Dec 312016

The large majority of people from scientists to policy makers addressing the issue of climate change still assert that we can stop global heating by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. But is this a fact or an unsupported assumption?

Why is it reasonable to assume that we can still stop global heating & the resultant climate changes, which some estimate could be the largest climate change event in 50 million years, and will end civilization as we’ve known it even with a 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, let alone 50% by 2050?

To my knowledge, no one has justified that assumption with any argument based in science. It appears to be an article of faith, grounded, perhaps in the view that humans are “in control of  the environment”. I doubt that very much, it’s pretty clear we are not in control at all.

There is a small, but increasingly vocal minority of scientists addressing the climate issue using very solid scientific models backed by credible evidence that climate change can no longer be stopped.

If you have not see this yet, you should, it’s buried in the comments here. Peter Wadhams lays it all out quite well. We are facing changes literally beyond our comprehension – and nothing is being done about it.

Here are my comments on this video and why it is so important:

This is a good video. Good presentation. Definitely recommended everyone watch it.

“What do you think our chances are to avert to the worst case disaster” – “Our chances are not good”.

“If everyone reduced their own carbon footprint by 20%, then the nation would produce 20% less carbon”. Not true. Individuals produce far less carbon then industry. There would be small drop in industry, but nowhere near 20%. And we need 189.99% carbon reduction (negative emissions, carbon capture from air, water, soil).

“You can’t disagree with climate change when it hits your personal reality”. Sure you can. People do it all the time.

“Even if all humanity stopped ALL carbon emissions, we are still going to get 50% feedbacks which are coming out by themselves”. Yep. We are in unstoppable, runaway climate change already. Nothing will stop this.

“How close do you believe we are to runaway global warming on this planet?” “This 50% is an underestimate. Every feedback in the Arctic is now positive. It might not be humans being who will be able to live on the planet. The feedbacks are all getting worse and happening more rapidly. With sea level rise, we’re doing away with our cities and lots of habitable places.”

“The Arctic is having enormous consequences on food production, just at a time when population is rising rapidly, so there will come a time when a collision between food production and population, that time is not that far off”.

“The collision and feedback effects between climate change that are acceleration, the very least it will produce is a lot of famine, more likely it will produce a lot of warfare, the causes of the war will not be ideological, but survival, land, water, resources, those are climate change related. That’s where we will wipe ourselves out.”

“We’re talking about the fall of civilization itself”.

“Greenland is going doing 300 cubic kilometers per year, Antarctica is going down about 80 cubic kilometers per year”. “I’m quite worried about Antarctica”. Antarctica will contribute much more to sea level rise then Greenland will, so there is much, much more to come.

“It’s a massive abuse of the planet. We have done a very, very frightening thing. There are so many ways that we have may have made it uninhabitable, that we don’t understand yet. Everything we understand looks bad, but there might be more. That’s why I desperately feel why we still have a settled, civilized industrial society, that can make things, do things, the things we must make them do are are devices to get rid of carbon dioxide, it is the enemy of humanity, it is the enemy of the future of the planet. We’re not at the moment doing anything about it. I really feel that is what we must be doing before we do anything else, before any more research. We should be doing research on getting rid of CO₂.”

It is humans that are digging it up and burning it, dumping it into the atmosphere (and we still with with ‘renewables’). Nature has always had a way to deal with it (over immense spans of time). But he’s got a point. We know we have to get rid of it. We know enough now to know we are in serious, serious trouble, an extinction level event.

You read all of this here on this blog before.

This post is NOT to argue that we should end efforts to minimize greenhouse emissions. Quite the contrary, we should minimize carbon emissions immediately, not by 2050, but now even if we cannot stop a large climate change event. Why? Even if we can’t stop it, we might slow it, and we may decrease the time for recovery to a more “normal” climate. However, if we continue to emit gases when climate is already destabilizing, we will surely do more damage.

But if the assumption is not supportable by science, then the way we are addressing this issue needs to change. Specifically, we need to spend at least as much time, money and energy planning for adaptability to a climate shift as trying to slow it.

