Oct 172016

There’s been interesting developments regarding how the news is “to be disseminated” if the West has its way. A specific attack against RT is underway:

UK bank to close RT accounts, ‘long live freedom of speech!’ – editor-in-chief
UK gov’t plan to oppose ‘Russian propaganda’? Pump money into BBC

RT has long sought to disseminate another ‘level’ of information not found within the US media. This has become very uncomfortable for American politicians:

‘Holy grail of US journalism’: WikiLeaks releases transcripts of Clinton’s paid Wall St. speeches

FBI releases Clinton probe documents

Hillary’s betrayal and lies are clearly evident. She’s running scared of Wikileaks, which easily explains why Julian Assange has become such a target. But now, they’re getting even more desperate, and have cut off Assange’s internet link:

Assange’s internet link intentionally severed by state party – WikiLeaks

What this means is Hillary is exactly what many have said, evil personified in human form. She’s terrified of the truth of her dealings gaining more public traction and is very much a part of the effort to silence Wikileaks and any other whistleblower who is revealing her crimes.

But this is about much more then Hillary Rotten Cunton. The inability to expose political leaders and government crimes and corruption is the goal. Silencing dissent is tyranny, fascism at its finest. Hillary excels at fascism. Her duplicitous and evil nature is being more and more exposed and there is now a global reaction taking place. Which side will win?

That depends on the outcome of this (s)Election. As President, Hillary has made it very clear she will generate war by decree, and isn’t above creating conflict right here on American soil. Your vote may not matter in our rigged elections, but you definitely need to stop supporting this evil bitch. The one-issue Scribblers who are blindly supporting Hillary because of her alleged claims on climate change are stupidly blind to what they’re planning on voting into office. Hillary is just as much a corporate whore as Trump is, but what she’s intending to do is simply unacceptable to any rational person.

The silencing of dissent is escalating and it will get far worse under the Whore of Babylon. If you value your life and your future, this is not the way to vote.

Oct 152016

Arctic methane gas emission ‘significantly increased since 2014’ – major new research

Unlike the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the leaking methane into the Laptev sea is virtually unstoppable now. In time, the damage to the planet will be far, far greater then the oil spill was to the Gulf Coast.

But you have to realize some things that are still not being said. We all know methane is far worse for the climate then carbon dioxide, and that its contribution to greenhouse warming effects are far higher.

‘This is the first time that we’ve found continuous, powerful and impressive seeping structures, more than 1,000 metres in diameter. It’s amazing. Over a relatively small area, we found more than 100, but over a wider area, there should be thousands of them.’

They are expecting to find thousands of these plumes, which are over 1,000′ in diameter (each). The contribution these methane plumes will be making rivals the methane contributions now being recorded in the melting permafrost.

If just 3% – 4% of these emissions reach the atmosphere, the atmospheric methane concentration will suddenly jump tens to hundreds of times. This will lead to very rapid global warming.

I’ve seen other reports depicting very sudden shifts of warming events in the historical record, encompassing as little as 2 – 3 years. My take on this is the methane hydrate “gun” has been fired for sure.

What is not being said (and probably won’t until it’s too obvious to ignore) is what this means for human survival.

Oct 142016

I laid awake all night listening to the high winds shake the entire house. A massive storm has hit the West Coast of the United States and here, even inland, we are getting our fair share. Several inches of rain are expected, although my rain gauge broke so I can’t do an accurate check here.

Extreme waves are expected up and down the coastal region too, with waves topping 45 feet. No mention of climate change of course in the lame-stream news that I saw, they’re blaming this on the tail-end of a hurricane that swept across the Pacific.

(s)Election season 2016 has turned into the theatre of the absurd here in the States and I’ll offer my apology to all ‘foreign’ readers of this blog for not bothering to cover this in any real detail. My views on the (s)Election are unpopular here and anything I may say will never be correct in the minds of the mental midgets that I share this country with. The shit-slinging, finger-pointing, accusations by both candidates has shamed this entire country in my opinion. But as you might expect in any story, some of it is actually true.

But no matter, because none of this is going to make any difference in the end. Americans do not get competent, qualified candidates for high public office, we get hand-picked, groomed and pre-selected “winners” to “vote” for (except in the case of Trump). Trump has bullied his way to the podium in a desperate hope for (s)Election and it’s anybody’s guess here if he’ll make the cut or now. I honestly don’t know. It’s clear the media has selected the Whore Of Babylon as their preferred favorite as she represents the least change to the status-quo and war is always good for business.

Trump has managed to embarrass himself repeatedly, but would you believe that this doesn’t matter to millions? He points out (rightly) many of the faults with our system, but even at this late stage in the (s)Election, he can’t answer any question honestly, especially about himself. He constantly dances around every topic with distraction and bullshit which makes him in all reality, a lousy candidate.

