiness and dependencies and the need to make truly meaningful preparations that will actually work to reduce widespread suffering and hardship. They’re also using seriously outdated estimates to base all their “actions” on which don’t even include telling you, the American people, that there even is a climate emergency.

I’ve always told my readers that they were truly on their own. Do not expect any help from your government when it comes to issues like collapse and climate change. I meant it and still do.

I used to be paid to write reports like this: Opportunities to Enhance the Nation’s Resilience to Climate Change (46 pages). My job was to distill the information down into a comprehensible format. But I was never allowed to actually “tell it like it is”. I actually worked for several of these agencies in this report. I eventually quit, realizing I’d never be allowed to actually do my job.

These kinds of reports are full of fluff and important sounding activities and effort, taken from many sources of input and contributors. But their reality is very, very different from the real world.

There is always a lot of self-congratulatory claims (generally, a prerequisite for a government publication) and little actual substance. There is no awareness of any pending or future catastrophe or collapse. Response ‘activity’ is correspondingly muted and seriously inadequate. No real urgency, no real emergency.

Government is very good at generating ‘data’ and reams of reports and position papers. Most government jobs are designed around this very process. Most of this paperwork is mindless, useless fluff, designed to be digested by do-nothing bureaucrats and other governmental employees. It’s a strange world that isn’t like what everyone else lives and works in. It’s a bubble, a ‘reality of deception’ reinforced by thousands of paid public employees who’s very jobs and careers depend upon producing these productions by the pound.

The Third National Climate Assessment (841 pages) upon what much of this report was based is much, much better. But it also suffers in many significant ways. Unfortunately, it too is already dated and underestimates the true impacts of climate change upon this nation. Again, no clear global emergency and thus, no effective response towards mitigation or adaption.

Inherent to both of these efforts, is the implication that solutions are in hand and that government, along with the public and private sector, will handily solve the issues discussed in time. Leadership of course, will remain the same: ‘trickle down’ from on high, delegating tasks and responsibilities and responses to everyone else. It’s a poor strategy.

It should be obvious that natural systems and the extreme energy imbalance now underway within the Earth’s climate is not going to be ‘taking orders from the US government’. It should also be obvious that the government organizational structure itself is very poorly designed to rapidly respond to the escalating threat of climate change. Using expired data certainly does not help.

It may be difficult to grasp this incredible disconnect, but it is true. Readers of this blog probably have a better understanding of the climate emergency then the paid professionals who are tasked with informing the public and taking action. However, as I recently discovered, readers don’t know what to do anymore then the US government does.

I have always found myself (well, usually) way ahead of the ‘curve’ when it comes to projections and impacts, understanding what is already hidden within the data. It’s always gotten me in trouble too, because I became an early adopter and vocal proponent of what the trends actually meant. My unpopularity didn’t concern me, but being right always did and still does.

So here it is: the US Government, as depicted in these two reports is grossly unaware and even more unprepared for extreme climate change (despite some minor mentions), and does not appear to even be fully aware of the actual and real threats facing Americans and the rest of the people on the planet. Proposed ‘actions’ are therefore grossly inadequate and will be extremely ineffective in short-order.

Like me, the more ‘extreme voices’ that are out there are not being included in the assessments or the calls to action (which in my opinion, are pathetic, insufficient and will accomplish little to absolutely nothing).

A good analogy would be a baseball game. The score is 23 – 1 with the opposing team (climate) winning. The bases are loaded and it’s almost the last inning. The government team is tired and discouraged, the umpire has just disqualified many of their top players, kicked out the cheer team from the stadium and told their fans to shut the fuck up.

A new substitute batter for the government steps up to the plate, it’s his turn now. He gets to swing away for the next four years… and he hates most of his own team. His head isn’t even in the game, hell – he’s never even played baseball before (and he wears as stupid red hat). All he’s thinking about now is making ‘deals’ with everyone else so that he gets what he wants. He doesn’t even give a shit about the climate. He wants this climate game over so he can go do something else.

So what does he do? He doesn’t even swing… and it’s indeed, “game over“.