Some may think this is foolish. Why adapt if we cannot survive? The answer is simple. We will all pass through a period of increasing difficulty (survival). If you do not prepare for this period, then you are going to suffer enormously. Needlessly. And so will your family.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what some defeatist advocate. Don’t even bother yourselves with adaption, or trying. Since we are all going to die anyway, then there is simply no point. This position is worse then foolish. It defies human behavior, which is to say we will try to survive. It is what humans do. We know this period is coming. It makes more sense to prepare now then to wait until you can’t and then belatedly “try”.

Billions will probably choose this path of delay and denial. They’re making it worse for everyone because they will be the very people who will require, nay, demand help. It’s one reason why I truly despise climate denialist. They’re abdicating all sense of responsibility and dumping it on everyone else. Worse, they’re proud of what they’re doing. This makes them worse then useless, they’re freeloaders, lazy, apathetic and indifferent. Bad times ahead mean these people will be pounding on your door and requiring all kinds of help, having failed to help themselves when they could have (now). It will be a bad time for all.

Here are the facts that must be addressed to evaluate the assumption that we can stop global heating and climate destabilization even with 100% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. One must not focus on any single piece of evidence, but on the whole.  What follows is the simplified version of the essay found here (recommended reading, it’s better).

My apologies, I can’t find the original link as I wrote this article over a month ago and didn’t publish this article. But with the new Wadhams interview above, I think I should.

1. Complex systems including climate exist stably in only a limited number of states (e.g., ice ages or interglacial between ice ages, like now, and a hotter state that last existed 55 million years ago called the PETM). However, the climate system will not stabilize between states any more than a brick will stabilize between upright and laying flat, or a human can exist for long between waking and sleeping. You are either awake or asleep, not half way in between.

Systems transition rapidly from one state to another via positive feedback processes at critical thresholds or “tipping points”. Research in recent years has verified that climate can shift from ice age conditions to temperate, interglacial conditions in as little time as a decade. (Heating events happen fast.) Positive feedbacks can amplify even small changes in the system, preventing normal negative feedbacks from stabilizing the system in the current state, causing acceleration of change towards a tipping point. That is, if temperature is increasing, positive feedback will cause temperature to increase faster.

2. CO2 levels are already significantly higher now than in the last 650,000 years. (Normal interglacial levels: 280 ppm; previous high: 300 ppm). Further, CO2 increase is accelerating. Past increases never exceeded 0.03 ppm/year. It is now increasing at 2+ ppm/year. It is increasing now 100X faster than in the past.

3. Excess CO2 in the atmosphere now and any added in the future will remain there for at least a century, potentially much longer. This is referred to as residence time. This is because CO2 must be actively “pumped down” by biological processes notably marine algae which transform CO2 into calcium carbonate shells, which become limestone on their death, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and oceans. Due to ocean heating and acidification, that natural pump down healthiest in an ice age is now extremely stressed. By adding more CO2, we are overwhelming the pump.

4. There is a 50-year lag between stabilization of atmospheric gases & cessation of heating because water heats more slowly than air. That means that even after we stop emissions, we will continue to heat for another 50 years.

5. The poles Arctic and Antarctic have heated more & faster than any other places on Earth. Summer Arctic ice has decreased more than 30% in less than 3 decades. A recent study demonstrates that the extent of sea ice at the end of the summer season 2010 was lower than at any time in the last few thousand years. Further, the winter ice is thinner, allowing faster melting the following year, and break up by storms. Greenland’s ice sheet melting is also accelerating. Loss of ice accelerates warming. Why? Because whereas ice reflects more than 80% of solar radiation, cooling a region, dark ocean water absorbs more than 80% of solar radiation, accelerating ice loss, a positive feedback.

6. Most of the heat trapped during the last few centuries is in the oceans, causing a decrease & poleward redistribution of marine algae (because they don’t like warm water). This is a HUGE problem because they play a MAJOR role in CO2 pump down and sequestration ““ far greater than terrestrial plants ““ and the production of clouds that reflect sunlight which cools the oceans by reflecting sunlight. Thus, loss of phytoplankton is another positive feedback.

