Aug 282015

Surprise, surprise!!!

If you’ve been waiting for the Blood Moon, Shemitah, God’s Judgement, the September Surprise, or whatever ‘filter’ you routinely apply to unfolding world events, keep waiting. Nothing is going to happen. It’s glaringly obvious that the ‘grand delusion’ is landing dab smack square on the profit [sic] crowd.

But if you’re one of the rare few who is grounded in reality, there are an increasing number of severe ecological and environmental events now occurring well worth paying attention to and why being prepared for real events still makes sense.

Scientists warn of Catastrophic Permafrost Thaw


They’re still trying to get a handle on what this means, but scientists are expecting the Arctic to stop absorbing carbon (altogether) and start releasing carbon within 20 – 30 years, with “the permafrost to release 120 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere” by 2100 (uh, that’s not survivable folks, it’s spelled f.o.o.d. and there won’t be any of it).

However – there is also this dubious ‘nugget’ – at this rate (graph above), the permafrost “would go above zero degrees C (i.e., melting) at a depth of about 20 meters in 2045.”

If that estimate proves to be true, or even anything close to it, that is a LOT sooner then some of these other projections. 20 meters (65+ feet) of liquefied permafrost represents gigatons of carbon being released into the atmosphere in just a few years from now. Which has already begun.

I’ve long been wondering exactly “which” tipping point is going to finally do us all in, because it’s pretty clear that we’ve already passed several while the world dithers and the rapture ready rubes still hope their escape plan will work. Rest assured – nobody is getting out of here, we are all going to have to face what is coming.

Evidence of a Canfield Ocean Now Appearing (purple waves in the Pacific ocean).

Uh oh – could it be that once again, the expectations of the world’s best minds are still behind the curve on exactly how fast we’re going to see some truly catastrophic events unfold within the world’s environment? Sure doesn’t seem like nature likes our ‘timetable’ or agrees with the conservative predictions.

Is there are over-reliance upon the models – and too little observations taking place? (yes). But it won’t be the models that matter in the end…

I’m sitting here day after day, night after night in choking smoke wondering exactly how much the burning forests (It’s Global Warming Stupid) are adding to the atmospheric loading of carbon. Some no doubt, not enough to truly accelerate things but it is already a given certainty that the world cannot release any more carbon into the atmosphere. Which we all do, every – single – day, being unable (and unwilling) to do anything else.

Arctic Emergency – Scientist Speak on Thawing Ice & Global Impacts – (must watch)

Natalia Shakhova – The sediment in the East Siberian shelf is up to 20 kilometers thick… 2,000,000 square kilometers in size. And it’s warming up, releasing methane.

Affecting the future of food is also this – Pesticides Killing Bees: Study Shows What Everybody Suspected

I’ve zero interest in selling food to people who are reacting in fear. I think a ton of people are taking advantage of other people. It’s going to be mighty interesting to watch these charlatans unveil themselves as they get everything wrong, wrong, wrong. So for some humor, watch this for a little ‘reality’. Be sure to watch at minute 11:00 and beyond. The scams being pulled by these religious hucksters is unbelievable.

Aug 262015

Batshit crazy… (facebook video link).



Posted on Tuesday, August 25, 2015


You really should watch this first for context.

This dude is a certifiable crazy nutter. He’s promoting long disproven claims that keep making the rounds in the nutter / connedspiracy circles. He’s not even bothered to fact check anything. If you watch any of his other videos, he’s clearly one of the nutters, although only one video was enough to prove this point.

The comments that follow this particular video post are just as entertaining as the video itself is. There are a lot of grossly uninformed, paranoid and delusional people who will simply believe anything that they read or hear. As I’ve been saying, it’s gotten so bad it’s time to speak up and say something about this crazy connedspiracy fear that keeps escalating higher and higher in this country.

And here’s the kicker…  this dude is a candidate for Vice President of the United States alongside Arizona E. Harting.

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Aug 242015

Several development on the fire season in the Pacific Northwest. Smoke here in Idaho is very bad, you really don’t want to be outside much and it’s not much better inside.

