Feb 282016

My apology to my readers and what I’m now witnessing – followup on censorship at Scribbler’s blog.

It’s very clear that there is no “one best source” for information. Certainly not here, I don’t have the skill or the time.

But I truly despise the false narrative(s) and illusions / deceptions that gets promoted, even within that “community” that I subscribe to (and those that I don’t) such as – (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7). There are many, many more on this blog like this and this.

I think we’re in big, big trouble. When the best and brightest and most informed really aren’t – what does this mean for humanity?

It’s a situation that we’ve had all along, but it’s no longer going to be given the ‘allowance’ (abuse) that it once did, because humans can’t make too many more mistakes before it starts costing us millions of lives. Or even billions.

Can we continue to choose the wrong path / wrong solutions? Yes – for a while, until it all catches up with us as it inevitably will. And that is entirely the point. We have to use the time we have left to choose the right path ahead (if it even exists), but we cannot continue to choose the wrong path that solves nothing. And that “nothing” is being promoted as ‘the answer’.


It’s not an answer, it’s a gigantic ELE (extinction level event) mistake.

Feb 232016

The AMC channel featuring The Walking Dead has been a hit televison. series. I’ve been able to watch this on DVD and then a couple of the new episodes while in the hotel at the Mayo Clinic. I’ll miss the rest of the season until it’s out on DVD.

The analogy of The Walking Dead to America’s mindless zombies is quite profound. I’m finding this series fascinating because of its incredible analogy to how life really is. But I’m absolutely broke now and need to go find a way to make a living, so I won’t be back any time soon. But what I really want to do is start a revolution.

This article will be in-depth – so if you can, spend the time reading what it says.

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Feb 212016

Glen Beck is ‘fasting’ for Ted Cruz.

Lets analyze this.  Hypocritical man fasts and prays to an the Invisible Sky God for another hypocritical man that wants to be President.  Both are rich. Both are famous. Both seek inordinate amounts of attention.

Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world…

Both are liars, deceivers, true wolves in sheeps clothing preying upon the flock. Both are deceiving millions of deluded followers who don’t even recognize what these men truly are.

Funny how Brietbart won’t allow this to publish.


Feb 212016

Spotted this over on Radio EcoShock:

“This adds to my conviction that only a major economic crash can possibly stop civilization from environmental suicide.”

If you simply take the current trend of global environmental and political events into account (and nothing else such as doomerish predictions from any source, including science – just assess the current facts) it is perfectly obvious that nothing whatsoever will stop environmental suicide. Far, far too late for that. Not even a full-stop of civilization would stop this now.

We’ve pushed the planets natural physical response to human activity past the point of no return. This response will absolutely devastate the environment and remaining habitat.

We’ve done nothing to limit populations.

We’ve totally failed to restrict or reduce additional carbon dioxide contributions into the atmosphere. We haven’t even ‘experienced’ the effects yet of our CO₂ contributions from the past dozen years.

Should a major ‘economic crash’ happen (unfolding now) this still will not stop the accelerating environmental chaos.

No CO₂ is being removed from the oceans or atmosphere. No ice is being replaced to slow down the albedo effect. No acidification is being reversed. No forests will stop burning. And on and on. Permafrost. Phytoplankton. Coral bleaching. Rising seas. Deforestation. Etc. Nothing will change the massive disruption to the world’s hydrological cycle.

Our situation is factually hopeless. We continue to advocate that “something could be done” while denying what will inexorably continue no matter what.

Pretend that “if all humans simply disappeared” to realize these points. What would then happen to the environment and habitat? It would still worsen to the point where most places on the planet would become uninhabitable. What we’ve already done will still remain.

Assuming that an ‘economic crash’ would somehow help is a huge mistake – leading us to waste incredible amounts of time and effort while still continuing to advocate the wrong responses.

There is no human response available to us now.

All we can possibly do is find ways to endure what is inevitable (as long as we can). To me, this has been obvious for a long time, but all the attention is still focused on the belief that “we can control this” – “somehow” which is a false meme. It’s very obvious that we have no control – not even over ourselves (after thousands of years of opportunity) let alone the environment which factually represents something far, far stronger (and far more enduring) then all of humanity.

We do not and never have controlled the planet – nor the many complex and interwoven physical natural processes that create a habitable environment. We can only (at times, for very short periods) control what HUMANS do – and nothing more. Bear in mind this limited “control” has nearly always focused ONLY on our destructive tendencies, which is to say “slow down a little” but never stop. We have no idea how to control anything else humans do – such as nurturing, or restoration, but even these (very limited) capabilities will not ever be enough now to prevent what we’ve triggered or adequately reverse what we’ve done.

Our very existence represents something few recognize – environmental death. Once we became too destructive and too numerous – it was too late to prevent the inevitable.

Writing from my hotel room on one finger as I heal back up and contemplate what situation we really are in. We cooked the planet and it is unstoppable. We choked off its circulatory system. The planet is having a heart attack, but we aren’t the doctors. We can’t “cure” it of civilization. We are the cause and the disease.