7. Methane an important greenhouse gas that threatens to become more important than CO2 is also at a record levels: 2.5 times higher than “normal” interglacial levels. Vast regions of permafrost near the Arctic 20% of Earth’s land area are thawing, releasing huge quantities of methane, some of which has been stored there since the last ice age, some of which is now being produced by anaerobic bacteria that are decomposing organic matter previously frozen. This phenomenon has been called a “sleeping giant”. Vast quantities of methane are also stored on the ocean floor, but will destabilize and be released as gas as oceans warm. We are already seeing significant methane bubbling in the Arctic ocean. Increasing methane will cause more heating, which will produce more methane: another positive feedback.

8. Forest ecosystems especially rain forests in the Amazon that have previously been carbon sinks are now becoming carbon sources as drought and heat waves cause forest die-off, releasing carbon via decomposition and burning. The sizes of forest fires across the Earth have increased notably in size in recent decades. For example, summer, 2010 saw massive wild land fires in Russia. As heating continues, this, too, will become a positive feedback.

9. There are no known negative feedback processes operating to stop these positive feedbacks from slinging Earth’s climate into a new, hotter state.

10. In reality, we are already hotter than we think we are. Why? We are being cooled by sulfur aerosols in the atmosphere, mostly resulting from burning fuels. Under proper conditions ““ an economic decline or ““ paradoxically ““ a reduction of fossil fuel use ““ aerosols would wash out of the atmosphere in weeks, increasing the global average temperature by as much as we heated in the entire 20th century.

In summary, because: 1) climate shifts rapidly from one state to another; 2) CO2 residence time in the atmosphere insures that we will continue to heat for at least a century, probably much longer; and 3) multiple positive feedbacks are accelerating heating towards a new state of the climate, so that, even if humans entirely stop producing CO2 today, a highly unlikely event given economic and political realities, Earths’ climate system will transition to a new hotter state, reminiscent of the state that existed 55 million years ago.

The argument supports the assertion that it is too late to stop global heating. We might be able to slow it by huge reductions in gas emissions, but we can’t stop it. Heating can only be stopped by stopping the multiple, global scale positive feedback processes described above, but no one has yet explained how that can occur.

The scale, speed and severity of this climate change will threaten civilization as we know it by turning most continents into deserts, preventing agriculture as we know it. Therefore, we should spend equal time, money and effort planning how to adapt to a hotter state with a radically different climate regime that hasn’t existed on Earth for 55 million years that will likely turn oceans and continents outside of the polar regions into deserts.

Why? Simple physics: once ocean surfaces exceed 10C, they stratify, preventing upwelling of nutrients to feed algae. This has already occurred in tropical zones, which is why tropical oceans are so clear. Once soil temperatures exceed 79F, they require daily rainfall (or irrigation) for any but desert-adapted plants.)

Our preparations to increase adaptability should include personal & community planning to facilitate a transition to a new kind of civilization that promotes planetary healing (but not geoengineering) as well as planning for water, food, shelter, health care, energy, transportation and security in a world with a climate that humans have never experienced in our million year history characterized by the words extreme, chaotic, unpredictable and violent.

It should be obvious that geo-engineering will be tried as the hope of last resort. I am not at all hopeful about this working. It will be the “planetary strategy”, but there is need for a personal strategy too. It would be absolutely foolish to put all your eggs into one basket and “hope” that the scientist will fix this. They probably won’t, because we already know it’s going to heat up a lot more and we can make very good estimates now on what happens to civilization when it does.

This blog has covered this topic extensively, so I won’t try once again to tell you what to do – only to point out that you WILL have to do quite a lot. We all will. Nobody is going to escape this. There won’t be any magical rescue or rapture. We are all going through this, together and it is already a certainty that the death rate is going to go up very, very fast, precisely because of delay, denial and disbelief that I’ve railed on so often.  But there is more to it then that.

We have also been seriously let down by scientist, policy makers, government agencies and industry. They’ve all known about what is coming but have refused to take meaningful voice and meaningful action. We are in a global emergency and it’s still yet to be declared by these groups. It would be foolish to expect them to save us after this past and still-present experience; when they had the chance, they chose not to, so why expect anything any different going forward? What efforts will we really see? Nobody really knows, but it is sure to be worse now under a climate denial President and Cabinet. So it falls on you to do what you can to help yourself. It always has.

Oh, happy New Year.