Others have ‘noticed’ this too, but I’m up close and personal to it this year. It’s the worst fire season on record.


US Experiencing Worst Fire Season on Record as Blazes in Washington and Oregon Explode Twelvefold to Over 1 Million Acres

This is ‘climate change in action’. Dry conditions and years-long droughts are causing huge eco-system damages. And it’s not just in the forests either, I read just the other day where millions of fish in Alaskan rivers are dying now (the water is too hot).

Humans can try and cool down by using their air-conditioners and stay out of the sun. Not so for fish and wildlife, which are finding their environment totally destroyed as far as habitability is concerned. It’s the same for the plant life, they can’t do anything at all about dry conditions or temperatures getting too hot except wither and die.

We’re next. Once they’re all dead and gone, that means our food crops will be too, and then starvation will become a huge problem for humans.

Aug 212015

The fires in the area are making the air quality really poor. Evacuation orders have been given to friends of mine, everyone is watching nervously. Sadly, several firefighter have now been killed as fires with strong winds have overtaken their positions.

Gina from Australia sent me this list of preparations. After the terrifying fires of 2003, Australians are very familiar with the risks and what to do if fires come near.

She’s also mentioned this:

Good Luck with the fires – have you ever heard of ‘ThermoGel‘? From memory it was originally developed in the US to help combat bushfires in California. It can be sprayed on hours before the fire goes through and will at least save the buildings.


Aug 182015

In numerous posts on this blog, such as More Spew From Connedspiracy Idiots and Morons Unite!, I’ve made the argument that the escalating ‘climate of fear‘ being incubated today in America and within the so-called ‘survivalist’ movement is a deliberate campaign designed to take advantage of people and liberate them from their money.

This campaign is being systematically produced by opportunistic people with a clear agenda disguised as patriotism, survivalism and end-time fantasy. Using a gross misunderstanding of facts, conjecture and straw arguments to foster a climate of fear, slick presentations are routinely generating higher and higher levels of fear in the American people. Their product is the manufacturing of a rather large set of “connedspiracies” all designed to produce lucrative revenue streams for their developers and advertisers.

I’ve coined the term connedspiracies (the first I think) years ago to identify and label this growing group of hucksters and profiteers that are busy manufacturing endless waves of conjecture and how they ‘sell’ their claims to audiences and fans with the sole intent to create more fear and more profits. In other words, it’s always been about money – and not about the truth or freedom or liberty or information exchange or any other thing no matter how they’ve tried to disguise it. It’s a conspiracy of conspirators who are weekly ‘engaged’ in drumming up more fear while ignoring the real issues affecting us all.

They also use the tactic of denying some of the real issues occurring and to denigrate those that have identified them. They’ve even mounted a campaign to attack those that are trying to reason with them and share important issues and concerns. Their goal:  Retain a dedicated audience (increasing revenue); sell products that you’re ‘suppose to have’; increase advertising (worth hundreds of millions per year); refuse any changes that would impact their lifestyles (business as usual). The entire ‘survival movement’ has now been co-opted by these hucksters and I’m ashamed to be considered a part of it (I’m not).


Many of the ideas and fears they’ve promoted are found within the community loosely called ‘survivalists’. I’m supposed to be one these myself because I ‘belong’ to the community of survivalists and have been helping people prepare for several decades now. But I’m not a member – because long ago I gained the understanding that survivalism was not worth pursuing anymore, especially with what survivalism has become today. Survivalism has come to mean many things that I intensely dislike, including conjecture, denial, conspiracy and end time fantasies that have no basis in reality.

But according to some, I’m supposed to believe in those other things too, by virtue of my involvement, my many publications and my long-standing efforts with this community and even because of the name of the business that I run. But I don’t believe in many of them, because they are inaccurate claims and assessments (leading to ‘conspiracy theory’), many that I’ve noted in the links above. Some of these claims and conjectures are just flat-out wrong and were created by utter idiots. Therefore, I wrote the following articles to try and lay the groundwork of what is actually true and what is not: End Time Fantasies of the Religious Right, and Denying the Deniers – Village Idiots Take Note. There are many more on this blog.

