Dec 242014

(Continued from Part I)


Such is the “human condition” – how it stands today, and how it looks to be for the foreseeable future. The slavery of the entire human race and the living biosphere, all harnessed to the contraption called “civilization”. We’re also told that we should fight for this, by any means possible, continuing our destruction of the biosphere and each other. Continue reading »

Dec 132014


This is perhaps one of the best graphics I’ve seen on the human condition. Funny and scary as hell. Authored by Lonewolf who has a clear knack for this sort of thing.

Dec 102014

Will this wake up the Left Coast?

Probably not…

Americans love disaster movies. So does Hollywood. Funny how they depict their own destruction, while making tons of money off of the “entertainment of death” they’ve created.

Yet this scenerio is far more real them most realize.  Washington and Oregon are expecting a 9.0 or larger earthquake.

The Cascadia subduction zone slip would be HUGE, destroying most of the coastal cities.San Andreas and the numerous other fault lines that run through California are all part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, complete with volcanoes that can also decide to erupt.

Update: Treasury Department Order Survival Kits for Every Major Bank


In a major quake on the West Coast, you could pretty much guarantee that volcanic eruptions would either proceed – or follow – a major event. Continue reading »

Dec 062014

Can you find the time to watch this? I strongly suggest that everbody on the planet pay attention at this time. This is REALLY important to understand.

What is contained within this video at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (December 6th, 2014) is going to scare the pants off of you.

Watch the video in your browser window (new window). Update: there is a another very important video I also recommend.

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Dec 032014

More bad news (what else?) on climate: Antarctic Ice Melt Triples in One Decade – past the point of “no return”.

Please pay attention and watch this video – ESPECIALLY if you live near sea level and are near the coast!!!

There’s also been a barrage of information that 2014 will definitely be the hottest year ever yet measured, despite no El Nino at all.

And despite the cold in North America – it’s not cold in the Arctic, which is now showing severe temperature anamolies (it’s above freezing). It’s as if the jet stream moved south (it did).

Warm Arctic Winds Rip Polar Vortex In Half.

The Polar Circulation is So Wrecked That Surface Winds Now Rotate Around Greenland

Here’s an example (time stamp: 12/3/14 1:50 pm PST) of what is happening:


Every million tons of carbon released into the atmosphere has been calculated to a 1C rise in surface temperatures. What the article didn’t tell you is this means an increase of 16C or more – totally unsurvivable temperatures for virtually all life forms on Earth.

You can find some of the measurements of carbon released since 1980 here.

The total is 782,544,000,000 tons – not including amounts absorbed and other carbon emitters (soil, biochar, biofuels, etc.) or any of the emissions previous to 1980 (which are significant).

Running the “known numbers” on everything is a bit difficult, but it’s extremely bad when you attempt this (including coal, natural gas, biofuels, etc.).