We should be seriously concerned. In fact, more then a little panic is in order. Beyond what I’ve already read and digested over the years, I do not expect there to ever be any effective response to climate change from the US Government (or State governments for that matter). And if you realize that this was all done under the former Administration who just got done telling us what a great job he did on the climate during his years in office!

This is certainly “not news” to regular readers here. But it does reveal a terrifying lack of national and even global leadership to act swiftly, decisively, accurately and with clear intent to preserving a habitable future. What they’re preparing for I’ve discarded years ago as being ineffective, inadequate and doomed to fail.

They are not going to solve this. They’re not even going to be able to get ready for this. So here is what I want people to do in the years ahead that have opportunity to come back and read this: you are going to have to take matters into your own hands. Your survival, safety, protection, and security are entirely up to you. You should be planning ahead now for the very worst. If you do not, then you and those with you will suffer sooner and it is very likely, there will be no help for you because they’re not planning to help you much either.

This isn’t the last go-around. Not yet. They’ll try again (and again), eventually, but if this evidence is any indication (and it is, of course) then they’ll always be a “dollar late and a day short” and forever fail to get up to speed on the actual unfolding events and what should or could have be done about it. I do not expect any timely or meaningful direction, policy, process or effort to be be coming from this quarter. Nor should you.

An inadequate ‘response’ is almost the same as no response, so it looks like there will be almost no difference between Obama’s climate legacy ‘efforts’ and Trump’s ‘efforts’, however Trump intends to strip-mine, frack and build hotels on the national parks and public lands.

Stop him.

Jan 202017

There was once a beautiful jewel of a little blue planet hanging in the tapestry of space. The Galaxy all around was devoid of any signs of life. Over the eons of Time, simple life forms developed on the little blue planet, eventually accumulating into a highly complex advance life forms. The planet began to brim with life.

More time passed, and an apex species stepped forth from the mists, conquering fire and foe and every obstacle that stood before it. In time, this species became even more adept, developing agriculture and vast civilizations.

All manner of endeavors and knowledge followed in their footsteps over the whole planet. Astrophysicist peered into the vast regions of space, biologist catalogued the billions of species found. Accountants and engineers got busy making money and everybody joined in to convert the planet’s vast resources into human objects. Science and medicine developed vast bodies of knowledge and insight, geologists and biochemistry, paleontology and every imaginable discipline sprang forth. Their domination and understanding was all but complete, or so they all thought.

In time, some of these disciplines detected disturbing anomalies. They brought these anomalies to the attention of their departments, who in turn shared the findings with a few others. More anomalies were found. Eventually, journalists learned of these anomalies and more investigations were undertaken. Heads of state were notified, and corporations took interest. More and more anomalies were still found and the entire process repeated itself, again and again. The conclusion was clear: planetary habitability would fast come to an end. It was undeniable.

So what did the scientist then do? They went back to their instruments and measurements, tweaked the data sets and checked their computer models. Once again, they reported what they found, and once again, journalists reported their concerns, heads of state were notified and corporations took interest. And then – nothing much happened. None of the institutions and policy makers offered any kind of meaningful response. Insignificant and tiny half-hearted offerings were put on paper and spread around the globe, but the entire civilization continued as before.

Once more, the scientists went back to their instruments and measurements, taking even more measurements. Yes, they were were quite certain now, there really was no room at all for any doubt or inaction – planetary habitability was soon to be severely imperiled for all life forms unless immediate actions were taken. They published their results, where possible, grumbling among themselves that the lack of concern and interest by everyone else was a truly difficult pill to swallow.

And then nothing happened. They all went back to their instruments and their measurements, continuing to record their results and building their models, biding their time until they too, went extinct along with everything else in a horrible upheaval of planetary death. The excuse was that they were only the scientists, they were not responsible to be or to do anything else despite knowing the most above all others what was going to happen. No global alarm was raised. No unified voices of adamant demands occurred. They all just went – extinct, along with everything else.

The little blue planet was now a dead planet, devoid of life.

Never in human history have we had so much knowledge and so much awareness and so little interest and so little responsibility to do the right thing when it matters the most.