Dec 302016

With much of the country on the verge of starvation and billions of dollars at stake, food trafficking has become one of the biggest businesses in Venezuela, the AP found. And from generals to foot soldiers, the military is at the heart of the graft, according to documents and interviews with more than 60 officials, business owners and workers, including five former generals.

As a result, food is not reaching those who most need it.

Venezuela military trafficking food as country goes hungry

This story has occurred before elsewhere. Those with might control the right – access to basic necessities, food, water, shelter. It even happened here during Hurricane Katrina (well covered on this blog). It can happen here, again.

This is not a “leftist” issue. It is an issue of corruption. Read the article.

Food “trafficking” in the United States remains dismal. There’s only been 5 orders for all of December. Nobody is preparing for food shortages, storms, droughts, disaster. That’s just the way it is.

Americans have to be alert for corruption too. Our corruption is institutionalized here. Lobbyist buy off Congress, (s)Elections and legislation all of the time. Most people don’t care, but are swift to point out “leftist corruption” in other countries. Our corruption is simply better embedded in both the political and corporate process. It’s well established.

Companies which desire to do business in America will easily buy off county commissioners, State employees and private contractors to obtain the results that they want (favorable approval, permits and licenses and tax incentives). Happens all the time here, every single day. They rarely get caught or prosecuted. Few people care. Even fewer do anything about it.

It’s too easy to blame Venezuela for corrupt politics, or “socialism” or some other reason. Corruption is everywhere and getting worse. I’ve seen it up close and personal in every city and town I’ve lived in. Some Sheriff’s cover up murder, rape, blackmail and theft because they enjoy their authority and position, paying back favors. I’ve seen it. Influential businesses can obtain sweetheart “deals” giving them favorable status and privileges not offered to anyone else. I’ve seen that too.

America is no different then any other country when it comes to corruption. It’s just “nicer” about it, hiding what it can and legislating the rest (legalized theft). Things are pretty shitty in Venezuela right now, but things are pretty shitty in America too.




Dec 302016

This is the time of year when bloggers and websites will publish their 2016 Year in Review, Photo essays and other dubious human “achievements” for 2016. I am not going to bother because by and large, it’s all bullshit. Under-reporting our global crisis is not what I do.

I like Climate Central, so this isn’t a slight against their efforts. But it is very, very important that we not get enamored with bogus “achievements” (hopium) that do not accomplish what is claimed. So here are the 10 Most Important Climate Stories of 2016 from Climate Central.

And here are my comments:

The world struck an airline carbon pollution deal

10. Still burning / contributing massive levels of emissions, not just CO₂. Airline flights still going UP.

An extremely potent greenhouse gas is also on its way out

9. Was supposed to be “solved” decades ago. Non-ratified, so non-binding, so not enforced, so still meaningless to date.

July was the hottest month ever recorded. Then August tied it

8. Expected. 2017 will be worse.

Arctic sea ice got weird. Really weird

7. Also expected. 2017 will be worse and may see less the 1 million cubic kilometers (ice free) in 2017.

Divestment and clean energy investments each hit a record

6. Every year will be a “record” for so-called “clean energy” (not, improper term for renewable energy that still requires fossil fuels to build, maintain). There is nothing “clean” about it as it still produces emissions through its entire life-cycle.

The Great Barrier Reef was decimated by warm waters

5. Extend this point to coral world-wide. Rising ocean temperatures and acidification.

The world breached the 1.5°C climate threshold

4. The most unreported story of the century. 100% of the publications continue to claim that we’ve not even achieve 1C warming yet.

Carbon dioxide hit 400 ppm. Permanently

3. Yep, it’s 400+, but effectively, it’s already 490ppm.

The Paris Agreement got real

2. The Paris Agreement was never real. It will never be real either. Non-binding, non-effective, too little, too late, goals already exceeded, invalid claims, etc.

It was the hottest year on record. Again

1. Yes. And 2017 will be hotter still. And 2018 will be hotter still. That’s what happens you when settle for ridiculous, non-binding, non-enforceable agreements, delay action for decades, ignore scientists and facts, and keep telling yourselves how much wonderful “progress” your making (not).

Now, for the real headline that you will not see published.