This is the theater of the absurd here and it’s getting worse by the minute. Feel sorry for me and my fellow Americans if you dare. We’re stuck with these monsters of theater, these play-actors who pretend they’re qualified, ethical, interested in “us” and will deliver on a single campaign promise. Oh, they will, but not to you and me, it’ll be the same bullshit as usual to protect corporate America and vested interest.

It’s really hard for me to grasp how this all came about, that American (s)Elections could degenerate into such absurdities and outrageous behavior. It’s NEVER been this bad here as far back as I can remember. And it’s only getting worse now. Just today, as part of the endless distraction and deceit going on against Russia, the Obama Administration is claiming to be readying a “cyber attack” for Russia’s “interference with the election”. What utter bullshit this is. I’ve yet to see any credible evidence to back up any of these claims, but I’ve seen a shit-ton of propaganda spew forth from the Ministry of Propaganda.

When you consider that this advanced announcement of “attack” is self-defeating on its face, then you begin to realize how absurd American politics have become. The idiot-o-sphere of connedspiracy morons has jumped on board with the anti-Russia rhetoric too, in a big way. Since NONE of their past predictions came true, they’re always having to escalate the claims to gain renewed interest in their propaganda, so now it’s “nuclear war” is allegedly “imminent”. What utter bullshit this all is. These ass-hat “faketriots” are part of the propaganda movement to distract Americans from all the news and events that really do matter. Seriously? Nuclear war? I’m not that fucking stupid and so are my readers. If nuclear war is coming, we’re still a long ways away.

Seriously people, wake the fuck up to reality. Stop supporting these fucking idiots. They’re doing a LOT of damage to the minds of Americans and we need all the help we can get to shut them down.

Nuclear war “talk” is all the news here, even on mainstream websites and news channels. ABC, NBC, CNN, etc., all of which I will choose to IGNORE because these idiots have completely failed to do their homework. It’s downright shameful how American journalism has betrayed everyone, not just Americans. This country used to be respected. Not anymore.

So I spent the day cleaning up the wind damage, which wasn’t too hard. Found a leak in my shop roof and got that patched. The idiot that put the metal screws down managed to drive some of the screws in crooked. I found several like that. It reminds me of our politics and the theater of the absurd here. There was row after row of sheet metal screws all in a neat line, but if you look closely, several were installed wrong. That’s a good analogy of American politics, we’ve got our screwballs here for sure. They try to look normal, but look closely and you’ll uncover leaks in their facade.

None of this shit matters. We’re not (s)Electing a President anyway, nor will anything change in America. Alex Jones did another one of his fake-baby cry tantrums (which I can’t and won’t show here because I wish this creep dead) for those interested, this ass-hat needs to take acting lessons. His theater of the absurd is truly ridiculous and outrageous these days. He and all of his ilk will go absolutely ballistic no matter what happens on November 8th. They’ll have to generate a whole bunch of new connedspiracies for their brain-dead followers, so that’s something to look forward to.

None of the candidates are even seriously addressing any of the issues that actually matter to Americans and to the world. It’s all come down to distraction, bullshit and theater now. It’s embarrassing to me to think that a “super power” is this fucked up. Well, it is. This is the reality of America now, divided, distracted, disunited and disinterested in everything else. We’re imploding from within, but it’s not just because of political, media and government malfeasance, these four D’s are also deeply embedded now in the people themselves.

We seriously need a break from this shit.

Oct 072016

Hurricane events are scary enough, but there idiotsphere of connedspiracy theorists are performing their usual mucking up of the facts. I won’t honor a single one of them with a link, but they’re claiming the usual suspects: Hurricane Matthew is “intentional” and was “steered” for destruction and death. These claims are stupid beyond belief and lack any credible proof whatsoever. Moreover, they offer nothing in terms of “why” except some half-baked connedspiracy theory.

The video above only depicts wind damages (on a modern house). It’s much, much worse at sea level where storm surge, rain and low quality houses are very common on poor areas. These homes are literally wiped off the map, taking lives, dreams and future with them.


Hot Whopper has been trying for some years to shame the climate denial idiots into reality, but I’m guessing she’s had as limited success as I have. This is definitely a website you should be reading to find credible counter-arguments to the incessant stupidity being spewed by the denialists.

This problem is most acute with Americans, who have chosen stupidstitions and reactionary “experts” for their biased opinions and straw arguments. For those of you that live off-shore from the Land of the Indoctrinated Slaves, it’s like wading chest-deep through a polluted river here, it’s vile and really stinks.

