Mar 202016

You’ve got a decade (maybe) – July 2012. Another prescient post covering (s)Election, climate, collapse. Winter 2016 shows the lowest sea ice in human history, with ice melting even in winter. Not yet a “blue ocean event” but getting closer. Albedo will trigger total catastrophe and cascading events.

Why (s)Election 2012 Does Not Matter – November 2012. Funny how accurate this post turned out to be. Right now, rabid fever is overtaking many “supporters” of this side or that. And there is a LOT of violence being exhibited. It’s all rather pathetic because none of this is going to make any difference at all – but now they’ve got us attacking each other. Dumb. We are indeed at yet another “crossroads” and the “anointed one” to come will definitely make things worse or at best, just delay the worst (a bit). It won’t get better. But a lot of people are once again, falling for the propaganda. Just like they always do, every four years. Every day. Rinse, wash, repeat. Wake up people, there is far more to life and living then this.

Mar 182016

I do not believe that we are going to “solve” the climate crisis (even marginally) for the following reasons:

a) Humans are poorly suited to coping with large-scale emergencies. Short-term and instant gratification has overtaken long-term efforts towards solutions.

b) We have still failed to grasp the true significance (scale, scope, resources and energy required) of the issues, to try and solve the many interconnected problems we’ve caused.

c) We continue to contribute (in a constantly accelerating fashion) to the problem (emissions, population, resource consumption) with virtually nothing being done to reverse these escalating contributions.

d) Political, social and even environmental conditions are now essentially “fixed” (unchangeable) with too little time left to abandon or restructure them.

e) Climate change (inertia) will not respond to human-scaled efforts in a timely fashion to prevent catastrophe.

Modern human civilization represents everything against climate stability, and there is virtually no consideration whatsoever that the components of modern civilization will be “undone” (at any level or scale). It’s bloody obvious that modern civilization caused climate collapse, but virtually no discussions are being entertained to address this cause.

Re-engineering and rebuilding the fabric of society and our infrastructure won’t be done either (except as a paper and computer exercise). Very little funding will be committed, and the resources we would need try and pull this off simply do not exist anymore. “Vaporware” technologies have been proposed in every scenario to date, including those in the IPCC reports. Continue reading »

Mar 132016

From Record-Shattering February Warmth Bakes Alaska, Arctic 18°F Above Normal –

“It was so hot last month that large parts of the Arctic averaged more than 18°F (10°C) above normal.”

And something quite ominous – Arctic News is predicting extreme jumps in temperatures over land (surface of the Earth, not just the Arctic) that are unsurvivable in just ten years.

By 2026, will it be 3.9C (low) or 10.4C (high warmer on land than at the start of the industrial revolution? – February Temperatures

Continue reading »

Mar 062016

Reposting because this is timely, classic and dead accurate even years later (and it’s still stunning how so many morons keep falling for the same lies, again and again):


Mar 052016

I just had to shoot our cat. Went outside to check on the critters and couldn’t find him. Last night there was some kind of ‘altercation’ where the cats were howling at something. I got up and went to the window (which is what I usually do) to break it up. I didn’t see anything, but then again, I never do even when I go outside with a flashlight.

Found the cat, his eye was punctured and he had a deep hole in his head. Pretty obvious it was another racoon attack. Bite marks on his side. No vets are open anywhere nearby today, would have had to go to the city and then deal with all that. He was over ten years old, pretty old for an outside cat. Continue reading »

Mar 052016

There is a growing sense of panic now being expressed within the climate change community. This panic is the result of rather alarming levels of warming occurring during Winter and the corresponding increase in extreme weather events, ice melt (yes, even in winter) and what some call, “the lateness of the hour” for a human response to global warming. To put it very simply, non-linear acceleration of climate related events is happening decades sooner then expected.

I’ve already pointed out that the “best among us” remain almost stubbornly blind to the true nature of our global predicament. In a sense, it is as if there is a pissing contest on who will be heard and who will not. What will be published and what won’t. Who has the credentials and who doesn’t. It’s been like this for years and years and is very unlikely to change. However, as the climate situation spirals ever more wildly from the norm, these specious refusals to examine the true nature of the evidence make less and less sense. Continue reading »

Mar 012016

Want some more awareness (news) and some hope?

Worth watching: Al Gore: The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

My comments:

Al’s got nice energy levels and optimism (pun intended), but he failed to prove his case with a lot of distracting rhetoric. Still the politician I see.

Force of will is all well and good, but it’s got to be greater then the cause and effect, which absolutely MUST be addressed.

First off, wind is not a store of energy (and neither are lithium batteries). Secondly, “More business opportunity” will lead to more energy consumption (fueling civilization’s heat engine, growth, etc.).

A lot of his talk doesn’t address critical issues that will have a tremendous impact upon any concepts of “success”, such as – population, energy consumption, resource depletion, agriculture, ocean CO₂ saturation, melting ice, permafrost, the ‘methane’ problem developing globally, atmospheric carbon, ocean circulation and the highly disrupted jet stream, what china is REALLY doing (already violating COP 21 agreement), etc.

No doubt that changes are taking place… but it’s really a rearrangement of the deck chairs until root causes are finally admitted to and addressed.

Example: solar panels does not change much of anything. Until humanity changes its energy demands, population levels, attitudes, sources of carbon (what do you think is going to mine, build and transport these alternative energy sources?), carbon amounts already released, agriculture practices, and so many other critical points that directly tie into our survival as a species, then no amount of ‘rearrangement’ of our demands will work as expected – but it WILL waste a great deal of time, energy, resources and money, none which we have an abundance of.

Kudos for the optimism, but it’s not enough.

For whatever reason (I know the reason, but it’s too unpopular to post), we keep pretending we can techno-fix our way out of this predicament. But we’re repeating the same mistakes of the past, including in our thinking and even in our discussions. We cannot bring ourselves to admit to extremely critical points that must be addressed in order for anything to actually work very long.

For this reason, these present efforts (at best) will simply buy humanity a tiny slice of time. At worst, they will do nothing at all except permit some to reap more profits while wasting what time, energy and resources we still have left to actually try and do something that really counts. And this isn’t it.