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Feb 182015

Dahr Jamail, independent, award winning journalist – (watch here on Vimeo).

Between 150 and 200 species are going extinct every single day. We are likely to begin seeing periods of ice-free Arctic by as soon as this coming summer, or the summer of 2016 at the latest. The 14 hottest years on record have all occurred in the last 16 years. August, September, and October of 2014 were each the hottest months ever recorded, respectively, and 2014 is already tied with the hottest year ever recorded. All this and we are only .85C above pre-industrial temperatures. Have we already gone off the climate precipice? What can we expect in the climate disrupted future, and what should we do now?

It’s still t-shirt weather here (mid-day). I’m working outside wondering where all the snow is (ZERO snow here). But Chicago is sub-zero and most of the East is getting pounded by snowstorms.

The cause of these extremes is the extremely erratic jet stream and unbelievably warm water off the East coast (over 21F higher then normal temps). These recordings have been taking place all over the world. It is very evident that the oceans have regulated the temperatures for our survival, but when they’re are “off the charts”, then land dwellers are going to be in big trouble.

It’s extremely obvious to even the most obtuse that our climate has changed. Check out this report from Arctic News. Above freezing in Alaska, and -40 cold headed down to the lower 48. That’s EXTREME. But I suspect that it’s nothing compared to what we’ll see in time.


Got your food preps in yet?  Yeah, a bit of shameless promotion, but anyone who thinks they’re going to be unaffected by the climate changes is nuts. What will happen when we start having average temps of just 2C warmer? If .85 C has already caused these huge disruptions, 2C or higher (6C is now expected) will be rather huge. It won’t be an issue of “breaking all the records”, it will be an issue of “will anything survive?”.  Experts say nothing will survive, not even us. But between now and then, it will be degrading climate and decreasing survivability. Life will get harder and harder until we simply can’t survive here anymore.

The need to make individual preparations now cannot be more emphasized. I’ve been issuing this warning for years and years, but climate change has been largely ignored by the American public as any kind of threat. This is a huge mistake.

Feb 102015

This post is overdue (by about 20 years).  I’ve never once posted about this topic, but it’s probably time I did. I’m going to link it to my website somewhere since this is so overdue.

This post is about free food.  No, I’m not giving away any free food (sorry). This post is about why free food is unethical.

I get a LOT of requests for free food. Hundreds and hundreds per year. Here is an example I received today:

I am looking and researching long term food storage now and need to see if you send out samples to try. I am looking to buy a year supply for 3 people but need to try it first. Maybe you could tell me how to figure out how much I need and mail me a few samples for myself and my 3 children to try. Thanks and I would love to try this food and get a shelf life list too.

Crystal W.
Dallas, NC

From past experience spanning two decades, it’s clear what Crystal is hoping for, but hasn’t the courage to actually ask outright.

When I receive these requests (which occurs several times per week), I always hesitate. How do I respond?  Our contact page (which was used) already covers this topic, but this is often ignored.

Any reply I write that doesn’t say Yes! Free Food Available Here! How much do you want? doesn’t satisfy, no matter how carefully I might write a reply. The unethical expectation these requests always convey is troublesome and problematic, so here is the detailed explanation of why I find these requests unethical and irresponsible. Continue reading »

Feb 082015

Readers of this blog are aware that Survival Acres supports climate change science. Specifically, I am in full agreement that the Earth’s climate is changing and that humans are a major contributor to the causes through greenhouse gas forcing, logging, fracking, industrial and agricultural activity.

The world has been experiencing rapid irreversible climate change at an unprecedented scale and speed in Earth’s history, unleashing huge storms, floods, droughts, sea level rise and gargantuan amounts of ice melt (to say nothing of permafrost loss and methane release). These measurements and effects have taken place all over the world, from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all points between. No region on Earth has been unaffected.

The science continues to point to human causes. This particular point has caused no end of division and disagreement and discussion as the world attempts to grapple with the issue. The vast, vast majority of credible scientists are in agreement that the evidence supports the facts – the Earth’s climate is changing (rapidly), human activity is the current primary cause, and continued activity (the “business as usual” model) will lead to the catastrophic collapse of civilization. Continue reading »