Paul Beckwith (where I found the video above) discusses how climate change really does affect hurricanes, but nobody here is really listening to the scientists or the qualified experts right now.

That does seem to be the real problem. Nobody is really listening. The non-negotiable way of life (exclusive to Americans of course) remains as firmly fixed as ever, hurricanes be damned. The loss of life (primarily elsewhere of course) is acceptable for this unfair exchange of privilege and protection and “exceptionalism”. There’s no connection between our actions and inaction’s and the misfiring synapses in the brains of the idiotic morons that choose ignorance and denial.

I’ve been trying for a while now to get through the thick-skulls of the brain dead zombies that walk this land. From 2008 –

I am of course, talking about much more then climate change or dreadful weather patterns. Much of what I write is designed to make you think about all the other connections in life, because nothing is unconnected. There are threads that connect each and every one of us to everything else. Some call this chaos theory, I just recognize it as being one of those undeniable parts of life on earth.

We don’t want to hold ourselves responsible for the events in this world, so it’s pretty clear if we don’t, then nobody else will either. And if nobody is responsible, then we have absolutely no ability to change anything. Our course would be fixed and irreversible. We’d be on a collision course to the final destination of death and destruction which is the end of all things (entropy).

But that’s not how the real world actually works and thus, irresponsibility isn’t actually true. It’s a illusionary fabrication we use to get us out of doing something. Our actions = our consequences. Our inactions = our consequences. Therefore, we cannot escape the consequences no matter what. Prince Charles was hinting at this, as have many others, but they don’t come out and say it. We are going to be stuck with the results of our actions and our inaction’s no matter what. Truth & Climate and The Struggle For Survival

My articles convey too much for the average person. Their too long and too repetitive. They contradict the main stream propaganda, the right wing reactionary and even the liberal way of thinking. All I’ve ever wanted was a habitable future for my children. I know that I’m not going to get it and neither will they. They’re going to be horrible cheated from life. I traced the causes and reasons and thought that somebody should say something about all of it.

Our animalistic nature is only temporarily covered up by all of the confines and structures we have built to govern our base nature. But we’re still animals who will resort to our true nature in a heart beat like these two did in yet another Walmart (a store that seems to attrack the attack). Despite years and years of warnings to prepare for storms like Matthew in advance, people STILL wait for the panic to take hold and then take steps for their own survival. Seriously now, how STUPID can people be? But we’ve not seen anything yet because its very clear that much more destruction and suffering is to come.

What do you think it’s going to be like when back-to-back storms, floods, droughts, deluge and infrastructure / crop collapses happen? We will abandon our rules and standards and cherished beliefs and be again what we always were – predatory animals, increasingly preying on each other (before, during and after we’ve wiped out everything else).

We’ve been setup for a perfect storm of self-destruction. Greed, gluttony, overpopulation, monetization, indifference, apathy and centuries of rampant destruction and pollution have left our race completely incapable now of rational thought and actions. We’re irrevocably committed to protecting and enforcing these attitudes and methods to the death, even if it means our extinction. From a personal perspective, I expect no change from this trajectory at all. We will ride this monstrous ride of human horror right down into the ground when it finally stops and most, if not all of us, are forever gone.

The ism’s, institutions and structures we have designed and built for our (exclusive) use within civilization are not sacred. They will not last the coming storms. Moreover, they are not reality nor do they teach reality. They teach irresponsibility and a insidious denial of reality while promising something else altogether (which is never delivered). This is why I reject them. They are harmful to the human race and the life on this planet. They are manufactured artificial constructs of enforced and governed behavior and attitudes, but they do not coincide with the real world, which is collapsing faster and faster every day, precisely because of the false meme these ism’s and institutions have embraced.

We are all now in an impossible predicament. We do not have the capacity, the will or even the intentions required to change. There is no solution. There won’t be any solution either because we are incapacitated now, too committed to false memes and selfish ambition. There will be many, many, MANY more disasters ahead, eventually culminating in the destruction of our civilization. So I’m not going to suggest hope or hopium, just some common sense advice. Prepare for your survival for as long as you can endure. Everything else is simply a false meme.

From the archives (there are many, many more):

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part I

Prepare For Climate Collapse – Part II

(special thanks to Gina for a donation to the ongoing work on this blog) – Admin

Oct 042016

I’ve been keeping quiet on here for some time because I’m absolutely disgusted with the escalating levels of unbelievable stupidity being exhibited by Americans. There is no end to it this (s)Election season and if the continuing trend is any indication of the future (and it probably is), we’ve not seen anything yet.

No matter which candidate is (s)Elected in November, it’s going to be a terrible time for America. Even worse however, will be what this will mean for the planet. I’m referring to how America and Americans themselves are going to respond to the new commander in chief and the dictates that will follow. It’s going to be very, very ugly. This will not be a place to be. Leave if you can.