Self-preservation, for whatever reason or justification, is meaningless in the face of extinction. It’s also immoral. Those that “know the most” are obligated to shout the loudest when the issue is extinction. There is no submission to “shut up and be quiet”. These men and woman are the “called upon generation” of heroes that need to step forward no matter what, breaking their bonds of silence and submission, shattering the barriers of “acceptable speech and methods” enforced upon them.

But as the story above shows, they’re intending to go extinct along with everyone else, refusing to save even their own selves by calling for a global emergency and the brightest minds to immediately put forth an effort to save humanity.

That’s why I’m angry with them. Those that can, to date – won’t. They’re not heroes. Their just like everyone else.

Jan 202017

This is actually ‘old’ news (it’s been underway for a few months) – Scientists race to save U.S. government climate data from Trump

I tried – and failed – to post an anonymous reply on Desdemona. That damned “character” count bullshit used by Blogger does not work right and never has. Any reply that contains more then one link, or has any embedded html formatting for emphasis gets reported as being “too long”. You have to take an axe to your post to get it to pass the character count.

Blogger SUCKS and like Facebook, Reddit, Disqus and every other social platform, it “owns” the blog posts and comments, runs whatever ads they want, tracks your history, profiles, bookmarks and Net activity and so forth. I’m bringing all this up because as you will see below, I’m going private.

So this is the reply to the article linked above that nobody else is going to get to see:

Any “scientist” worth a damn would be speaking out anyway (job be damned). A good analogy of this is when a building inspector walks into a theater full of people in a different state where he has no license or authority, but he notices that the place is about to fall down, killing everyone inside. Does he sit down and watch the movie – or does he warn the people inside anyway?

Presidents and Ministers can only “muzzle” scientist that CHOOSE to stay muzzled. Nobody can stop them from speaking up. I realize that the article is about their data and preservation efforts, but I also realize that scientists are CHOOSING to stay muzzled because they’re putting careers ahead of critical PUBLIC WARNINGS. And that pisses me off to no end.

I’ve read endless volumes of climate research, reports, stories and assessments. We are still getting the watered-down version of what is unfolding world-wide. There should be a united voice from from all scientists now calling for a global emergency, “muzzling be damned”. From some recent comments here:


Many more available, but you have to read through endless layers of bull to grasp the whole picture and understand its true meaning. Civilization is going to collapse, horribly. The emergency message is however, still not being declared. It’s very doubtful now that scientists will ever find the courage to even bother as they weakly try to preserve their jobs – temporarily.

I do blame them for this failure, policies be damned. They are the only ones qualified to issue the warning, based upon their own research and conclusions. These warnings cannot just come from ‘anybody’, they will not be believed. They already know enough to start screaming the alarm, but are still choosing to save their careers over the public interest.

I now believe that this failure is intentional across the board – that no public warnings will be issued from any quarters. It is perhaps the only way some semblance of control (an illusion of course) will be maintained. The people are on their own. They’ll have to decide for themselves what to do. When the waves lap at their doorsteps, they’ll finally realize they need to move, and so on.

But it’s far, far worse then this. This is not about losing Miami or New York, it is about losing global food production and the resulting global impacts this will cause. We ALL die from
starvation, globally as temperatures destroy our ability to farm and raise crops and we fight among ourselves over what remains. This is already happening in other countries and the effects are escalating. It will happen here within a single human lifetime.

I have now developed a blueprint document for this global emergency – but who do I give it to? Scientists reject their own conclusions, cautioning themselves from becoming “too alarmed”. Politicians are woefully uninformed to the actual science and measurements and too easily persuaded by lobbyists and corporate interests. Corporations are only interested in making tons of money by any means possible. And the public is easily misled with well-honed tactics of distraction and disinformation. It’s already clear – only private interests are going to take an interest of any significance.

It is obvious that humanity is not truly interested in saving itself from its own folly, and that our institutions and experts cannot be bothered either. We are poorly designed as a civilization to save ourselves from our own destructive ways. But I’d be interested in saving some of us from an indifferent humanity, if at all possible.

I have to publish this anonymously. I’ve discovered that trying to work with the public is a real waste of time and effort, so I’ve gone ‘private’ myself.