0. We die. Yes, that is what lies ahead. There is no technology to remove the carbon / methane from atmosphere, soil and water. There is nothing we can do to achieve the scale required. There is no intentions by humans and human governments, human businesses and enterprises to stop burning carbon and emitting emissions into the atmosphere. Therefore, CO₂ will go UP, UP and UP, contributing to the rising temperatures as permafrost melts and emits more carbon, methane hydrates dissolve, ice melts globally and even soils and forest and oceans revert from carbon sinks into carbon emitters. That is all already unfolding, globally, to say nothing of rising sea levels, disappearing glaciers and depleted aquifers, etc., etc.

There is no good news. None whatsoever.

That is the “story” that needs to be reported. Just the facts, not the hopium. Refusal to publish the facts is what is causing humans to constantly take the wrong path, do the wrong things and delay actions. This methodology is leading us to our extinction.

Dec 292016

Here’s an editorial from a foreign source – obviously “they get it”. Or do they? On one hand, it’s game-over, but then like most articles today, they immediately start backtracking on their own comments. Bolded by me for emphasis, commentary in brackets [mine].

The evidence continues to mount about the alarming march of climate change. According to scientists at the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa), global surface temperatures and Arctic sea ice extent – two key indicators – have broken records in the first half of 2016, when each month set a record as the warmest, respective to a table that goes back to 1880. Dr James Hansen, the former Nasa scientist credited with raising public awareness of climate change, says global temperatures have risen to levels not seen in 115,000 years. Unchecked, the planet will soon be too hot to hold people.

Action clearly is required. Dr Hansen and a group of scientists have estimated that the world will require between US$104 trillion (S$151 trillion) and US$507 trillion over the coming century to undertake the so-called “CO2 extraction” required merely to keep up with last year’s Paris Accord benchmarks and prevent runaway climate change.

[Vapor-ware technology, ie., it does not exist and has been a component in nearly EVERY proposal and projection, such as the IPCC reports, etc. In other words – we do not have the money or the means or the technology to actually stop this.]

That is a frighteningly large commitment for the coming generations to make at a time when their attention is likely to be fixed on the massive disruptions to their lives and livelihood caused by technology’s swift march. It can only be hoped that the sharing economy and scientific developments such as additive manufacturing, by cutting waste and trimming demand, will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions believed to be at the root of the climate change process.

[It is highly doubtful that there will even be “coming generations”. The proposed “trimming” can’t possibly save us or reverse climate change effects or restore ice, et. cetera and is more hopium disguised green-washing. Civilization can’t continue like this and expect a “turn-around”.]

While there is little time to lose, it is worrying that the United States will soon be led by a president who is a noted sceptic of climate change.

President-elect Donald Trump has called global warming a hoax and a Chinese conspiracy against US manufacturing, and pronounced himself not a believer in “man-made climate change”. In the wake of his stunning victory, his key appointments to the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency are people who, like him, are notable sceptics of the climate change consensus.

The silver lining is that, in spite of Mr Trump’s threat to pull the US out of the Paris climate change agreement, other big emitters such as China and India have vowed to stay with it. Indeed, fear of Mr Trump’s rise may even have sped up turning the Paris agreement into a platform for international action. His Republicans are something of an anomaly among conservatives around the world because many tend to live in denial, unlike the rest.

[The Paris Agreement is worse then useless, so calling this hope is ridiculous. Non-binding, non-starter, not effective, i.e., too little, too late is a better description. Does nothing to address root causes.]

That said, he recently met former US vice-president Al Gore and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, two stalwarts in the fight against global warming. If they have failed to convince him, perhaps he might yet heed the warnings of experts who have said that his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida would be underwater some day if the phenomenon was not checked. Climate change is simply too important to be left to sceptics.

[Useless commentary here, saying nothing but implying something. Wishful thinking which some readers will latch onto. Critical thinking skills need to be applied to all discussion on climate change (and most topics).]

Dec 282016

How climate change transformed the Earth in 2016 – Food and coffee failures, coral reef collapse and more.

Zimbabwe: Zim Response to Climate Change Will Determine Economic Direction  – 75% maize crop failure, effects of climate change already severe.

Dipshit Scott Walker’s repetitive disrespect for environment, climate change reality  – Ruining the future ever faster.