I’m staying, having no place else to go, which is what most will wind up doing too. America will either embrace more war, death and destruction, or a rising tide of incredible stupidity and denial, arrogance, hatred and bigotry. It’s not a “choice” that we are facing that any thinking, intelligent or reasonable person would want to endure. But endure we must, somehow.

Somehow, science has managed to fail in their leadership and conveyance to facts and truth to the American people. This has contributed to the rising tides of stupidity and stupidstitions that have escalating dramatically this year. While I’m not blaming any particular group or party, I’m none too happy about the lost opportunity to knock some sense into the army of absolute idiots that have managed to change the public discourse in this country. Instead of dealing with facts, options and rational discussion, we’re still muck-raking among fools and idiots.

I’ve got better things to do. As do you.

November is fast approaching. Horrible and horrible is somehow the only two options on the menu. I listened to the debate, or at least parts of it, and it’s astounding how easily fooled people were (and all the connedspiracies this generated immediately thereafter). I’m surrounded by utter idiots it seems. Truly STUPID people who haven’t got the intelligence or sense of an ant. Both Hillary and Trump will DEVASTATE what’s left of America but that seems to be inevitable now. So rather just rant and complain, I’ll tell you what I think you should do: Get Ready.

Get ready to defend yourselves from the growing horde of idiots that plague this country. The race-bating, hate-filled, bigots, idiots and morons. If the (s)Election goes the other way, then get yourselves ready to go to war (here). Hillary seems hell-bent on ensuring we engage in another decade of senseless slaughter which is going to backfire this time (I suspect). I honestly cannot believe the (s)Election has come down to these two truly horrible “candidates” except for the fact that it really, really has. What a goddamned fucking mess this is for every decent human being on the entire planet.

And we let this happen. Seriously now, how did America and Americans let this happen? How could they be so fucking stupid? Well, I know that we’re not all that dumb, I’m sure not and so are many of my past readers. But I also know that we had really no say in the matter, so this is just a rhetorical rant. The entire candidate (s)Election process has been highly orchestrated and manipulated from the beginning. So now, just one month out, it’s come down to these two choices – bad and worse. I’ll let you decide which one you think is worse. I’m not sure it even matters now. Trump is far too stupid and arrogant to NOT do something fatal for the country. And Hillary fully INTENDS to do so. So take your pick. If it were me, I’d head to parts far, far away if I could. But I can’t. So get ready to endure eight years or more of pure hell and escalating misery.

It’s not just the candidate (s)Election that disgusts me, it’s the sheer stupidity of my “fellow Americans” that have fallen, hook, line and sinker for the propaganda that is being vomited forth now. I doubt we’ve seen the end of this yet, but what I’ve seen and read so far is unbelievable. It’s like a bad script where Dumb and Dumber vie for the prize of Dumbest Of All. The movie credits are rolling and everyone is hoping for a glimpse of their name. They want to be a part of it. Not me. I’m staying far away from this insanity. It’s a dangerous time to be online. An even more dangerous time to express your opinions. It can now get you killed, something that I warned about long ago.

Check out this “poll” for an example of stupid (read the comments for truly asinine idiocy). There seems to be competition for “who can be the stupidest of all”. Facts and reality are ignored, while conjecture, straw arguments and imaginary beings replace reality. The news on the climate front is still getting worse (hotter and hotter) while wildlife is dying off and going extinct faster and faster. But no, we are not responsible for any of this according to the morons that infect this country.

Seriously, I often find myself wishing that there was some other place to go where stupidity and stupidstitions didn’t ruin it for everyone else. Or better yet, let the Rapture happen and take all these idiots away. I’ve had to fight another battle here locally that runs along the same lines, it’s taken up a fair share of my time. Intelligence seems to be going backwards now, reverting to the reactionary response of 12-year old bullies. It belies the notion or claims that humans are “advancing” at all. I doubt it – we’ve yet to grow up and accept our responsibilities. We can’t even grasp reality.

So either believe me or not, but this is your warning. Get ready. You are going to have to endure a rising tide of reactionary stupidity and belligerence that will get very ugly. Find a quiet place to be and lock the gate. Stay home and stay away from crowds, malls, shopping centers and any place where groups will gather.  Don’t even go any place alone where you do not feel 100% safe. I would caution you also on your online activity. Be smart and play it cool.

If you haven’t made home preparations, you’re seriously, seriously overdue. Food, water, weapons, medical supplies, fuel and the ability to endure long power-outages. You will need some cash on hand (but not gold or silver, this is a false meme as I’ve shared often before). Stay close to home (no long trips) if you can. America is about to explode.