It is ironic that I have been forced into this non-public position after years of trying to bring attention to this issue. Those of us that understand what is happening are having to protect ourselves from everyone else. I have become just like the scientists who have failed to warn – incapable of drawing too much attention to myself, but the difference is I never deceived anyone or watered the ‘message’ down. It’s been the same message for decades.

In reality, the ‘competition’ for survival has already begun.

It perfectly obvious that we cannot save everyone and we may not even succeed in saving anyone. I am now recruiting only those who will make a sincere effort, but this will never be made public. By sharing this message, my intentions are for others to realize that you are on your own. If you intend to do anything, do it now.

I am not going to make my ‘blueprint’ publicly available. It will not be published here. This blog is only effective in a very limited way for basic information sharing, and it has severe limitations on how participants are selected (similar to my comments above about social networks).

I do not know the future of this blog. It is not my main priority now. In a similar way to the scientists going private, racing to save their data, they’re having to abandon their public exposure (for now). I still believe it is pointless to spend precious time on blogging what we already know is going to happen.

It is not the Trump Administration that concerns me (and there is nothing I could do about this anyway). It is the public that concerns me. The brain-dead morons that will demand ‘salvation’ while doing everything possible to ensure it cannot happen. There will be plenty of fools who will gladly step up to the plate and offer / dictate / demand their breed of ideology, but I personally want absolutely nothing to do with any of that. Climate change is a people problem.

I may realize something that will take a very long time yet to become public knowledge. Even knowing it makes me dangerous to everyone else.

Jan 182017

I received a call today from a national radio advertiser (name withheld – you’ll see why) seeking advertising on the Alex Jones show. My verbal reply was very short: “Not interested” and I hung up.  A follow-up email was also received, depicting rates, media kit, etc. I can’t show this here because I don’t want this person to be fired.

I read through it all, including the “Jones Profile” and his alleged audience, reach, influence and demographics. I then sent my own email reply:

Alex Jones is an ignorant money-grubbing fool, an embarrassment to humanity profiting from connedspiracy theory and fear-mongering bullshit. His “show” is poorly scripted and even more poorly acted. He is a total fraud and destroyer of intelligence, facts and reason. He’s done incredible damage to America while promoting a particularly putrid brand of endless bullshit. Alex Jones would promote a gold encrusted pooper-scooper engraved with his “Asshole Jackoff” initials if he thought it would make him more money. Obviously, we would never be interested in helping Jones make millions more from the ignorant fools he leads, but we would be interested if he goes to jail where he belongs.

I received a reply!

I personally would not disagree with one word that you had to say. But I work for the network NOT Alex Jones. He is only one show out of 85 that we carry on the network. I called you because you have a quality product that would blow the competition out of the water. He has an audience that deserves a quality product.

This is hilarious, but all true. Even his own promoters don’t believe in his brand of endless bullshit. But I’m sure they like the money.

I then spent about a wasted hour reading about Jones and his life, claims and ambitions. I then added some new links to some of my older Jones articles. He’s a total fraud alright. But he has a enraptured audience of brain-dead morons who hang onto his every word.

Alpine Aire was once the second largest cannery in America. Yesterday, they called and informed Food Assets that they have discontinued their entire line of #10 cans, including year units. Survival Acres was once the largest seller of Alpine Aire in America. Sales had declined precipitously over the last several years, reaching near-zero for the past year under Food Assets. Alpine reports a catastrophic drop in sales for 2016 and has decided to stop trying to sell their cans of food (they’ll retain the pouches only).

The preparedness market has collapsed. Food Assets certainly does have a quality product that blows the competition out of the water, but it doesn’t have any customers anymore.

I also learned that many sellers of Wise Foods (a brand I despise for their lies) are stuck with inventory that they can’t move and since it has a horrible shelf life, they’ll either dump this crap shortly or wind up taking a 100% loss.

Despite all that you are hearing and reading about – people are not preparing. I’ve also verified this (again) with the other two major canneries, Rainy Day and Mountain House.

There are right-wing rag publications putting out articles claiming liberals are “buying guns, gear and food” but it’s all bullshit, as usual. Americans are broke, distracted and disinterested in these things right now. I’m sure there are a few who are “doing something”, but it’s so little that major companies in this market are now failing.

