Jan 032015

Desdemona Despair has published a fantastic series of new stories, links and graphs depicting the “50 Doomiest Graphs of 2014“.

As usual, Des knocks one out of the park.  Take a look at what he’s posted, it’ll be worth your time.


Here’s my comment about his series:

Fantastic job Des!  Very important and critical information. Which will be widely ignored and denied.

Not your fault. You’re doing a hell of a job here. The fault is in nearly everyone else. We inhabit a world of idiots, morons and selfish zombies who don’t care about anything other then themselves.

These charts are projections that depict the ongoing collapse of the entire biosphere. We know what happens shortly before or thereafter – total collapse of human ‘civilization’.

We cannot live on a desert planet with no other life. PricewaterhouseCoopers say’s 20 years to collapse – but I rather doubt that. The evidence is OVERWHELMING now that we won’t make it to 2020 before this happens.

An exponential increase in decline, destruction, extinctions, and climate is well underway. What took 40 years to “achieve” a 50% reduction in species (90%+ in other areas, such as ocean fisheries) will only take 5 years or thereabouts to wipe out the remaining rest.

All the year 2100 projections are therefore, totally meaningless imo. We absolutely will not make it (survive) that long.

Humans are insatiably greedy and as shown, they are virtually unstoppable. It quite ludicrous for anyone to believe that we are going to somehow “stop” our appetites and destruction on any meaningful level. There are far, far too many of us now.

The only “chart” that I can think of as missing in this list is the one called “Hopium – Humans Who Still Stupidly Believe That We Can Prevent Our Extinction”.  The graph would show 99.99% of the global population still sucking on the tailpipe of ‘civilization’ as a ‘solution’ (to anything).