Not all conspiracies are fraudulent, but many which are being too-widely embraced are.


This blog has never been about survivalism, which I continue to view as a misguided ‘idea’ that does nothing to actually help solve anything. Everyone has seem to have forgotten what true ‘survivalism’ really was, but it’s most certainly not what it has morphed into today. It’s been taken over by big business and bottom lines, pumping out an endless array of propaganda, products and fear through the mouths of talking fools. There’s a billion dollars or more at stake and the competition is fierce. And it’s all a load of bull-puckey.

Today’s ‘survivalist’ is concerned about the future and what it’s going to mean, but it’s not a future that has anything to do with true survivalism nor is even much of it based upon reality. Today’s ‘survivalist’ has a closet full of guns and ammo, a 4×4 truck loaded up with a bug-out bag and freeze dried food, extra gas cans, sleeping bags and a shit-ton of ‘essential gear’ crammed into every nook and cranny and walkie-talkies to stay in touch with his overweight ‘buddies’. There’s even a map for the rendezvous area taped to the visor where they’re all planning on ‘making a stand’ (against everyone else).

Our hero is getting ready to run. The (still) dominant paradigm in the survivalist / end-timer / prepper movement is to disappear off into never-ever land where ‘survival’ and ‘making a stand’ will somehow be ‘an answer’ to whatever is going wrong within society. I call these people ‘self-made refugees’ and have long pointed out the fallacies of this sort of thinking. If you’ve never read Survival Acres Blog – What Is It?, you should because I’ve gone into detail what is wrong there too.

There are others within the survival movement that won’t choose to ‘bug-out‘ – they’re staying put and guarding the fort. They’re even better prepared (some of them), rivaling even the equipment issued to military troops. They’re preparing for the ‘end’ too, because when it all falls apart, the plan is to defend it to the last can of beans.

Defense (and even attack) plays a huge role in today’s ‘survivalism’ meme, probably far, far larger then some people even realize. This component of the modern day survivalist movement is absolutely huge, taking up 50% and more of the survivalist budget, time, training and efforts now being expended. The massive jump in gun sales has skyrocketed with many of these going to survivalists. I’ve been to the gun shows, seen what the preparations are and understand the reasoning behind it. But this isn’t survivalism, this is a country’s citizens preparing for war. Yet many label themselves survivalists. It’s not hard at all to understand what this means – they’re planning on killing a lot of people. In ‘defense’ of course.

I’ve a big problem with this sort of preparation because it is ill-advised and wrong-headed. It completely fails to prepare for what actually IS coming our way. And it’s not the Rapture, the End Time or Satan himself which is going to show up and cart you all off into cattle cars. The Jade Helm military exercise will not result in martial law this summer. They’re not going to start rounding up political dissidents, gun owners, Christians, home schoolers or any such thing. This is a load of bullshit pumped out by utter idiots. If any of you have been ‘preparing’ for any of these, you’ve wasted your time and your situational awareness royally sucks. You’ve fallen for the propaganda that has long worked against ‘preppers’. Continue reading »

Aug 152015

Salon magazine’s article on Michelle Bachmann Creepy End Time Fantasies is an important read for those who do not yet grasp the dangers of the Republican right’s desire for nuclear Armageddon.

I find it hard to believe that such idiocy has risen to a position of candidacy for the office of the President of the United States (impro-‘bable’ as it may be). But we’ve seen it before in Bush, Reagan and quite a few Cabinet members. There is also the Senate and Congress where the religious fervor to destroy the world and usher in the Second Coming is a heartfelt desire by these deluded idiots.

The Holocaust the article’s author refers to is nuclear war, a terrifying possibility that is all too real. Any world development that leads the world to nuclear Armageddon is desirable and ‘good’ by these followers of ‘End Time’ prophecies, despite the catastrophic levels of suffering this would entail on the rest of humanity. I’m quite familiar with this branch of religious indoctrination, it stems from the rapidly growing evangelical endorsement of End Time events.