I run into this “fake news” all the time, every day. Scott Dilbert of cartoon fame is actively promoting his daily fake news about climate change. He’s in good company. Scott is now claiming that we’ve reasons to “doubt” because “some things are missing” (but we don’t know what it is). It’s a patently ridiculous and specious argument. But what is interesting is his agenda, which he clearly has. Why is he so particularly interested in planting false doubt? Nobody really knows, not yet, but he’s in good company as we all know.

My wife showed me a fake news clip (Facebook) that showed “word for word” news stories being aired on different news channels. By now, everyone should be well aware of this tactic of mass mind-control. The point is the American media in particular is entirely scripted. It is even found within the alt-right and alt-left movements and now permeates everything. For this reason, it’s quite impossible to discover much news of any real interest – if your sources are “news channels” of any kind. The news channels are polluted with endless bullshit and group-think programming.

I do not expect this situation to change. As a marketing method, it works very well, enriching all of its sycophants. There is also little desire within the populace to self-educate or self-inform within my generation, although I’m no longer as confident as I once was about the younger generation. Unfortunately, many people are discovering for themselves that they’re having to reinvent the wheel. What some of us learned decades ago, they’re having to discover for themselves. There is no school for “deprogramming” and “corrected education” available to the average person. You have to discover this for yourselves, and then you must rigorously seek to always learn more.

Most people get snared by the deceptive programming. It’s a rare day in hell that someone actually is found that isn’t. There is a decided lack of “gathering places” for these rare individuals. I had hopes that my blog would be one of them. But I’m not able to keep doing this, it’s time to gather my focus onto something far more important.

So I can’t keep up with the Jones’s, the liars, shills, deceivers, profiteers and deceptive sources of fake and irrelevant news. I want to distance myself from them to be honest, if for nothing else, self-preservation and sanity. I believe that much of humanity needs to be abandoned now. The ever-growing contingent of brain-dead zombies that are beyond recovery (an assumption that I’m making because there is I’ve no interest in saving them from themselves). I believe that people, individuals need to “save themselves” and take the responsibility to do so. I further believe that most do not want to.

I am envisioning something profound: A departure from as much of the craziness and distractions and insanity as possible, through a dedicated effort to focus on something else entirely. This is a part of the project I am currently working on. It’s conceptual (for now), but practical in time. It’s certainly possible too, I can think of no reason it can’t be.

There is a growing psychosis in America (and probably all other ‘civilized’ countries in the world, but I don’t live there). What I read online and see on the news reveals an astoundingly high level of psychosis and disconnect from reality. It’s as if there are now at least two species of humans on the planet, and as Lonewolf is fond of saying, the ‘misery monkeys’ currently rule the cage.

I have my own answer for this, departure. Forge a new sub-culture that insulates itself where possible from the psychosis, while working towards group survival.

It is not a solution. I do not believe that there is a solution. There is only an effort to be made in the right direction. I still hold to all my other positions, that collapse is well-underway now, that die-off is inevitable, that biosphere survival and a livable habitat is increasingly unlikely, and that humanity will refuse to take appropriate steps in time to save itself.  But there is a lot still unknown. This is why I intend to make a departure – to stop trying to save humanity from itself. I’m only interested in working with others who also have these same persuasions.

I cannot knowingly help perpetuate what is provably wrong, false, destructive and helping to enhance the current rapacious paradigm of modern living. Modern society is clinically insane and in need of a doctor and padded rooms. A majority of people need to be locked up, diagnosed and treated for mental illness. Nobody can do this, so despite my rhetoric, the point is taken: something else is needed. This civilization needs to fail and take its rapacious destruction with it, but when it does, survivors (if any) need an alternative structure, support systems and way of life.

To that end is what I’m working on.

Jan 152017

An important read – 11 alarming facts about sea-level rise

The information is slightly dated. The Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica are melting even faster now (and no mention of Larsen C or Totten glacier). The actual number of people that will “regularly flood” is 500,000,000, twice the estimate in this document (provided they do not move – which they will have to. Plan accordingly). New York and Miami will be lost as will all other low-lying coastal regions.

It’s a good primer, just know that it’s going to be even worse then this.