I’ve always said it didn’t have to be this way. But it is – now.

Feb 152016

Today I had my Moh’s surgery. Actually, I had to have two of them. The first go-around didn’t make a large enough perimeter around the DFSP, so this had to be made larger. These two procedures took over 8 hours today. The lab has to test the removed specimens for cancer, so in between cutting operations, you just wait.

This is the first patch – we weren’t able to get a picture of the first surgery (undressed wound):



This is the second surgery – it’s a huge hole. It won’t be grafted closed until Wednesday. It’s pretty painful.



This is the “map” drawn by the doctors of where the DFSP still is (they still haven’t gotten it all).  The next surgery is reconstruction / skin graft and they will go even deeper to remove the remaining DFSP:


I had to go through with this surgery despite my inability to pay. If the cancer wasn’t removed now, it would get worse and all of the tests performed would be wasted (they would have to be repeated later) and the travel to the Mayo Clinic would also be a wash. The costs have continued to climb, so far, I’ve had paid them just over $83,000. I have tried everything I can to negotiate something with the Clinic, but they have refused everything. Either prepay – or go home.

I knew in advance that this wasn’t going to be cheap, or free, or charitable which is why my wife started the GofFundMe campaign, but this brought in $2011 in 30 days. 7% goes to the GoFundMe folks, so it’s actually less then that.

So let me be honest here: Why have 99.99% of my readers refused to provide me with any support? Some of you have been reading this blog for years, with some of you claiming over a ten year readership and have never once given me any assistance. There’s over 300,000 blog views now, which only represents the readership since 2011 – but the blog goes back to 2005 with over 2400 posts.

Not $1 dollar has been offered by over 99.99% of you when I needed it most. The “impossible situation” I was in was either find a way to get this surgery now, or waste the entire trip / tests / examinations and start over someplace else some other time. Or do nothing at all and let this get even worse.

If 1000 people had given just $1 or $5, this would have helped immensely and avoided some costly decisions I’ve had to make. I had to prepay for this in full – and to do so, I’ve now had to liquidate my remaining assets at fire sale prices and borrow money.

I also do not know of any promotion of this situation being picked up by anyone and shared despite my requests for help in sharing story. Only one person (from Thailand) has written to me in the past two weeks while this was all unfolding.

I feel totally unappreciated to be honest. Most of you seem to think that your non-participation in this blog and my request for help is okay. Probably not what some of you want to hear, but then again, I’ve never pretended that my words were comfortable for most. I’ve got virtually nothing left to lose now, so I’m laying it on the line here.

Survival Acres (the food business) was not sold – it was given away, so there was nothing I profited from. I have no income, no retirement, no insurance, no disability to fall back on. I’ll be the first to admit that this is “not your problem” so do as you please. But I will also say that it is the near-total lack of support that has caused me deep reflection upon what I’m doing here and why I even bothered helping all those people over the  years. It’s certainly not being reciprocated.

Those 21 of you that HAVE stepped up – Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You got me here – and that was a big, big help.


Feb 112016

Well, another update on the Mayo Clinic visit. I was able to see the spine surgeon today, going over the new MRI from this morning and the new xrays taken. Good news: nothing has gotten any worse in 2+ years since the stem cells were injected which he thought was amazing. Whatever I’m doing must be right.  I attribute this to diet and exercise and maybe the stem cells I had injected in the lumbar epidural space.

He definitely recommended no fusion. So there is nothing to be done for this condition (spinal stenosis) at this time, but he did provide a arthritis prescription which might help. Someday, I could consider radiofrequency nerve ablation – but not until later.

But there is some bad news: the reconstruction surgery on my shoulder is going to cost $63,477. I received this estimate today from Mayo.

I’m now faced with an impossible situation. The shoulder reconstruction surgery cost is far higher then I anticipated. My fund raising goals of $25,000 has fallen woefully short by about $22,000, and now it needs to go much higher. The Moh’s surgery ($5889), reconstructive surgery (including a hospital stay to ensure the muscle / skin graft works) $63,477, hotel (14 days, estimate cost is $3000, it’s a variable daily rate but this is pretty close) and the flight home. Total cost will be around $75,000. I’ve had xrays, MRI, 3 CAT scans, and examination by 4 surgeons (Dr.’s Rose, Arpey, Bakari and Case).

So far, I’ve paid out $20,000, but no more surgery or work can be done until Mayo is paid in advance. I can’t do the Moh’s surgery either unless I can get the muscle graft done too.

So either I find a way to pay them or go home now with nothing done except examinations. I’ve got only 3 days left to do this (Moh’s surgery is scheduled for this coming Monday).

So I really need some help. The GoFundme page (now cancelled due to lack of interest) is getting very little traffic (58 ‘shares’, whatever that means). And so is this blog. And food sales which were suppose to help are still almost zero. So I’m only reaching a very tiny audience. The more people know about this, the better the chances are of receiving some assistance. So if you can help promote this story, anywhere you can, please do so immediately.

Thank you – Admin