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Aug 142015

(reposted – wasn’t showing up)

Here’s some of the news items the connedspiracy idiots don’t want you to accept:

Climate Nightmares Are Already Here

Tens of Thousands Hospitalized in Japanese Heat Wave

Global Warming Fueling Immigration, Terrorism

The Methane Monster

Record High Methane Levels

Arctic Sea Ice Collape – II, III

Mongolia Crops – 80% DEAD

Thailand In Severe Drought

Brazil Drought Continues

World’s Glaciers Melting At Fastest Rate Since Records Began

The summer fire season is well underway, with over 1000 fires in the western U.S., Canada and Alaska charring thousands and thousands of acres. The dry soils, lack of rain and tinder-box conditions of drought-plagued forest have created a firestorm of ‘opportunity to burn’, dumping ash and millions of tons of carbon into the world’s atmosphere.


And that’s just ‘here’ – the situation is just as bad in many parts of the world. Siberia continues to burn right down to the permafrost with hundreds of fires, exposing soils frozen for thousands of years to heat and and sunlight releasing huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The warm waters of the Pacific Northwest are so hot that fish are being ‘cooked alive’, which is inaccurate, but still they’re dying by the millions. The temperatures are unsurvivable and the fish are simply dying before they can spawn. It was similar ‘death’ conditions for humans in Iraq, with a felt temperature of a whopping 165 degrees.

While the world wept over ‘Cecil the Lion’, they keep on ignoring the global species extinctions taking place faster and faster. The hypocrisy of the global outcry over one lion was not lost on me. It’s as if one lion mattered more then everything else. He’s just one of thousands upon thousands of African animals being wiped out by poaching, hunting, habitat destruction and climate change.

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Aug 122015

A 17 second video showing what’s happening during the summer heat shift, from 1958 to now. Worth watching several times:

This summer (2015) has seen a huge shift in summer temperatures. Madrid, Spain broke summer temperature records in June and July, Germany did too, England, Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt and Washington state (and many more, I’m not going to bother trying to list them all, just know, “it’s too damned hot”).

During the period from 1951-1980, extremely hot summers covered just 1% of the Earth’s surface, but this had risen to 10% by 1981-2010, and higher still during the years between 2006 and 2010.

This is what we’re (all) going to get – and keep in mind, current temperature projections ahead are actually far higher then this:


Siberian fires have tripled in the past 24 hours in a ‘Apocalyptic’ scenario from Dante’s Inferno.

Thousands of people in Japan have been hospitalized (over 45,000) from the intense heat, averaging over 10,000 hospitalization per week now. Los Angeles is expected to hit triple-digits later this week.

On the other end of the spectrum, Chile and Pakistan suffered through extreme rain events with hundreds dead. Flash floods in Arizona rolled gigantic truck-sized boulders across Highway 89A.

Too bad a few of these rocks didn’t land on the climate denier crowd still smoking their oil-saturated hopium filled pipes of fantasy future, we could use the space.

Every day there are dozens to hundreds of climate-related disasters being reported around the world. Increased temperatures increase evaporation rates, speeding up the hydrological cycle worldwide. All that atmospheric moisture will come down somewhere, and now with a stalled Jet Stream, with devastating results.

Nice documentary on Greenland and how all the extra heat is going to melt the remaining ice and raise sea levels:

Humanity is not ready for this. Not even slightly. Over one billion people will be displaced by rising seas alone. The search for unpolluted fresh water will see hundreds of millions displaced. The refugee crisis will be the largest in human history. It’s beginning right now.

Some years back, I blogged often about “die-off”, the population decline that would follow the collapse of civilization. While this is still true, the environmental die-off is already happening. A “dead Earth” is the prediction of some thinkers who are projecting the extinction of every living thing. Up to 7% of the world’s species are already now extinct. While this number may not seem very high to us “higher mammals” who continue to rapidly expand our numbers, it’s over 130,000 species in just a few years.

