Sep 142016

A very informative graphic on human history and stupidity (scroll down to view here).

Fossil fuels were the untouchables. Perhaps they’re all black for a reason. Pure poison to Planet Earth, humanity and all life on Earth. Somehow, the ‘instruction manual’ for humans didn’t seem to include this admonishment – Thou Shalt Not Touch The Black Death, Thou Shalt Not Burn It Else Thou Will Die.

This one, we were left to figure out for ourselves, but somehow still can’t. Humans are an amazingly stupid species.

The only thing missing from this graphic is the gigantic collapse of our civilization, unfolding now. And the claims that “renewables” aren’t also using fossil fuels of course. Of course they are, they always have and always will. It is not more energy we need, but less. Including less people, less “civilization”, less industry, less development, less of EVERYTHING. But basic common sense is entirely absent among the elitists, scientists and idiots that keep advocating we can continue down this path of death. They’re all far too stupid to admit when they’re dead wrong.

So now we have “geocide”, an apt description of human stupidity run amok:

The terrible trends and data have led the venerable progressive political scientist and social-justice advocate Susan George to introduce what she calls “a new phenomenon in the history of humankind.” In a recent lecture to the International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights in Buenos Aires, she names it “geocide,” meaning “the collective action of a single species among millions of other species which is changing planet Earth to the point that it can become unrecognisable and unfit for life.” Humanity, George says, “is committing geocide against all components of nature, whether microscopic organisms, plants, animals or against itself, homo sapiens, humankind.” George is unstinting in her denunciation of the human species: “Homo sapiens has only existed for roughly 200,000 years. The time we’ve spent on this planet compared to its total age is infinitesimally short, just the tiniest sliver of geological time. It amounts to a mere 0.00004 percent of Earth’s existence. And although any given species of plant or animal—vertebrate or invertebrate—tends to last on average about 10 million years, our species seems determined to cause its own extinction, along with the rest of creation, long before its allotted time.”