Grinding of the Greens gives back to the environment  –  Cutting down a living tree, stand it up in your living room, toss it into the trash heap. All done by using oil of course for fuel and transportation. Grind it up and turn it into mulch, using more oil. What is wrong with this picture? Christmas trees are another example of how humans refuse to change their ways.

Uganda: Hot Christmas Message, Insulted, Environment – Hot as Hell for Christmas in Uganda. Hunger and starvation abounds.

China’s giant cow farms befoul environment – It’s more then bad stink, it’s water, soil and manure pollution on a “mountainous” scale. Happening all over the globe.

Migration, Environment and Climate Change in Viet Nam – Over 2 million displaced persons and rising. Viet Nam is particularly exposed to floods and typhoons as well asdroughts and sea-level rise, which have major impacts on the country’s environment and the livelihoods of its 90.73 million people.

No food, no medicine, no respite: A boy’s death in Venezuela – Even the oil-rich countries are not immune from incompetence, falling prices and food dependency.

Zimbabwe headed for ‘Armageddon’ – “Obviously, things are not looking good in terms of the economy and the worst is yet to come in 2017. There will be shortages of commodities, closure of the few remaining companies and great suffering for the people.”

Looming Humanitarian Crisis in Zimbabwe – 2017 will be a major crisis. No food, no fuel.

Labour shortages looming on Canadian farms – Not going to double production as hoped.

Growing Pains: Home Gardening Strengthens Food Security, Promotes Healthy Eating –  The island of St. Thomas relies on 99% of food imports for its daily survival (and oil to flow).

The Guardian view on climate change: bad for the Arctic – What’s bad for the Arctic is going to be bad for the globe.

2016: The year mankind BROKE Earth – and why we’re ALL doomed – You heard it here first. Obviously a questionable news source, however the conclusions are correct except the lie about hope and keeping temperatures below 2C. Never ever going to happen.

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM): Many More Troubles Over Climate Change –  Exxon knew in the early 70’s that they would be destroying the Earth and did nothing about it except cover it all up. By “1981 [they] were already indicative of the notion that the crude oil and gas usage by the company would “produce effects that will indeed be catastrophic” in future. Exxon Mobil downplayed such threats to global warming via reiterating that the company has provided with adequate disclosure regarding the issues of climate change.”

The Free-Market Case for Climate Science – A stupid paper. Climate science is “true” because the free market demonstrates it.

Survey: Half of all Hungarians View Climate Change as an Immediate Threat – It’s only here in Amerika, land of sheep and stupids that we view climate change as a non-event, non-threat. Everybody else actually gets it. However, their still a bit slow on the uptake in Hungary, half think it won’t be a problem until 2050.

Climateers Can’t Handle the Truth – More Walls Street Journal double-speak to blur the message. Obfuscate the main message regarding climate changing (it’s warming, you fucking idiots, we did it and yes, you are all a bunch of climate denialist fucking it up for everyone else). Now who can’t handle the truth?

Agriculture sustainability and climate change – “Climate disruptions to agricultural production have increased in the past 40 years and are projected to continue increasing over the next 25 years. Producers and land managers will face increases in the frequency of extreme weather events, which will cause significant erosion, runoff and nutrient losses; prolonged droughts; increase pressure from pests and diseases; and higher temperatures, which will affect crop pollination and lower yields.”

Seriously? What happens in 25 years? Oh, that’s right. We’ll all be dead. No need for agriculture then. Or more likely, virtually ALL of our plans, ideas, mitigation and efforts will be proven utterly useless and we can’t predict anything at all past 25 more years. THAT is much more likely and perhaps the reason why these near-useless ‘projections’ can still be found.

Fake news is old news to climate scientists — and it has set progress back years – “For years, right-wing news organizations like Breitbart, Infowars, the Daily Caller, and Climate Depot have fed their denial, publishing stories that misinterpret, misrepresent, or distort scientific findings — or just outright lie.” Hysteria sells and the sites listed (there are many more) are very good at spoon-feeding hysteria. I’m still waiting for somebody to shoot Alex Jones and do the world a favor. The article is worth reading, it covers many of the cases and claims and lies being told.

