Apr 222016

It’s been obvious for years that the world’s food supply is at severe risk from climate change and other effects, including drought, severe weather and infestation. The same situation applies to the world’s oceans which are nearly out of fish.

Global Fisheries Are Collapsing

What is astounding is how very little aware people are of these collapsing food sources. The world will flat run out of things to eat sometime in our lifetimes, but very little is being done. And it appears (to me) that almost nobody even cares.

None of this is news on this blog, it’s been documented before, but the situation is worse then ever. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia is going to be entirely lost – and soon. Reefs are critical to the survival of the oceans, but this bleaching is happening all over the world. Once gain, nothing can be done (lots of hand-wringing and anguish and ‘calls for action’ but it won’t make any difference now, it’s far, far too late).

Humanity is sleepwalking its way towards the Apocalypse, unfolding now on a daily basis. Long before humans die of heat stroke, they’ll be dying by the millions from starvation. Dehydration will also kill hundreds of millions too.

The planet is that screwed up.

Apr 162016

If anyone wants to post links or news bits, here you go.

Climate scientists continue to be “shocked” with a serious “wow” factor thrown in at the rapidly escalating melt / temperature acceleration globally. Personally, I don’t find this particularly newsworthy, it was already well known that 2016 would be “the worst ever” for the world’s climate and rising seas.

I think the “wow” factor is being overused. I think what this reveals is the scientists and blogger are finally realizing (years too late) what these “new” measurements mean. None were particularly enamored with the doomerish perspective that if it’s all melting (and has been for years), we’re fucked. But now their finally starting to get it and are becoming doom-sayers in their own right.

Goddamn it. This actually makes me pretty angry. They derided writers and commentators who pointed out what these declining trends meant taken collectively, and now they’re claiming they’re the new seers on climate collapse. I call this one bullshit. More like johnny-come-lately party crashers trying to get in on the doom porn. And they’re not very good at it because they still fail to make the connection of what happens when the climate goes ape-shit (from the norm) and how civilization does / will respond. But they’re trying.

I could care less who gets credit for posting / sharing whatever. The only part that I truly care about is what is being done. And when. The time that has been wasted is irreplaceable. The effort and mis-direction (still) being promoted is even worse. For years I’ve pointed out that a global emergency exists. That time should have been spent preparing instead of dickering around “debating” and discussion stupid-shit like “is this real?” and “oh my gosh, look at that!”.

But squeaky wheels get the grease and almost nobody paid any attention to the doom-sayers of the day, including yours truly. So I slowly wound down my own efforts to share what was happening by thousands of missed posts that could have been provided, links to events, data, circumstances and decline. It seemed as if it didn’t matter enough (and in retrospect, it certainly didn’t). Americans are very easy to distract and to deflect off into never-never land, endlessly haggling over truly stupid shit (like (s)Election 2016 – I mean really, who gives a fuck?).

And they don’t really care about anything that doesn’t immediately satisfy some personal want. We seem to exemplify the idiots on the planet. But we’re also capable of so much more and I failed to tap into this.

So, we’re fucked, it’s your fault (stolen line from Deek) and their ain’t shit you’re going to really be able to do about any of it. Except get ready for collapse, coming sooner then anybody cares to accept. Nature is indifferent to our desires, but not to our actions, which continue – incessantly to make things worse and worse. Maybe YOU got excited about the new electric car, but I didn’t. Civilization is inexorably headed for catastrophic collapse and now would be a great time to choose how you intend to surf the Apocalypse.