But wait, there’s more: Research shows catastrophic invertebrate extinction in Hawaii and globally

And the real kicker for all you upright folks: Humans could be among the victims of sixth ‘mass extinction’, scientists warn

It’s well known now that we expect to lose virtually all of the fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. We’ve rapidly consumed our way down the food chain, consuming everything possible in our quest for calories and sustenance.  Net catches that were once loaded with vibrant loads of healthy fish are now coming up empty, or with so few tiny fish that the calories expended by village fisherman nearly exceed the calories caught. Foreign trawlers are often to blame, illegally encroaching fishing areas near land, using gigantic nets and literally scraping the ocean clean of all life. The undersea ‘tracks’ left behind by these trawlers can be seen here.

One of my children has decided to not have kids. Contributing to the human over-population problem is a decision every young person needs to make. I’m afraid however, that even this won’t help much.

In this paper (important read), the authors point out the obvious – the Earth’s battery is running low. Humans have extracted far too much energy from the biosphere, collapsing ecosystems and draining the Earth’s resources (full research paper here).

The earth is in serious energetic imbalance due to human energy use. This imbalance defines our most dominant conflict with nature. It really is a conflict in the sense that
the current energy imbalance, a crisis unprecedented in Earth history, is a direct consequence of technological innovation. The detrimental effects of discharging the organic chemical energy stored in the battery extend far beyond the depletion of stored living phytomass and fossil fuel energy.

Nice summary of how stupid humans have been. Ruining an entire planet for the fleeting pleasures of convenience.

What can we do about it? Here’s the long version:

First, there is no reason to expect a different trajectory in the near future. Something like the present level of biomass energy destruction will be required to sustain the present global population with its fossil fuel subsidized food production and economy. Second, as the earth space battery is being discharged ever faster (Fig. 3) to support an ever larger population, the capacity to buffer changes will diminish and the remaining energy gradients will experience increasing perturbations. As more people depend on fewer available energy options, their standard of living and very survival will become increasingly vulnerable to fluctuations, such as droughts, disease epidemics, social unrest, and warfare. Third, there is considerable uncertainty in how the biosphere will function as Ω decreases from the present Ω = Ω 1,029 y into an uncharted thermodynamic operating region. The global biosphere, human population, and economy will obviously crash long before Ω = 1y.

If H. sapiens does not go extinct, the human population will decline drastically as we will be forced to return to making a living as hunter-gatherers or simple horticulturalists.

We’re not going to be able to continue this civilization at all.

Aug 102015

As predicted, it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse. A ‘Godzilla’ El Nino event is already unfolding.


El Niño intensifying, could rival strongest in recorded history.

2015 will for certain be the hottest in human history. Which probably means 2016 will be even worse.

More details can be found here: El Nino Crosses Monstrous Threshold

Sea life is dying all over the place. Excessive temperatures and lack of food has caused a massive die-off.

I’ve looked into the Fukushima situation and the claims that radioactivity is wiping out sea life on the West coast, but I don’t buy it. The data does not support death by radiation. Whales, sea lions, birds, fish and of course, the incredible starfish mass casualty can all be considered victims of a hot ocean. Moreover, fisherman have been noting a mass migration of sea life into northern waters, catching species that are normally never found thousands of miles from their regular territories.

Those that can – migrate. Those that can’t or starve trying – die.

Climate collapse is going to be pure hell.


Aug 102015

Rainlover shared this link with me, a worthy read on just how huge the earthquake zone really is in the Pacific Northwest:

The Really Big One

The Cascadia subduction zone is 700 miles long, running from Mendocino, California all the way up through Oregon and Washington. Seismologists have only recently uncovered the fact that this fault line is well-overdue for another major quake (running 8.7 or higher on the Richter scale).

They’ve uncovered something very significant: this region has produced forty-one subduction-zone earthquakes in the past ten thousand years.

Using averages (which can be misleading), that’s one major quake ever 243 years. It’s been 315 years since the last one.

It’s a good read if you haven’t seen it yet. They’re expecting some major devastation, impacting the entire region for many years.


Posted under Collapse (tongue in cheek).

You only have to look at a map of the Washington Puget Sound area to swiftly realize that this entire region is all broken up and fractured. The many islands and bays indicate some rather major tectonic activity has taken place in the past.

I’m going to go see San Andreas (the movie) and get my doom on. Just not anywhere on the West coast.