I picked out about 50% of the articles I’ve come across – there are many, many more. Each 24 hour news cycle (or thereabouts) has a ton of new stories and articles on climate change. There are tens of thousands of scientists working on this topic at a feverish pace. The news, when taken as a whole and what it means for Earth and human survival, is ALWAYS BAD. And getting worse.



Dec 272016

US Brig Gen Stephen Cheney: Climate Change Could Lead To Humanitarian Crisis Of Unimaginable Proportions

Where will these displaced peoples go? What will they eat? What sorts of conflicts will be set off by their movements? What sort of lazy scapegoating and projection (both on the side of non-displaced and also displaced peoples) will we see? What sorts of cultural conflicts can we expect?

Would someone send this guy a link to this blog? The answers to these questions are already here.

Cool pic! I mean, artistically speaking of course.

Dec 272016

Ok, ok. Everybody here already knows I’m a bit of a pessimist, but I just stumbled across something that makes me really shake my head in wonder. It’s called and I found it while researching climate change articles, such as this one here – Climate Change Unanimous & Effective Solutions 2028.

There’s no content. None, zip, nada. It’s a concept apparently, an idea. That requires funding of course. Ok then, so far, so good… I’ll bite. Let’s see what they’re offering there.

I’ve archived the page in case it changes.

Step 1 – Start Dreaming.

Step 2 – Order Your Dream. Any dream, even it is to be a billionaire or a serial killer. (Zero-cash down!)

Step 3 – Millions will “join” (what, I’m not sure) and provide capital and investments to your dream.

Step 4 – Investors will assemble a team of qualified professionals. Seriously?

Step 5 – The Doers will show up. Well, maybe…

Step 6 – If your dream has been achieved, everybody gets paid. Oh, really? I’ve no idea how they think they’re going to enforce payments a decade later.

What is wrong with this picture? Or this one? The idea is that we can buy our way to the answers / world / dreams that we want. No matter what is is.

All of the dreams on the site are “Coming Soon” except the Kindness USA 2027 “dream”, which has a $1 billion dollar “goal”.

I said I’d bite, so I signed up. ‘Cmon, a little more kindness would be kinda nice, right?

Here comes the money part – where they ask you to commit. You can choose $100 to $500,000. There are lots more questions to ensure you over 18, not giving more then 5% of your income and that you expect to be able to pay your commitment in 10 years. More screens, more questions… then the kicker (there is always a kicker, right?). They need ‘investors’ like you to commit at least 15% to this dream.

That money is for the “Doers” in Step 5. Or so they say. They also said in the previous screens that they can do anything that they want with the money (all one billion dollars).

I smell a rat. Rats have a distinctive odor about them. They stink.

You really do need to step through their question / notification screens. Slickly done. Attempting to ensure you’re happy with your decision. Not tax deductible. Efforts to eliminate fraud and all that. Then it happens (as expected) – it’s time to finalize your commitment and make a “token” payment. What you’re really doing here is buying your own dream. After you give out your credit card details.

So the deal is this. Dream big. Sign up. Give out your personal information, including your credit card AND ID number (drivers license?). Buy into your own dream. Wait and see if others are stupid enough to do this too. Meanwhile… watch your bank account is all I can say.

What a fucking scam this is. The website was purchased in February 2015, registered in Paris, France. Which means next to nothing, but only 1 dream is active in two years. At least people aren’t flocking to this fraud.

I never did find out anything about the promised climate change solutions. Story of my life, nobody really has an answer so far.

Try it. Maybe one or two of you will have a throw-away Facebook account or Google account you can use to see what else you can learn.

I need a new category on this blog. Fraud, scam artist, fakes and profiteers. FSAFP. Or I could just call it Alex Jones.

Dec 272016

As Groundwater Dwindles, a Global Food Shock Looms

I’ve never really thought that the connections between soil, temperature, water, weather and seasonal variability were well appreciated by the general population. Most of us live highly insulated lives from the outside world. What food is produced is done by others, our role in this is simply a visit to the grocery store.

Our dependency should be obvious, but it’s not to millions and millions of people. There is always an assumption that someone else is going to solve our needs. I don’t subscribe to this attitude myself. I think it is irresponsible.

The above article totally fails to take into account what the headlines (headlies?) claim: food shock. Dramatically increasing prices, declining availability and decreased distribution were simply unmentioned, all part of what a food shock really means.