Oct 172014

I am somewhat loathe to post this message, but due to the escalating panic in America, perhaps it should be shared anyway.

I’m in the storable food industry as most past readers of this blog already know. I’ve been at this nearly 20 years now.

I’ve seen the gigantic rush for storable food that was caused by Y2K.  There were so many orders in 1998 (18 months before Y2K), that we shut down and stopped accepting orders, knowing full well we could never fulfill them in time. Our backlog was at least 18 months long.

Every cannery in the entire country was absolutely buried under a mountain of orders. Eventually, we all worked through this and by 2000, our suppliers had gotten pretty much caught up. Backlogs dropped to a few months, then a few weeks.

Then the “lull” came. Y2K was a non-event (but only because billions were spent fixing this). Otherwise, it would have been pretty disruptive.

Hurricane Katrina also caused a 5 month backlog on food orders (AFTER the hurricane struck). This happens EVERY TIME there is a panic of any kind in this country. Even a major ice storm causes a rush.

The United States only has a handful of food canneries, that process and fulfill orders from thousands of sources.  I’m one of the “old timers” who is still around. I’ve seen hundreds of sites and companies fail.  Some are only in it for the “rush” and disappear shortly afterwards.  Others retired or failed. Others just “go away” for whatever reason. Others need to.

So here we are – once again, with another panic. Another “threat”. Another in-your-face reality that is literally scaring the pants off of millions of people. I am currently dealing with another gigantic rush for food orders. The canneries are dealing with this as best they can. Cannery capacity has increased (somewhat), but it’s still always going to be woefully short of demand in times like this.

There is a difference between a major storm event like Katrina, or a “known date event” like Y2K then what is occurring now. Now, everyone, everywhere it at risk. You may not have lived in hurricane country before, but you definitely live in a Ebola world. And that is not going away – ever.

Nobody knows when and how bad this might get. There is no cure. There is no vaccine. There is no treatment other then isolation, and fluids.  The death rate is over 70%.

It can strike anyone, anywhere. Public transportation is “iffy” (imo). Contact with other humans is iffy.  You do not know what you are risking by shaking hands, or handling a door knob or riding on a bus. Or walking down an aisle where someone has just sneezed.

It Ebola airborne? I do not think so, but it has been demonstrated to be long lived in some situations. Some claim it is airborne, but personally I am not convinced. Not yet.

I did warn everyone years ago that this could happen. A pandemic was always very likely. The world always turns for a “little bit worse”, day by day. The reasons are many, but the root causes and reasons for our ongoing collapse and destruction always remain unresolved.

But we forget. Oh boy, do we ever forget. We do not remember what it was like to have polluted rivers and streams, or when tuberculosis killed millions. In the land of Good and Plenty, we are easily deceived, misled and forgetful.

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